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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1981-82 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 25 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 10 per category

Most Points for Season
Karl Tilleman, Calgary20657
Donnie Ehler, Acadia18522
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge20500
John Hatch, StFX18424
Mark Brodie, StFX18412
Chris Sumner, UPEI16411
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's17401
Mark Redekop, Saskatchewan20394
Leon Bynoe, Alberta20372
David Coulthard, York12362
Scott Devine, UNB16357
Murray Redekop, Saskatchewan20346
Bob Forsyth, UBC20333
Phil Coldwell, Acadia18324
Ron Blommers, Saint Mary's18323
Shawn Izzard, Alberta20300
Stan Korosec, Windsor12281
Brian Putnam, Mount Allison16281
Gary McKeigan, Concordia12279
Glen Nelson, Regina16275
Eli Pasquale, Victoria19275
Tim Crowell, Dalhousie18268
Bob Fitzgerald, Laurier12268
Rob Latter, Saint Mary's18264
Steve Lambert, Dalhousie17261
Highest Points per Game
Karl Tilleman, Calgary2065732.9
David Coulthard, York1236230.2
Donnie Ehler, Acadia1852229.0
Keith Kelso, Carleton615826.3
Chris Sumner, UPEI1641125.7
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge2050025.0
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's1740123.6
John Hatch, StFX1842423.6
Stan Korosec, Windsor1228123.4
Gary McKeigan, Concordia1227923.2
Mark Brodie, StFX1841222.9
Bob Fitzgerald, Laurier1226822.3
Scott Devine, UNB1635722.3
Tom Heslip, Guelph1224520.4
Mark Redekop, Saskatchewan2039419.7
Dave Burden, Laurentian1223619.7
Doug Fast, Brock1223519.6
Leon Bynoe, Alberta2037218.6
Ross Hurd, Western1221718.1
Michael Sesto, Guelph1221718.1
Phil Coldwell, Acadia1832418.0
Ron Blommers, Saint Mary's1832317.9
Bill Holmes, Carleton1221517.9
Don McCormack, UNB1425017.9
Greg Yeldon, Carleton1221417.8
Most Rebounds
John Hatch, StFX18230
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge20221
Murray Redekop, Saskatchewan20204
Stan Korosec, Windsor12201
Leon Bynoe, Alberta20185
Rob Latter, Saint Mary's18183
Brian Skeoch, Laurentian12179
Phil Coldwell, Acadia18177
Bob Forsyth, UBC20164
Karl Tilleman, Calgary20163
Mark Brodie, StFX18157
Vince Dipinto, UPEI16153
Mark Redekop, Saskatchewan20150
Ross Hurd, Western12148
Bob Arnett, Lethbridge20143
Stan Whetstone, Dalhousie18142
Mark Ketler, Saskatchewan20135
Kelly Dukeshire, Victoria20130
Doug Bothwell, Mount Allison16127
Chris Sellitri, StFX18121
Tim Crowell, Dalhousie18118
Gerald Kazanowski, Victoria18118
Glen Nelson, Regina16116
Greg Yeldon, Carleton12113
John Christensen, York12108
Highest Rebounds per Game
Stan Korosec, Windsor1220116.8
Brian Skeoch, Laurentian1217914.9
John Hatch, StFX1823012.8
Ross Hurd, Western1214812.3
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge2022111.1
Keith Kelso, Carleton66410.7
Murray Redekop, Saskatchewan2020410.2
Rob Latter, Saint Mary's1818310.2
Phil Coldwell, Acadia181779.8
Vince Dipinto, UPEI161539.6
Greg Yeldon, Carleton121139.4
Leon Bynoe, Alberta201859.2
John Christensen, York121089.0
Mark Brodie, StFX181578.7
Paul Holder, UNB7608.6
Paul Hunt, Western121028.5
Bob Forsyth, UBC201648.2
Karl Tilleman, Calgary201638.2
Doug Bothwell, Mount Allison161277.9
Stan Whetstone, Dalhousie181427.9
Derrick Lewis, Guelph12927.7
Lester Smith, York12917.6
Mark Redekop, Saskatchewan201507.5
Ron Henry, Guelph12907.5
Rob Taylor, Ottawa12907.5
Most Assists
Scott Devine, UNB16114
Geoff McIver, StFX1899
Mark Vickers, Saint Mary's1897
Kevin Armstrong, Acadia1877
Brent Baker, StFX1877
