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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1997-98 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge20440
Kevin Gilroy, Regina15386
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge20343
Nino Sose, UBC18336
Gerald Cole, UBC20317
Shawn Gray, Brandon15316
John Dykstra, UBC20308
Jody Glines, Saskatchewan20308
Mark Filteau, Alberta20304
Seth Adler, Victoria20296
Highest Points per Game
Kevin Gilroy, Regina1538625.7
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge2044022.0
Shawn Gray, Brandon1531621.1
Mano Watsa, Waterloo1429020.7
Matt McMillan, Windsor1120718.8
Nino Sose, UBC1833618.7
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge2034317.1
Steve Newton, Winnipeg1525016.7
Ogo Okwumabua, Manitoba1525016.7
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria1320715.9
Most Rebounds
Geoff Stead, Windsor14203
Kevin Gilroy, Regina15147
Shawn Gray, Brandon15138
Robert White, Lethbridge20136
Mark Humphrey, Alberta20129
Jody Glines, Saskatchewan20123
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria13122
John Dykstra, UBC20119
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge20108
Michael Weekes, Manitoba15108
Highest Rebounds per Game
Geoff Stead, Windsor1420314.5
Kevin Gilroy, Regina151479.8
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria131229.4
Shawn Gray, Brandon151389.2
Michael Weekes, Manitoba151087.2
Robert White, Lethbridge201366.8
Ogo Okwumabua, Manitoba151026.8
Murray Davidson, Winnipeg14956.8
Mark Humphrey, Alberta201296.5
Jody Glines, Saskatchewan201236.2
Most Assists
Dale Holmes, Regina15118
Darren Semeniuk, Alberta20112
Tim Rollingson, Lethbridge2098
Kevin Chief, Winnipeg1578
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge2075
Gerald Cole, UBC2066
Ryan Hall, Lethbridge1764
Seth Adler, Victoria2063
Nino Sose, UBC1862
Raphael Chillious, Victoria1859
Highest Assists per Game
Dale Holmes, Regina151187.9
Darren Semeniuk, Alberta201125.6
Kevin Chief, Winnipeg15785.2
Tim Rollingson, Lethbridge20984.9
Roger Martin, Brandon15573.8
Ryan Hall, Lethbridge17643.8
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge20753.8
Nino Sose, UBC18623.4
Mike Zeller, Saskatchewan16543.4
Gerald Cole, UBC20663.3
Most Field Goals
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge20151
Kevin Gilroy, Regina15139
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge20125
Shawn Gray, Brandon15119
Nino Sose, UBC18119
Jody Glines, Saskatchewan20112
John Dykstra, UBC20111
Brad Gallup, Calgary20105
Mano Watsa, Waterloo14103
Mark Filteau, Alberta20101
Highest Field Goals per Game
Kevin Gilroy, Regina151399.3
Shawn Gray, Brandon151197.9
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge201517.5
Mano Watsa, Waterloo141037.4
Matt McMillan, Windsor11807.3
Ogo Okwumabua, Manitoba151016.7
Nino Sose, UBC181196.6
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria13826.3
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge201256.2
Steve Newton, Winnipeg15885.9
Most Three Point Field Goals
Mark Filteau, Alberta2065
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge2059
John Dykstra, UBC2043
Seth Adler, Victoria2038
Gerald Cole, UBC2034
B.J. Melle, Saskatchewan2033
Maurice Carter, Brandon1532
Aaron Olson, Victoria2032
Steve Newton, Winnipeg1530
Dale Holmes, Regina1528
Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game
Mark Filteau, Alberta20653.2
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge20593.0
John Dykstra, UBC20432.1
Maurice Carter, Brandon15322.1
Steve Newton, Winnipeg15302.0
Cameron Nekkers, Windsor11211.9
Seth Adler, Victoria20381.9
Dale Holmes, Regina15281.9
Chris Warnecke, Regina15261.7
Gerald Cole, UBC20341.7
