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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1994-95 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Richard Bohne, Calgary20684
Ken Morris, UBC20538
Curtis Robinson, UPEI20505
Greg DeVries, Alberta20495
Michael Woods, Memorial20461
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge18434
Michael Dailey, Cape Breton20400
John Ryan, Cape Breton20389
Clinton Holtz, Brock14362
Stanleigh Mitchell, UNB20359
Highest Points per Game
Richard Bohne, Calgary2068434.2
Jason Medford, Saint Marys1028328.3
Ken Morris, UBC2053826.9
Alex Beason, Ryerson1232026.7
Clinton Holtz, Brock1436225.9
Curtis Robinson, UPEI2050525.2
Greg DeVries, Alberta2049524.8
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge1843424.1
Patrick Osborne, Windsor1432623.3
Michael Woods, Memorial2046123.1
Most Rebounds
Shawn Plancke, Dalhousie20191
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria20181
Clinton Holtz, Brock14173
Curtis Robinson, UPEI20173
Michael Dailey, Cape Breton20170
Murray Cunningham, Alberta20147
Tadius Lisowski, Lethbridge20143
Tom Henry, Acadia20135
Leon Peddle, Memorial20129
Jason Dressler, Toronto12125
Highest Rebounds per Game
Clinton Holtz, Brock1417312.4
Jason Dressler, Toronto1212510.4
Jason Medford, Saint Marys10999.9
Shawn Plancke, Dalhousie201919.6
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria201819.1
Clarence Porter, Ottawa121048.7
Curtis Robinson, UPEI201738.7
Michael Dailey, Cape Breton201708.5
Tom Balfe, Waterloo141168.3
Shawn Swords, Laurentian12978.1
Most Assists
Harpal Manhas, Lethbridge20109
John Ryan, Cape Breton2099
Ken Morris, UBC2093
Todd Langley, Victoria2086
Andrew Wilmott, Victoria2080
Richard Bohne, Calgary2079
Craig Newman, Calgary2076
Adam Griffin, Acadia2073
Andy MacKay, UNB2072
Gregory Badger, Alberta1867
Highest Assists per Game
Harpal Manhas, Lethbridge201095.5
John Ryan, Cape Breton20995.0
Ken Morris, UBC20934.7
Jerome Carter, Acadia15664.4
Todd Langley, Victoria20864.3
Andrew Wilmott, Victoria20804.0
Richard Bohne, Calgary20794.0
Craig Newman, Calgary20763.8
Gregory Badger, Alberta18673.7
Adam Griffin, Acadia20733.6
Most Field Goals
Richard Bohne, Calgary20212
Curtis Robinson, UPEI20191
Ken Morris, UBC20174
Greg DeVries, Alberta20172
Michael Woods, Memorial20153
Clinton Holtz, Brock14146
Michael Dailey, Cape Breton20143
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge18137
Scott Martell, Alberta20134
Richard Lovelace, Saskatchewan20127
Highest Field Goals per Game
Jason Medford, Saint Marys1011511.5
Richard Bohne, Calgary2021210.6
Clinton Holtz, Brock1414610.4
Curtis Robinson, UPEI201919.6
Alex Beason, Ryerson121099.1
Ken Morris, UBC201748.7
Greg DeVries, Alberta201728.6
Patrick Osborne, Windsor141158.2
Titus Channer, McMaster141148.1
Michael Woods, Memorial201537.7
Most Three Point Field Goals
Richard Bohne, Calgary2065
Greg DeVries, Alberta2054
Jim Toole, Wilfrid Laurier1450
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge1845
Randy Ellis, UBC2045
Craig Newman, Calgary2044
Cameron Nekkers, Guelph1442
Sean Van Koughnett, Waterloo1441
Peter Brown, Lakehead1440
John Devereaux, Memorial2040
Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game
Jim Toole, Wilfrid Laurier14503.6