Greg Brown, StFX1876
Steve Lambert, Dalhousie1774
Gerald (Skeeter) Mower, UPEI1674
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's1766
Ken Amos, UNB1357
Tom Kappos, Saint Mary's1657
Marty Fitzgerald, Mount Allison1654
Art Screaton, Dalhousie1849
John Hatch, StFX1845
Donnie Ehler, Acadia1841
Alfie MacLeod, Acadia1834
Ron Blommers, Saint Mary's1833
Phil Howlett, Dalhousie1833
Mark Brodie, StFX1832
Steve Cox, Acadia1831
Pat Slawter, Dalhousie1831
Bill Redmond, UPEI1330
Steve Chapman, Mount Allison1627
Wayne Tapper, StFX1626
Rod Buckland, Saint Mary's1825
Highest Assists per Game
Scott Devine, UNB161147.1
Geoff McIver, StFX18995.5
Mark Vickers, Saint Mary's18975.4
Gerald (Skeeter) Mower, UPEI16744.6
Ken Amos, UNB13574.4
Steve Lambert, Dalhousie17744.4
Kevin Armstrong, Acadia18774.3
Brent Baker, StFX18774.3
Greg Brown, StFX18764.2
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's17663.9
Tom Kappos, Saint Mary's16573.6
Marty Fitzgerald, Mount Allison16543.4
Art Screaton, Dalhousie18492.7
John Hatch, StFX18452.5
Bill Redmond, UPEI13302.3
Donnie Ehler, Acadia18412.3
Alfie MacLeod, Acadia18341.9
Ron Blommers, Saint Mary's18331.8
Phil Howlett, Dalhousie18331.8
Mark Brodie, StFX18321.8
Steve Cox, Acadia18311.7
Pat Slawter, Dalhousie18311.7
Don McCormack, UNB14241.7
Steve Chapman, Mount Allison16271.7
Wayne Tapper, StFX16261.6
Most Field Goals
Karl Tilleman, Calgary20287
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge20208
Donnie Ehler, Acadia18206
Chris Sumner, UPEI16177
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's17176
John Hatch, StFX18168
Mark Brodie, StFX18167
David Coulthard, York12161
Leon Bynoe, Alberta20156
Bob Forsyth, UBC20151
Mark Redekop, Saskatchewan20150
Murray Redekop, Saskatchewan20145
Scott Devine, UNB16142
Phil Coldwell, Acadia18136
Ron Blommers, Saint Mary's18127
Shawn Izzard, Alberta20126
Brian Putnam, Mount Allison16126
Eli Pasquale, Victoria19122
Glen Nelson, Regina16115
Bob Fitzgerald, Laurier12112
Tom Narbeshuber, Victoria20112
Steve Lambert, Dalhousie17111
Rob Latter, Saint Mary's18111
Don McCormack, UNB14111
Tim Crowell, Dalhousie18107
Highest Field Goals per Game
Karl Tilleman, Calgary2028714.3
David Coulthard, York1216113.4
Donnie Ehler, Acadia1820611.4
Chris Sumner, UPEI1617711.1
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge2020810.4
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's1717610.4
Keith Kelso, Carleton6589.7
John Hatch, StFX181689.3
Bob Fitzgerald, Laurier121129.3
Mark Brodie, StFX181679.3
Stan Korosec, Windsor121078.9
Scott Devine, UNB161428.9
Doug Fast, Brock121008.3
Tom Heslip, Guelph12978.1
Don McCormack, UNB141117.9
Brian Putnam, Mount Allison161267.9
Leon Bynoe, Alberta201567.8
Scott McKenzie, Western12937.8
Bob Yuhasz, Brock12937.8
Dave Burden, Laurentian12917.6
Ross Hurd, Western12917.6
Michael Sesto, Guelph12917.6
Phil Coldwell, Acadia181367.6
Bob Forsyth, UBC201517.5
Mark Redekop, Saskatchewan201507.5
Most Free Throws
Donnie Ehler, Acadia18110
Mark Redekop, Saskatchewan2094
John Hatch, StFX1888
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge2084
Karl Tilleman, Calgary2083
Mark Brodie, StFX1878
Scott Devine, UNB1673
Ron Blommers, Saint Mary's1869
Stan Korosec, Windsor1267
Leon Bynoe, Alberta2060
Mark Vickers, Saint Mary's1860
Chris Sumner, UPEI1657
Murray Redekop, Saskatchewan2056
Dave Burden, Laurentian1254
Tim Crowell, Dalhousie1854
Greg Yeldon, Carleton1254
Phil Coldwell, Acadia1852
Tom Heslip, Guelph1251
Jim Kennedy, Windsor1251
Brian Skeoch, Laurentian1250
