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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 2001-02 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 5 in each category. For other listings, select Top 10 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Andrew Kwiatkowski, Western22552
Kyle Russell, UBC20512
Jeff Saxby, Memorial20467
Michael Ayanbadejo, Guelph22461
Tyler Wright, Regina19459
Highest Points per Game
Kyle Russell, UBC2051225.6
Andrew Kwiatkowski, Western2255225.1
Tyler Wright, Regina1945924.2
Jeff Saxby, Memorial2046723.4
Whit Hornsberger, Calgary2043721.9
Most Rebounds
Michael Ayanbadejo, Guelph22229
Kevin Dulude, RMC22224
Dennie Oliver, StFX19210
Radhi Knapp, Guelph22203
Andrew Stordeur, Calgary20199
Highest Rebounds per Game
Dennie Oliver, StFX1921011.1
Michael Ayanbadejo, Guelph2222910.4
Kevin Dulude, RMC2222410.2
Andrew Stordeur, Calgary201999.9
Calvin Palmer, Saskatchewan201919.6
Most Assists
Suk Singh, Winnipeg20147
Tyrone Smith, Brandon20118
Jim Grozelle, Western22112
Saj Joseph, Acadia20107
Nicholas Landrigan, Acadia20105
Highest Assists per Game
Suk Singh, Winnipeg201477.3
Shaun Doherty, Victoria13846.5
Tyrone Smith, Brandon201185.9
Saj Joseph, Acadia201075.3
Nicholas Landrigan, Acadia201055.2
Most Field Goals
Andrew Kwiatkowski, Western22192
Michael Ayanbadejo, Guelph22176
Tyler Wright, Regina19167
Jamie Duncan, Brock22164
Kyle Russell, UBC20162
Highest Field Goals per Game
Tyler Wright, Regina191678.8
Andrew Kwiatkowski, Western221928.7
Kyle Russell, UBC201628.1
Michael Ayanbadejo, Guelph221768.0
Jeff Saxby, Memorial201547.7
Most Three Point Field Goals
Jeff Saxby, Memorial2071
Whit Hornsberger, Calgary2060
Chris Caruso, Wilfrid Laurier2256
Joe Dominguez, Winnipeg2056
Jim Jefferson, Laurentian2256
Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game
Jeff Saxby, Memorial20713.5
Whit Hornsberger, Calgary20603.0
Joe Dominguez, Winnipeg20562.8
Kyle Russell, UBC20552.8
David Brownrigg, Laval15392.6
Most Free Throws
Andrew Kwiatkowski, Western22135
Kyle Russell, UBC20133
Michael Ayanbadejo, Guelph22109
Whit Hornsberger, Calgary20109
Mike Kierstead, UNB20107
Highest Free Throws per Game
Kyle Russell, UBC201336.7
Andrew Kwiatkowski, Western221356.1
Whit Hornsberger, Calgary201095.5
Tyler Wright, Regina191025.4
Mike Kierstead, UNB201075.3
Most Blocks
Milidrag Milidrag, Waterloo1958
Jatinder Johal, Manitoba1826
Stuart Leech, Dalhousie2025
Richard Wiebach, Calgary2025
Chris Wright, Calgary2023
Highest Blocks per Game
Milidrag Milidrag, Waterloo19583.1
Jatinder Johal, Manitoba18261.4
Daniel White, Acadia681.3
Stuart Leech, Dalhousie20251.2
Richard Wiebach, Calgary20251.2
Most Steals
Tyrone Smith, Brandon2068
Keith Bustard, Victoria2053
Oreine Davis, Dalhousie2051
Suk Singh, Winnipeg2049
Everett (E.L.) Adams, StFX2042
Highest Steals per Game
Tyrone Smith, Brandon20683.4
Keith Bustard, Victoria20532.6
Oreine Davis, Dalhousie20512.5
Suk Singh, Winnipeg20492.5
Charles Fortier, Laval15342.3
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Reuben Hall, Alberta7811667.2
Daniel White, Acadia294564.4
Shaun Halverson, Simon Fraser528660.5
Adam Guiney, McMaster8113560.0
Phil Sudol, Alberta213560.0
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Chris Caruso, Wilfrid Laurier569857.1
Ben Katz, McMaster377052.9
Mitchell Grant, Saskatchewan224252.4
Yacine Bara, Manitoba377549.3
Kenny Duncan, UPEI234748.9
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Alan Spoonhunter, Lethbridge283093.3
Andrew Cotter, UNB242692.3
Jonathan McKercher, UPEI697592.0
Tyler Wood, UPEI444891.7
Rob Scully, McMaster323591.4
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)
Shaun Doherty, Victoria84253.4
Damon Cole, Saint Marys43152.9
Reagan Daly, Victoria55202.8
Ryan Baldry, Alberta69272.6
Dave Burns, Cape Breton102422.4

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