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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1980-81 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary20404
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta20380
Luce Mercier Coburn, Ottawa11311
Sue Mackenzie Burns, Regina16304
Luanne Hebb Krawetz, Victoria20290
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie16267
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's15264
Julie Hendrix, Calgary20249
Anna Pendergast Stammberger, Dalhousie16249
Jill Tasker, Dalhousie16245
Highest Points per Game
Luce Mercier Coburn, Ottawa1131128.3
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary2040420.2
Susan Ehrlenholtz, Mount Allison1223319.4
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta2038019.0
Sue Mackenzie Burns, Regina1630419.0
Louise Levesque, Moncton1222418.7
Ginette Plourde, Moncton1222218.5
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's1526417.6
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie1626716.7
Sheila Brennan Beckie, Saskatchewan1523815.9
Most Rebounds
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta20261
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary20186
Julie Hendrix, Calgary20164
Sandy Lewis, Victoria20162
Sharon May, Lethbridge20160
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's15151
Susan Ehrlenholtz, Mount Allison12150
Sue Mackenzie Burns, Regina16145
Audrey Vandervelden, UBC19144
Annette Sanregret, Alberta18132
Highest Rebounds per Game
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta2026113.1
Susan Ehrlenholtz, Mount Allison1215012.5
Louise Levesque, Moncton1212610.5
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's1515110.1
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary201869.3
Karen Baggs, Memorial10939.3
Sue Mackenzie Burns, Regina161459.1
Julie Hendrix, Calgary201648.2
Sandy Lewis, Victoria201628.1
Sharon May, Lethbridge201608.0
Most Assists
No assists recorded
Highest Assists per Game
No assists recorded
Most Field Goals
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary20165
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta20158
Luanne Hebb Krawetz, Victoria20120
Sue Mackenzie Burns, Regina16114
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's15107
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie16106
Jill Tasker, Dalhousie16106
Anna Pendergast Stammberger, Dalhousie16104
Sheila Brennan Beckie, Saskatchewan1599
Sharon May, Lethbridge2097
Highest Field Goals per Game
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary201658.2
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta201587.9
Susan Ehrlenholtz, Mount Allison12907.5
Ginette Plourde, Moncton12877.2
Louise Levesque, Moncton12867.2
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's151077.1
Sue Mackenzie Burns, Regina161147.1
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie161066.6
Jill Tasker, Dalhousie161066.6
Sheila Brennan Beckie, Saskatchewan15996.6
Most Free Throws
Shelley Ready, Saskatchewan2085
Sue Mackenzie Burns, Regina1676
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary2074
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta2064
Julie Hendrix, Calgary2063
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie1655
Susan Ehrlenholtz, Mount Allison1253
Louise Levesque, Moncton1252
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's1550
Luanne Hebb Krawetz, Victoria2050
Highest Free Throws per Game
Sue Mackenzie Burns, Regina16764.8
Susan Ehrlenholtz, Mount Allison12534.4
Louise Levesque, Moncton12524.3
Shelley Ready, Saskatchewan20854.2
Ginette Plourde, Moncton12484.0
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary20743.7
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie16553.4
Pam Quirk, Memorial10343.4
Dianne Chiasson, Saint Mary's15503.3
Trix Kannekens Baker, Alberta20643.2
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
No steals recorded
Highest Steals per Game
No steals recorded
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Janis Paskevich MacDonald, Calgary16529256.5
Sandy Lewis, Victoria8515255.9
Anna Pendergast Stammberger, Dalhousie10418655.9
Laurie Charles, UBC244553.3
Savannah Metcalf, Dalhousie234452.3
Luanne Hebb Krawetz, Victoria12023151.9
Jill Tasker, Dalhousie10621150.2
Velvet Charters McGarrigle, UPEI489650.0
Susan Shaw, Victoria6212549.6
Laura Sanders, UNB8216948.5
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Jane Adolphe, Calgary414885.4
Luanne Hebb Krawetz, Victoria505984.7
Laura Sanders, UNB506182.0
Carol Rosenthall, Dalhousie556979.7
Sheila Brennan Beckie, Saskatchewan405178.4
Angela van Barneveld, Acadia465978.0
Ruth Wilson, Lethbridge243177.4
Sandy Lewis, Victoria445875.9
Carol Ens, Lethbridge283775.7
Jennifer Webking, Lethbridge283775.7
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)

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