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's1749
Kelly Dukeshire, Victoria2048
Franz Hoffman, Regina1648
Shawn Izzard, Alberta2048
Peter Savich, Waterloo1248
Highest Free Throws per Game
Keith Kelso, Carleton6427.0
Donnie Ehler, Acadia181106.1
Stan Korosec, Windsor12675.6
John Hatch, StFX18884.9
Mark Redekop, Saskatchewan20944.7
Scott Devine, UNB16734.6
Dave Burden, Laurentian12544.5
Greg Yeldon, Carleton12544.5
Mark Brodie, StFX18784.3
Tom Heslip, Guelph12514.2
Jim Kennedy, Windsor12514.2
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge20844.2
Brian Skeoch, Laurentian12504.2
Karl Tilleman, Calgary20834.2
Peter Savich, Waterloo12484.0
Ron Blommers, Saint Mary's18693.8
Bob Fitzgerald, Laurier12443.7
Chris Sumner, UPEI16573.6
Mark Vickers, Saint Mary's18603.3
David Coulthard, York12403.3
Mark Scott, Guelph12403.3
Bill Holmes, Carleton12393.2
Brian Hogan, Windsor12383.2
Paul Manning, Ottawa12373.1
Leon Bynoe, Alberta20603.0
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
No steals recorded
Highest Steals per Game
No steals recorded
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Chris Sumner, UPEI17722977.3
Rob Latter, Saint Mary's11116766.5
Ron Blommers, Saint Mary's12719465.5
Tom Kappos, Saint Mary's8913864.5
John Christensen, York7912762.2
Stan Korosec, Windsor10717561.1
Scott King, Waterloo335461.1
Phil Howlett, Dalhousie9315759.2
Ethan Bynoe, Ottawa7713059.2
Ron Henry, Guelph6210559.0
Richard Kurtz, Waterloo233959.0
Don Jones, Laurentian345858.6
Vince Dipinto, UPEI7012058.3
Alan Chapple, Lethbridge20835957.9
Chris McCabe, UNB8815357.5
David Coulthard, York16128057.5
Phil Coldwell, Acadia13623857.1
John Hatch, StFX16829556.9
Tim Crowell, Dalhousie10718956.6
Doug Ceiling, Acadia396956.5
Tom Narbeshuber, Victoria11219956.3
Paul Holder, UNB386855.9
Rob Taylor, Ottawa6211155.9
Keith Kelso, Carleton5810455.8
Ron Wallman, Windsor5910655.7
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Rob Taylor, Ottawa282996.6
Darrell Outschoorn, Ryerson353989.7
Brent Baker, StFX232688.5
Donnie Ehler, Acadia11012588.0
Chris McCabe, UNB222588.0
Greg Johannes, Laurentian273187.1
Grant Ashlee, Alberta202387.0
Brian Hogan, Windsor384486.4
Peter Savich, Waterloo485685.7
Alfie MacLeod, Acadia354185.4
Michael Sesto, Guelph354185.4
Anthony Hadwen, Toronto283384.8
Mark Brodie, StFX789284.8
Brian Putnam, Mount Allison293582.9
Pat West, UBC273381.8
Mark Benesh, Regina222781.5
Doug Fast, Brock354381.4
Mark Vickers, Saint Mary's607481.1
Phil Howlett, Dalhousie303781.1
Karl Tilleman, Calgary8310380.6
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's496180.3
Don McCormack, UNB283580.0
John Hatch, StFX8811179.3
Ron Henry, Guelph263378.8
Scott Devine, UNB739378.5
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)
Mark Vickers, Saint Mary's97382.6
Geoff McIver, StFX99392.5
Art Screaton, Dalhousie49202.5
Wayne Tapper, StFX26112.4
Tom Kappos, Saint Mary's57282.0
Gerald (Skeeter) Mower, UPEI74372.0
Kent MacLeod, Saint Mary's24131.8
Scott Devine, UNB114631.8
Brent Baker, StFX77471.6
Ken Amos, UNB57351.6
Greg Brown, StFX76491.6
Kevin Armstrong, Acadia77561.4
Phil Howlett, Dalhousie33251.3
Bill Redmond, UPEI30231.3
Steve Lambert, Dalhousie74591.3
Donnie Ehler, Acadia41381.1
Alfie MacLeod, Acadia34321.1
Lee Davis, Saint Mary's66631.0
Rod Buckland, Saint Mary's25251.0
Pat Slawter, Dalhousie31330.9
Marty Fitzgerald, Mount Allison54620.9
John Hatch, StFX45530.8
Rob Latter, Saint Mary's21250.8
Steve Cox, Acadia31370.8
Steve Chapman, Mount Allison27350.8

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