Most Free Throws
Kevin Gilroy, Regina15100
Gerald Cole, UBC2089
Ryan Hall, Lethbridge1782
Robert White, Lethbridge2080
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge2079
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge2079
Shawn Gray, Brandon1578
Nino Sose, UBC1874
Jared Heidinger, Lethbridge2073
Mano Watsa, Waterloo1467
Highest Free Throws per Game
Kevin Gilroy, Regina151006.7
Shawn Gray, Brandon15785.2
Ryan Hall, Lethbridge17824.8
Mano Watsa, Waterloo14674.8
Gerald Cole, UBC20894.5
Bill Johnson, Regina15644.3
Nino Sose, UBC18744.1
Robert White, Lethbridge20804.0
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge20794.0
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge20794.0
Most Blocks
Nick Maglisceau, Alberta2028
Shawn Stetson, Calgary1923
Joel Nickel, UBC1821
Shawn Gray, Brandon1519
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria1316
Michael Weekes, Manitoba1515
Steiner Cramer, Winnipeg1513
Ogo Okwumabua, Manitoba1513
Alex Weis, Calgary2010
Murray Davidson, Winnipeg149
Highest Blocks per Game
Nick Maglisceau, Alberta20281.4
Shawn Gray, Brandon15191.3
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria13161.2
Shawn Stetson, Calgary19231.2
Joel Nickel, UBC18211.2
Michael Weekes, Manitoba15151.0
Steiner Cramer, Winnipeg15130.9
Ogo Okwumabua, Manitoba15130.9
Robert Kain, Lethbridge320.7
Murray Davidson, Winnipeg1490.6
Most Steals
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge2057
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge2046
Donald Fitzpatrick, Victoria1840
Troy Gedlaman, Calgary1437
Seth Adler, Victoria2036
Kevin Bryan, Calgary1633
Gerald Cole, UBC2033
Robert White, Lethbridge2033
Darren Semeniuk, Alberta2032
Nino Sose, UBC1831
Highest Steals per Game
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge20572.9
Troy Gedlaman, Calgary14372.6
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge20462.3
Donald Fitzpatrick, Victoria18402.2
Kevin Bryan, Calgary16332.1
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria13262.0
Ogo Okwumabua, Manitoba15291.9
Seth Adler, Victoria20361.8
Nino Sose, UBC18311.7
Kevin Chief, Winnipeg15251.7
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Denis Bekkering, Lethbridge243470.6
Mark Humphrey, Alberta9113169.5
Nick Maglisceau, Alberta9413868.1
Ryan Dunkley, Alberta345166.7
Dan Schipper, Waterloo487365.8
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria8212665.1
Joel Nickel, UBC7211264.3
Murray Davidson, Winnipeg528164.2
Allister Wilmott, Victoria386063.3
Jeff Collier, Alberta7411962.2
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Donald Fitzpatrick, Victoria223759.5
Maurice Carter, Brandon325756.1
John Dykstra, UBC439147.3
Mark Filteau, Alberta6514146.1
Paul Seipp, Saskatchewan204841.7
Aaron Olson, Victoria327741.6
Jody Glines, Saskatchewan205040.0
Richard Lovelace, Brandon256439.1
Steve Newton, Winnipeg307739.0
Dale Holmes, Regina287238.9
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Brad Gallup, Calgary495786.0
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge799285.9
Spencer Holt, Lethbridge799384.9
Richard Lovelace, Brandon485784.2
Mark Filteau, Alberta374484.1
Matej Maroti, Winnipeg354283.3
Gerald Cole, UBC8910882.4
Edward Moore, Windsor222781.5
Colin Martin, Victoria384780.9
Allister Wilmott, Victoria445580.0
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)
Allister Wilmott, Victoria4595.0
Roger Martin, Brandon57212.7
A.J. Schepers, Regina37152.5
Ryan Hall, Lethbridge64262.5
Dale Holmes, Regina118502.4
Kevin Chief, Winnipeg78342.3
Lucas Buller, Winnipeg31142.2
Tim Rollingson, Lethbridge98472.1
Darren Semeniuk, Alberta112572.0
David Buchanan, UBC22121.8

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