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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1983-84 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Annette Pfeifer, Regina16296
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX14255
Jennifer George, UNB14251
Sandra Mumford, Saint Mary's14221
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta10215
Cathy Chandler, UPEI14203
Kim Doncaster, Mount Allison14192
Susan McMaster, UNB12191
Karen Baggs, Memorial12179
Janet Nichols, UNB14173
Highest Points per Game
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta1021521.5
Annette Pfeifer, Regina1629618.5
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX1425518.2
Jennifer George, UNB1425117.9
Angela Hlavka, Lethbridge1016316.3
Susan McMaster, UNB1219115.9
Sandra Mumford, Saint Mary's1422115.8
Karen Baggs, Memorial1217914.9
Sandy Espeseth, Victoria1014814.8
Cathy Bultitude, UBC1014614.6
Most Rebounds
Esther Johnson Pallister, Manitoba16178
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta10138
Sonia Edwards, UPEI14119
Karen Baggs, Memorial12102
Cathy Chandler, UPEI14100
Liz Slater, Mount Allison1497
Jennifer George, UNB1495
Sandra Mumford, Saint Mary's1495
Michelle Gaunce, Saint Mary's1485
Janet Nichols, UNB1485
Highest Rebounds per Game
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta1013813.8
Esther Johnson Pallister, Manitoba1617811.1
Sonia Edwards, UPEI141198.5
Karen Baggs, Memorial121028.5
Susie Neil, Victoria10787.8
Brenda Abbott, Calgary10737.3
Cathy Chandler, UPEI141007.1
Liz Slater, Mount Allison14976.9
Sherrydawn Jones Warren, UPEI11766.9
Jennifer George, UNB14956.8
Most Assists
Debbie Knowles, UNB1430
Libby Baldwin, UPEI1425
Jennifer George, UNB1418
Karen Baggs, Memorial1216
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX1415
Karen Rowell, UPEI1415
Annelie Vandenberg, Saint Mary's1415
Sonia Edwards, UPEI1412
Liz Slater, Mount Allison1412
Adele Belliveau, StFX1411
Highest Assists per Game
Debbie Knowles, UNB14302.1
Libby Baldwin, UPEI14251.8
Karen Baggs, Memorial12161.3
Jennifer George, UNB14181.3
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX14151.1
Karen Rowell, UPEI14151.1
Annelie Vandenberg, Saint Mary's14151.1
Sonia Edwards, UPEI14120.9
Liz Slater, Mount Allison14120.9
Shauna Campbell, StFX13110.8
Most Field Goals
Jennifer George, UNB14114
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX1492
Kim Doncaster, Mount Allison1486
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta1086
Susan McMaster, UNB1282
Karen Baggs, Memorial1277
Cathy Chandler, UPEI1476
Peggy MacLean, Dalhousie1475
Sandra Mumford, Saint Mary's1474
Adele Belliveau, StFX1471
Highest Field Goals per Game
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta10868.6
Jennifer George, UNB141148.1
Susan McMaster, UNB12826.8
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX14926.6
Karen Baggs, Memorial12776.4
Angela Hlavka, Lethbridge10646.4
Kim Doncaster, Mount Allison14866.1
Sandy Espeseth, Victoria10616.1
Cathy Bultitude, UBC10606.0
Linda Edwards Forsyth, UBC10595.9
Most Free Throws
Sandra Mumford, Saint Mary's1473
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX1471
Cathy Chandler, UPEI1451
Annelie Vandenberg, Saint Mary's1445
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta1043
Janine Prince, Victoria1040
Angela Hlavka, Lethbridge1035
Shelaine Kozakavich, Alberta1035
Janet Nichols, UNB1435
Shelley Slater, Dalhousie1334
Highest Free Throws per Game
Sandra Mumford, Saint Mary's14735.2
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX14715.1
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta10434.3
Janine Prince, Victoria10404.0
Cathy Chandler, UPEI14513.6
Angela Hlavka, Lethbridge10353.5
Shelaine Kozakavich, Alberta10353.5
Annelie Vandenberg, Saint Mary's14453.2
Laura Gillespie, UNB393.0
Jane Adolphe, Calgary10292.9
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
Cathy Chandler, UPEI1446
Jennifer George, UNB1443
Angela Colley, Dalhousie1439
Kim Doncaster, Mount Allison1436
Shauna Campbell, StFX1332
Libby Baldwin, UPEI1430
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX1430
Karen Baggs, Memorial1227
Janet Nichols, UNB1427
Bonnie Estwick, Saint Mary's1326
Highest Steals per Game
Cathy Chandler, UPEI14463.3
Jennifer George, UNB14433.1
Angela Colley, Dalhousie14392.8
Kim Doncaster, Mount Allison14362.6
Shauna Campbell, StFX13322.5
Karen Baggs, Memorial12272.2
Libby Baldwin, UPEI14302.1
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX14302.1
Susan McMaster, UNB12252.1
Bonnie Estwick, Saint Mary's13262.0
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Toni Kordic-Gass, Alberta8614858.1
Marg Jones, UNB407057.1
Sandra Hill, UNB346155.7
Susan McMaster, UNB8214855.4
Bonnie MacKenzie, UNB417554.7
Adele Belliveau, StFX7113054.6
Julie Hendrix, Calgary458453.6
Debbie Knowles, UNB326053.3
Brenda Abbott, Calgary489252.2
Jackie Mooney, UNB377152.1
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Sandy Pothier, Victoria222395.7
Tracey DeSutter Harrington, Western273090.0
Janine Prince, Victoria404785.1
Sandy Espeseth, Victoria263183.9
Cathy Chandler, UPEI516183.6
Kim Doncaster, Mount Allison202580.0
Marg Jones, UNB202580.0
Marcelyn McGinn, StFX719178.0
Shelaine Kozakavich, Alberta354577.8
Jane Adolphe, Calgary293876.3
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)
Debbie Knowles, UNB30530.6
Libby Baldwin, UPEI25730.3

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