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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1992-93 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Theresa MacCuish, StFX17449
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria20427
Lisa Nickle, UBC20370
Andrea Hlady, Lethbridge20330
Meagan Koch, Calgary20309
Nanette Anderson, Saskatchewan20304
Michelle Healey, Memorial17303
Norma MacIntyre, Acadia16296
Kara Palmer, UNB17295
Lisa Bacigalupi Robertson, Calgary20267
Highest Points per Game
Theresa MacCuish, StFX1744926.4
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria2042721.4
Deanne Shmyr, Regina1225321.1
Lisa Nickle, UBC2037018.5
Norma MacIntyre, Acadia1629618.5
Michelle Healey, Memorial1730317.8
Kara Palmer, UNB1729517.4
Michelle Mommersteeg, Western1321516.5
Andrea Hlady, Lethbridge2033016.5
Meagan Koch, Calgary2030915.4
Most Rebounds
Heather Bohez, Victoria18175
Lisa Bacigalupi Robertson, Calgary20169
Melita Belyea, StFX17154
Kara Palmer, UNB17154
Tracie Wilkie, Alberta20151
Andrea Hlady, Lethbridge20145
Joanne Tegart, Lethbridge20132
Angie McLeod, Dalhousie17130
Susanne Tomio, Victoria20126
Vanessa Upton, Lethbridge20124
Highest Rebounds per Game
Heather Bohez, Victoria181759.7
Melita Belyea, StFX171549.1
Kara Palmer, UNB171549.1
Lisa Bacigalupi Robertson, Calgary201698.4
Cheryl Kinton, UBC6477.8
Angie McLeod, Dalhousie171307.6
Tracie Wilkie, Alberta201517.5
Andrea Hlady, Lethbridge201457.2
tanguay-k, Acadia151087.2
Vicky Tessier, McGill12847.0
Most Assists
Jill Jackson, UNB1686
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria2076
Lisa Kartusch, Alberta2074
Lisa Nickle, UBC2070
Christina Van Aert, Victoria2070
Marijana Milicevic, Calgary2067
Stacy Wilson, Saskatchewan2067
Shari Jensen, Lethbridge2065
Heather Bohez, Victoria1864
Jennifer Clark, Dalhousie1661
Highest Assists per Game
Jill Jackson, UNB16865.4
Jennifer Clark, Dalhousie16613.8
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria20763.8
Lisa Kartusch, Alberta20743.7
Heather Bohez, Victoria18643.6
Lisa Nickle, UBC20703.5
Christina Van Aert, Victoria20703.5
Buttons Ashe, StFX17583.4
Marijana Milicevic, Calgary20673.4
Stacy Wilson, Saskatchewan20673.4
Most Field Goals
Theresa MacCuish, StFX17187
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria20136
Andrea Hlady, Lethbridge20128
Norma MacIntyre, Acadia16123
Michelle Healey, Memorial17120
Kara Palmer, UNB17120
Nanette Anderson, Saskatchewan20119
Meagan Koch, Calgary20117
Lisa Nickle, UBC20114
Hilary Watson, UPEI17109
Highest Field Goals per Game
Theresa MacCuish, StFX1718711.0
Norma MacIntyre, Acadia161237.7
Michelle Healey, Memorial171207.1
Kara Palmer, UNB171207.1
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria201366.8
Deanne Shmyr, Regina12796.6
Hilary Watson, UPEI171096.4
Andrea Hlady, Lethbridge201286.4
Lori Messer, Saint Mary's171026.0
Nanette Anderson, Saskatchewan201196.0
Most Three Point Field Goals
Lisa Nickle, UBC2055
Deanne Shmyr, Regina1232
Amanda Wilcox, StFX1732
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria2028
Michelle Healey, Memorial1728
Heather Campbell, UPEI1725
Meagan Koch, Calgary2024
Lori Bartolotta, Western1323
Lisa Kartusch, Alberta2023
Audra Duregon, Calgary2022
Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game
Lisa Nickle, UBC20552.8
Deanne Shmyr, Regina12322.7
Amanda Wilcox, StFX17321.9
Lori Bartolotta, Western13231.8
Michelle Healey, Memorial17281.6
Heather Campbell, UPEI17251.5
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria20281.4
Angie McLeod, Dalhousie17221.3
Meagan Koch, Calgary20241.2
Jennifer Clark, Dalhousie16191.2
Most Free Throws
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria20127
Lisa Nickle, UBC2087
Melita Belyea, StFX1775
Elissa Beckett, UBC2073
Theresa MacCuish, StFX1768
Heather Bohez, Victoria1866
Corey Ennis, Alberta2065
Deanne Shmyr, Regina1263
Nanette Anderson, Saskatchewan2062
Brigitte Edwards, Acadia1662
Highest Free Throws per Game
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria201276.3
Deanne Shmyr, Regina12635.2
Melita Belyea, StFX17754.4
Lisa Nickle, UBC20874.3
Theresa MacCuish, StFX17684.0
Brigitte Edwards, Acadia16623.9
Heather Bohez, Victoria18663.7
Elissa Beckett, UBC20733.6
Karen Harvey, Regina12433.6
Jill Jackson, UNB16533.3
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
Theresa MacCuish, StFX1748
Hilary Watson, UPEI1725
Kerrie Pyke, Cape Breton1622
Melita Belyea, StFX1721
Angie McLeod, Dalhousie1721
Jennifer Clark, Dalhousie1620
Lori Knickle Lancaster, UPEI1719
Renee McKenzie, Dalhousie1719
Eva Bove, StFX1615
Buttons Ashe, StFX1714
Highest Steals per Game
Theresa MacCuish, StFX17482.8
Hilary Watson, UPEI17251.5
Kerrie Pyke, Cape Breton16221.4
Jennifer Clark, Dalhousie16201.2
Melita Belyea, StFX17211.2
Angie McLeod, Dalhousie17211.2
Lori Knickle Lancaster, UPEI17191.1
Renee McKenzie, Dalhousie17191.1
Eva Bove, StFX16150.9
Kelly Copeland, UPEI16140.9
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Judy Byrne, Memorial6911062.7
Cherie Birtwistle, Victoria355662.5
Hilary Watson, UPEI10917761.6
Theresa MacCuish, StFX18730760.9
Kara Palmer, UNB12020758.0
Laura Swift Christie, UNB10117856.7
Julie Dickinson, UPEI539456.4
Kristine Brown, Victoria8716154.0
Heather Bohez, Victoria9016753.9
Melita Belyea, StFX9217452.9
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Heather Campbell, UPEI254852.1
Lori Bartolotta, Western235145.1
Audra Duregon, Calgary225341.5
Michelle Healey, Memorial286841.2
Angie McLeod, Dalhousie225738.6
Amanda Wilcox, StFX328537.6
Tara Gallaway Beaucamp, Victoria287935.4
Lisa Kartusch, Alberta236833.8
Lisa Nickle, UBC5516333.7
Deanne Shmyr, Regina3210032.0
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Carolyn Swords Sturgess, Laurentian374092.5
Jackie Flieger, UNB202290.9
Eva Bove, StFX384682.6
Nanette Anderson, Saskatchewan627681.6
Trisha Lorenz, Lethbridge222781.5
Michelle Healey, Memorial354381.4
Lisa Nickle, UBC8710781.3
Audrey Dennison, Victoria303781.1
Michelle Mommersteeg, Western384780.9
Bonnie Hale, UNB222878.6
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)
Buttons Ashe, StFX58341.7
Lori Knickle Lancaster, UPEI44291.5
Jennifer Clark, Dalhousie61441.4
Heather Campbell, UPEI28231.2
Jill Jackson, UNB86751.1
Cathy Lawlor, UPEI52481.1
Suzanne Muir, Saint Mary's38410.9
Bonnie Armstrong, Memorial45490.9
Tami Pennell, Memorial42490.9
Amanda Wilcox, StFX29380.8

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