Richard Bohne, Calgary20653.2
Cameron Nekkers, Guelph14423.0
Sean Van Koughnett, Waterloo14412.9
Peter Brown, Lakehead14402.9
Greg DeVries, Alberta20542.7
Brad Hann, Laurentian12322.7
Alex Brainis, Guelph14372.6
Peter Kratz, Wilfrid Laurier14362.6
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge18452.5
Most Free Throws
Richard Bohne, Calgary20195
Ken Morris, UBC20150
Michael Woods, Memorial20131
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge18115
John Ryan, Cape Breton20114
Curtis Robinson, UPEI20112
Michael Dailey, Cape Breton20111
Stanleigh Mitchell, UNB20108
Greg DeVries, Alberta2097
Alex Beason, Ryerson1293
Highest Free Throws per Game
Richard Bohne, Calgary201959.8
Alex Beason, Ryerson12937.8
Ken Morris, UBC201507.5
Michael Woods, Memorial201316.5
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge181156.4
Patrick Osborne, Windsor14805.7
John Ryan, Cape Breton201145.7
Curtis Robinson, UPEI201125.6
Michael Dailey, Cape Breton201115.5
Stanleigh Mitchell, UNB201085.4
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
Michael Dailey, Cape Breton2039
John Ryan, Cape Breton2032
Curtis Robinson, UPEI2024
Rawle Philadelphia, Cape Breton2023
Stanleigh Mitchell, UNB2022
Jason Hirtle, StFX2021
Jeffrey Mayo, Dalhousie1619
Merrick Palmer, StFX1919
Reginald Oblitey, Dalhousie1918
Craig Walker, UPEI2017
Highest Steals per Game
Michael Dailey, Cape Breton20391.9
John Ryan, Cape Breton20321.6
Curtis Robinson, UPEI20241.2
Jeffrey Mayo, Dalhousie16191.2
Rawle Philadelphia, Cape Breton20231.1
Stanleigh Mitchell, UNB20221.1
Jason Hirtle, StFX20211.1
Merrick Palmer, StFX19191.0
Noah Cantor, Saint Marys111.0
Reginald Oblitey, Dalhousie19180.9
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Murray Cunningham, Alberta9513371.4
Scott Belasco, Ryerson589163.7
Patrick Cannon, Victoria10716963.3
Clinton Holtz, Brock14623462.4
Scott Martell, Alberta13421662.0
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria10717461.5
Derek Hurdle, Saint Marys8914561.4
Andrew Tyler, StFX559061.1
Peter Knechtel, Alberta609960.6
Mark Tinholt, UBC10817960.3
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Jim Toole, Wilfrid Laurier509652.1
Cameron Nekkers, Guelph428151.9
Greg DeVries, Alberta5410750.5
Kevin Bellamy, Dalhousie306050.0
Peter Brown, Lakehead408248.8
Craig Newman, Calgary449645.8
Peter Benoite, Memorial316845.6
Todd Langley, Victoria367945.6
Randy Ellis, UBC459945.5
Alex Brainis, Guelph378344.6
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Randy Ellis, UBC495392.5
Brad Hann, Laurentian546188.5
Paul Andrews, Lakehead364187.8
Barnaby Craddock, Lethbridge273187.1
John Ryan, Cape Breton11413187.0
Greg DeVries, Alberta9711286.6
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge11513386.5
Johnathan Dingle, Western242885.7
Kevin Bellamy, Dalhousie222684.6
Gregory Badger, Alberta313783.8
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)
Jerome Carter, Acadia66351.9
Colin Ring, Acadia35191.8
Adam Griffin, Acadia73401.8
John Ryan, Cape Breton99551.8
Peter Benoite, Memorial63411.5
Doug Newson, UPEI23151.5
Craig Walker, UPEI64421.5
Clive Henry, Dalhousie43301.4
Kevin Keeler, Saint Marys21151.4
Kevin Bellamy, Dalhousie23171.4

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