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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1978-79 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Michael Hazard, Acadia18428
Mickey Fox, Saint Marys18414
Larry McGhee, UPEI16413
Perry Mirkovich, Lethbridge20383
Rene Dolcetti, Victoria20381
Greg Winston, StFX18374
Kevin Wood, Saint Marys18367
Pat Rooney, Alberta20363
Percy Davis, Saint Marys18353
Peter (Doc) Ryan, StFX18337
Highest Points per Game
Wesley Ramseur, Dalhousie1132529.5
Larry McGhee, UPEI1641325.8
Tom Cholock, Carleton1229624.7
Michael Hazard, Acadia1842823.8
Mickey Fox, Saint Marys1841423.0
Fred Koepke, Wilfrid Laurier1226321.9
Terry Rigg, Brock919121.2
Greg Winston, StFX1837420.8
Kevin Wood, Saint Marys1836720.4
Lonnie Ramati, York1121819.8
Most Rebounds
Jerry Abernathy, Brandon16256
Tom Cholock, Carleton12193
Greg Winston, StFX18190
Pat Lee, Calgary20181
John Guilford, UPEI16172
Ernie Hill, Lethbridge20165
Perry Mirkovich, Lethbridge20156
Rene Dolcetti, Victoria20155
Randy Cook, Toronto11154
Paul Holder, Mount Allison16152
Highest Rebounds per Game
Tom Cholock, Carleton1219316.1
Jerry Abernathy, Brandon1625616.0
Randy Cook, Toronto1115414.0
Lonnie Ramati, York1113512.3
Fred Koepke, Wilfrid Laurier1213611.3
John Guilford, UPEI1617210.8
Greg Winston, StFX1819010.6
Terry Rigg, Brock99310.3
Allan White, McMaster1010210.2
Marty Kicul, McMaster121189.8
Most Assists
No assists recorded
Highest Assists per Game
No assists recorded
Most Field Goals
Michael Hazard, Acadia18185
Larry McGhee, UPEI16181
Mickey Fox, Saint Marys18175
Greg Winston, StFX18171
Rene Dolcetti, Victoria20163
Perry Mirkovich, Lethbridge20163
Percy Davis, Saint Marys18154
Ted Upshaw, Acadia18148
Tom Cavanaugh, Acadia18147
Pat Rooney, Alberta20144
Highest Field Goals per Game
Wesley Ramseur, Dalhousie1113712.5
Larry McGhee, UPEI1618111.3
Michael Hazard, Acadia1818510.3
Mickey Fox, Saint Marys181759.7
Tom Cholock, Carleton121169.7
Greg Winston, StFX181719.5
Percy Davis, Saint Marys181548.6
Terry Rigg, Brock9768.4
Pat Signorotti, Ottawa121018.4
Fred Koepke, Wilfrid Laurier121008.3
Most Free Throws
Kevin Wood, Saint Marys1885
Pat Rooney, Alberta2075
Robbie Parris, Victoria2074
Wayne Dyck, Saskatchewan2070
Tom Cholock, Carleton1264
Mickey Fox, Saint Marys1864
Fred Koepke, Wilfrid Laurier1263
Wayne Allison, Windsor1262
Clair Campbell, Saskatchewan2060
Scott Devine, UNB1658
Highest Free Throws per Game
Tom Cholock, Carleton12645.3
Fred Koepke, Wilfrid Laurier12635.2
Wayne Allison, Windsor12625.2
Kevin Wood, Saint Marys18854.7
Wesley Ramseur, Dalhousie11514.6
Vince Landry, Windsor12554.6
Lonnie Ramati, York11484.4
Terry Rigg, Brock9394.3
Marc Dubois, McMaster12504.2
Mark Bennett, Laurentian12473.9
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
No steals recorded
Highest Steals per Game
No steals recorded
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Mark Hareljac, Ottawa274067.5
Tom Cholock, Carleton11618263.7
Stan Korosec, Windsor7311762.4
Dan Berry, Western9014761.2
Ron Kaknevicius, York406759.7
Ron Graham, Waterloo8113858.7
Rick Dundas, Guelph7613257.6
Scott McLeod, Western457957.0
Rene Dolcetti, Victoria16328756.8
Greg Winston, StFX17130356.4
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Larry McGhee, UPEI515494.4
Frank Janowicz, UBC343889.5
Jim Barbeau, Saskatchewan202387.0
Mike Mulvihill, Laurentian263086.7
Mike Kirby, Queens303585.7
Jack Eisenmann, Ottawa222684.6
Mickey Fox, Saint Marys647684.2
Michael Hazard, Acadia586984.1
Scott Devine, UNB587082.9
Wesley Ramseur, Dalhousie516282.3
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)

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