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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1990-91 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Jackie Moore, Regina18456
Jodi Evans, Calgary20415
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge20392
Virginia Judd, Lethbridge20337
Sue Jickling, Calgary20336
Joanna Ross, Alberta20296
Shannon Conway, Victoria19275
Jennifer Sutton, Victoria20271
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria20260
Jana Jordan, UBC20259
Highest Points per Game
Jackie Moore, Regina1845625.3
Jodi Evans, Calgary2041520.8
Denise Scott, Toronto1223819.8
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge2039219.6
Cindy Flynn, Saint Mary's1424117.2
Virginia Judd, Lethbridge2033716.9
Sue Jickling, Calgary2033616.8
Krista Thiessen, Saskatchewan813316.6
Kara Palmer, UNB1423116.5
Judy Dobbin, Memorial1422916.4
Most Rebounds
Jodi Evans, Calgary20291
Jackie Moore, Regina18215
Virginia Judd, Lethbridge20164
Judy Dobbin, Memorial14158
Kara Palmer, UNB14156
Heather Bohez, Victoria20147
Jennifer Sutton, Victoria20136
Penny Patterson, Regina18133
Kelly Boucher, Victoria20131
Joanna Ross, Alberta20129
Highest Rebounds per Game
Jodi Evans, Calgary2029114.6
Jackie Moore, Regina1821511.9
Judy Dobbin, Memorial1415811.3
Kara Palmer, UNB1415611.1
Denise Scott, Toronto1212410.3
Donna Barton, StFX1010010.0
Allyson Cushing, Saint Mary's141208.6
Norma MacIntyre, Acadia141168.3
Virginia Judd, Lethbridge201648.2
Laura Swift Christie, UNB141077.6
Most Assists
Jodi Evans, Calgary20153
Jill Jackson, UNB1497
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge2095
Jana Jordan, UBC2077
Lisa Nickle, UBC2066
Sue Jickling, Calgary2065
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria2058
Suzanne Muir, Saint Mary's1351
Patty Hayden Foster, Acadia1449
Heather Bohez, Victoria2048
Highest Assists per Game
Jodi Evans, Calgary201537.7
Jill Jackson, UNB14976.9
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge20954.8
Suzanne Muir, Saint Mary's13513.9
Jana Jordan, UBC20773.9
Patty Hayden Foster, Acadia14493.5
Lisa Nickle, UBC20663.3
Tobey Jones, UPEI14463.3
Sue Jickling, Calgary20653.2
Cindy Flynn, Saint Mary's14443.1
Most Field Goals
Jackie Moore, Regina18172
Jodi Evans, Calgary20170
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge20144
Virginia Judd, Lethbridge20143
Sue Jickling, Calgary20126
Joanna Ross, Alberta20108
Jana Jordan, UBC20103
Penny Patterson, Regina18102
Jennifer Sutton, Victoria20100
Shannon Conway, Victoria1998
Highest Field Goals per Game
Jackie Moore, Regina181729.6
Jodi Evans, Calgary201708.5
Denise Scott, Toronto12947.8
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge201447.2
Virginia Judd, Lethbridge201437.2
Judy Dobbin, Memorial14976.9
Cindy Flynn, Saint Mary's14976.9
Jennifer Hale, UNB13906.9
Kara Palmer, UNB14896.4
Sue Jickling, Calgary201266.3
Most Three Point Field Goals
Sue Jickling, Calgary2048
Lisa Nickle, UBC2038
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria2028
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge2028
Kim Bertholet, Manitoba1827
Deanne Shmyr, Regina1826
Heather Campbell, UPEI1423
Lee-Anne MacDonald, Cape Breton1422
Mary Hennigar, StFX1318
Susan Hawco, StFX1314
Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game
Sue Jickling, Calgary20482.4
Lisa Nickle, UBC20381.9
Heather Campbell, UPEI14231.6
Lee-Anne MacDonald, Cape Breton14221.6
Kim Bertholet, Manitoba18271.5
Deanne Shmyr, Regina18261.4
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria20281.4
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge20281.4
Mary Hennigar, StFX13181.4
Susan Hawco, StFX13141.1
Most Free Throws
Jackie Moore, Regina18108
Tanya McKenzie McKay, Winnipeg18102
Shannon Conway, Victoria1979
Joanna Ross, Alberta2078
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge2076
Jennifer Sutton, Victoria2071
Jodi Evans, Calgary2068
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria2064
Heather Bohez, Victoria2062
Sandra Begg, Victoria2057
Highest Free Throws per Game
Jackie Moore, Regina181086.0
Krista Thiessen, Saskatchewan8465.8
Tanya McKenzie McKay, Winnipeg181025.7
Denise Scott, Toronto12504.2
Shannon Conway, Victoria19794.2
Joanna Ross, Alberta20783.9
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge20763.8
Kara Palmer, UNB14533.8
Patty Hayden Foster, Acadia14523.7
Kim Empey, Dalhousie14503.6
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
Lori Knickle Lancaster, UPEI1434
Tobey Jones, UPEI1426
Jill Jackson, UNB1423
Jennifer Hale, UNB1321
Angie McLeod, Dalhousie1418
Paula Squires, Memorial1417
Jennifer Dunn, UPEI1415
Buttons Ashe, StFX1314
Heather Campbell, UPEI1414
Kim Empey, Dalhousie1414
Highest Steals per Game
Lori Knickle Lancaster, UPEI14342.4
Tobey Jones, UPEI14261.9
Jill Jackson, UNB14231.6
Jennifer Hale, UNB13211.6
Angie McLeod, Dalhousie14181.3
Paula Squires, Memorial14171.2
Randi Lang, UPEI12141.2
Buttons Ashe, StFX13141.1
Jennifer Dunn, UPEI14151.1
Heather Campbell, UPEI14141.0
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Susanne Tomio, Victoria223464.7
Shantal Reed, Lethbridge7712959.7
Kim Empey, Dalhousie406958.0
Jackie Moore, Regina17229757.9
Charlene Falk, Saint Mary's7913857.2
Denise Scott, Toronto9416557.0
Jennifer Sutton, Victoria10018155.2
Jennifer Hale, UNB9016355.2
Donna Barton, StFX539655.2
Laura Swift Christie, UNB5710554.3
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Heather Campbell, UPEI235046.0
Shawna Molcak Kolaczek, Lethbridge286344.4
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria286443.8
Deanne Shmyr, Regina266043.3
Lisa Nickle, UBC389540.0
Sue Jickling, Calgary4813336.1
Lee-Anne MacDonald, Cape Breton226633.3
Kim Bertholet, Manitoba2700.0
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Patty Hayden Foster, Acadia525791.2
Deanne Shmyr, Regina364090.0
Kara Palmer, UNB535989.8
Vivian Kingdon, Regina313686.1
Jana Jordan, UBC475585.5
Bonnie Hale, UNB354185.4
Jackie Moore, Regina10813083.1
Jodi Evans, Calgary688282.9
Jennifer Lloyd, Acadia293582.9
Kimberley Johnson, Toronto242982.8
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)
Suzanne Muir, Saint Mary's51281.8
Cathy Callaghan, Saint Mary's20121.7
Cindy Flynn, Saint Mary's44291.5
Jill Jackson, UNB97661.5
Patty Hayden Foster, Acadia49411.2
Tobey Jones, UPEI46391.2
Tina Creelman, Saint Mary's33301.1
Mary Layes, Dalhousie29330.9
Bonnie Armstrong, Memorial28320.9
Buttons Ashe, StFX26320.8

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