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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1977-78 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria20536
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie22371
Nancy Brentnell, Saskatchewan20337
Charlotte Bourgeois, Moncton17325
Judy Devereux, Moncton17325
Donna Hanna Branch, Lethbridge20314
Anne Lindsay, Dalhousie22313
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's22307
Patti Langille Hutchison, Acadia22299
Jacky Shaw, Calgary20286
Highest Points per Game
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria2053626.8
Charlotte Bourgeois, Moncton1732519.1
Judy Devereux, Moncton1732519.1
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie2237116.9
Nancy Brentnell, Saskatchewan2033716.9
Donna Hanna Branch, Lethbridge2031415.7
Jacky Shaw, Calgary2028614.3
Anne Lindsay, Dalhousie2231314.2
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's2230714.0
Patti Langille Hutchison, Acadia2229913.6
Most Rebounds
Holly Jackson-Pedersen, Calgary20237
Donna Hanna Branch, Lethbridge20213
Margot McCullough, UBC20202
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's22194
Marj Wihak, Saskatchewan18182
Marg Berthiaume, StFX22177
Jill Tasker, Dalhousie20171
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta20167
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary20155
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria20154
Highest Rebounds per Game
Holly Jackson-Pedersen, Calgary2023711.8
Marty Demaree, Western1214111.8
Donna Hanna Branch, Lethbridge2021310.7
Marj Wihak, Saskatchewan1818210.1
Margot McCullough, UBC2020210.1
Sharon Douglas, UPEI161489.2
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's221948.8
Jill Tasker, Dalhousie201718.6
Cathy Maxwell, UNB161358.4
Susan Kelly, Moncton171438.4
Most Assists
Jill Finlin, Western1516
L. MacKellar, Dalhousie34
Highest Assists per Game
L. MacKellar, Dalhousie341.3
Jill Finlin, Western15161.1
Most Field Goals
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria20205
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie22152
Judy Devereux, Moncton17143
Anne Lindsay, Dalhousie22138
Charlotte Bourgeois, Moncton17135
Nancy Brentnell, Saskatchewan20133
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's22128
Patti Langille Hutchison, Acadia22113
Lori Chizik, Alberta20110
Jacky Shaw, Calgary20108
Highest Field Goals per Game
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria2020510.2
Judy Devereux, Moncton171438.4
Charlotte Bourgeois, Moncton171357.9
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie221526.9
Nancy Brentnell, Saskatchewan201336.7
Anne Lindsay, Dalhousie221386.3
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's221285.8
Lori Chizik, Alberta201105.5
Jacky Shaw, Calgary201085.4
Janice Trombly, Laurentian13695.3
Most Free Throws
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria20126
Donna Hanna Branch, Lethbridge20114
Patti Langille Hutchison, Acadia2273
Nancy Brentnell, Saskatchewan2071
Jacky Shaw, Calgary2070
Marg Berthiaume, StFX2269
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie2267
Joyce Stewart, Acadia2261
Marty Demaree, Western1257
Holly Jackson-Pedersen, Calgary2056
Highest Free Throws per Game
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria201266.3
Donna Hanna Branch, Lethbridge201145.7
Marty Demaree, Western12574.8
Nancy Brentnell, Saskatchewan20713.5
Jacky Shaw, Calgary20703.5
Patti Langille Hutchison, Acadia22733.3
Charlotte Bourgeois, Moncton17553.2
Marg Berthiaume, StFX22693.1
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie22673.0
Holly Jackson-Pedersen, Calgary20562.8
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
No steals recorded
Highest Steals per Game
No steals recorded
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Janice Trombly, Laurentian6910963.3
Kim Hansen, Laurentian365862.1
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria20538852.8
Patty Sheppard, UNB458950.6
Anne Murray, Dalhousie5310650.0
Anne Lindsay, Dalhousie13828648.3
Sylvia Blumenfeld, UNB8217148.0
Marg Mainwaring Metcalfe, Victoria7315447.4
Luanne Hebb Krawetz, Victoria9820747.3
Cathy Maxwell, UNB8317846.6
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Chris Critelli, Laurentian252696.2
Carol Turney-Loos, Victoria12614487.5
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie677984.8
Patti Langille Hutchison, Acadia738883.0
Joan Selig Langley, Saint Mary's425379.2
Lori Chizik, Alberta243177.4
Janet Atkinson Graham, UBC233076.7
Marg Mainwaring Metcalfe, Victoria233076.7
Sandra Drysdale, UPEI344575.6
Sue Cosh, Dalhousie202774.1
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)

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