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University Basketball in Canada
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Information about Previous Games between Memorial and UNB

Memorial Sea-Hawks play in AUS conference
UNB Varsity Reds play in AUS conference

Overall, UNB leads in wins with a 55-45 record, and has won the last 1 games.
In regular season league games, UNB leads in wins with a 54-42 record, and has won the last 1 games.
In playoff games, Memorial leads in wins with a 2-0 record, and has won the last 2 games.
In games in last 5+ seasons, UNB leads in wins with a 12-7 record, and has won the last 1 games.

Results of previous games played
Game DateLocationWinnerOpponent Comment
Feb 16, 2020Fredericton, NBUNB71Memorial70*OT 
Feb 15, 2020Fredericton, NBMemorial54UNB53* 
Nov 3, 2019St. John's, NLUNB80Memorial75* 
Nov 2, 2019St. John's, NLMemorial67UNB49* 
Mar 1, 2019Halifax, NSMemorial79UNB70 AUS Quarterfinal
Jan 6, 2019St. John's, NLUNB77Memorial70* 
Jan 5, 2019St. John's, NLUNB87Memorial79* 
Nov 26, 2017Fredericton, NBUNB85Memorial55* 
Nov 25, 2017Fredericton, NBMemorial75UNB65* 
Jan 15, 2017Fredericton, NBMemorial62UNB56* 
Jan 14, 2017Fredericton, NBUNB88Memorial66* 
Nov 6, 2016St. John's, NLUNB60Memorial56* 
Nov 5, 2016St. John's, NLUNB65Memorial52* 
Jan 31, 2016Fredericton, NBUNB82Memorial69* 
Jan 30, 2016Fredericton, NBUNB61Memorial55* 
Nov 22, 2015St. John's, NLUNB84Memorial65* 
Nov 21, 2015St. John's, NLUNB85Memorial80* 
Feb 21, 2015Fredericton, NBMemorial80UNB64* 
Feb 20, 2015Fredericton, NBMemorial70UNB58* 
Jan 19, 2014St. John's, NLMemorial63UNB49* 
Jan 18, 2014St. John's, NLMemorial60UNB52* 
Feb 17, 2013Fredericton, NBMemorial62UNB47* 
Feb 16, 2013Fredericton, NBMemorial88UNB58* 
Nov 25, 2012St. John's, NLMemorial77UNB56* 
Nov 24, 2012St. John's, NLMemorial75UNB60* 
Nov 13, 2011Fredericton, NBMemorial82UNB64* 
Nov 12, 2011Fredericton, NBMemorial80UNB69* 
Jan 9, 2011St. John's, NLUNB94Memorial78* 
Jan 8, 2011St. John's, NLUNB94Memorial65* 
Nov 14, 2010Fredericton, NBMemorial77UNB71* 
Nov 13, 2010Fredericton, NBUNB80Memorial65* 
Feb 14, 2010St. John's, NLMemorial91UNB57* 
Feb 13, 2010St. John's, NLMemorial85UNB72* 
Jan 25, 2009Fredericton, NBMemorial75UNB53* 
Jan 24, 2009Fredericton, NBMemorial80UNB69* 
Jan 27, 2008St. John's, NLMemorial73UNB64* 
Jan 26, 2008St. John's, NLMemorial69UNB55* 
Feb 17, 2007St. John's, NLMemorial73UNB61* 
Feb 16, 2007St. John's, NLMemorial76UNB57* 
Nov 26, 2006Fredericton, NBUNB76Memorial72* 
Nov 25, 2006Fredericton, NBUNB76Memorial72* 
Feb 19, 2006Fredericton, NBUNB82Memorial58* 
Feb 18, 2006Fredericton, NBUNB59Memorial53* 
Jan 9, 2005St. John's, NLMemorial77UNB67* 
Jan 8, 2005St. John's, NLMemorial75UNB64* 
Nov 30, 2003Fredericton, NBMemorial87UNB72* 
Nov 29, 2003Fredericton, NBUNB80Memorial74* 
Nov 24, 2002St. John's, NLMemorial68UNB56* 
Nov 23, 2002St. John's, NLMemorial73UNB63* 
Jan 27, 2002Fredericton, NBMemorial76UNB52* 
Jan 26, 2002Fredericton, NBUNB70Memorial65* 
Oct 21, 2001Montreal, QCMemorial75UNB64 McGill Redbird Classic
Feb 18, 2001St. John's, NLMemorial87UNB79* 
Feb 17, 2001St. John's, NLMemorial66UNB59* 
Mar 3, 2000Wolfville, NSMemorial69UNB60 AUS Quarterfinal
Jan 30, 2000Fredericton, NBMemorial79UNB75*OT 
Jan 29, 2000Fredericton, NBMemorial63UNB60* 
Nov 7, 1999Halifax, NSUNB71Memorial59 Subway Tournament
Jan 31, 1999St. John's, NFUNB73Memorial56* 
Jan 30, 1999St. John's, NFUNB65Memorial61* 
Feb 22, 1998Fredericton, NBUNB70Memorial56* 
Feb 21, 1998Fredericton, NBUNB70Memorial63* 
Nov 16, 1997St. John's, NLMemorial82UNB72* 
Nov 15, 1997St. John's, NLUNB73Memorial62* 
Feb 16, 1997St. John's, NFMemorial72UNB63* 
Feb 15, 1997St. John's, NFMemorial74UNB58* 
Jan 26, 1997Fredericton, NBUNB65Memorial62* 
Jan 25, 1997Fredericton, NBUNB67Memorial58* 
Feb 18, 1996Fredericton, NBUNB71Memorial66* 
Feb 17, 1996Fredericton, NBMemorial66UNB54* 
Jan 28, 1996St. John's, NLMemorial59UNB56* 
Jan 27, 1996St. John's, NLMemorial70UNB67* 
Feb 12, 1995St. John's, NLMemorial62UNB52* 
Feb 11, 1995St. John's, NLMemorial61UNB48* 
Nov 6, 1994Fredericton, NBUNB67Memorial64* 
Nov 5, 1994Fredericton, NBMemorial73UNB57* 
Feb 14, 1993St. John's, NLUNB69Memorial56* 
Feb 13, 1993St. John's, NLUNB73Memorial69* 
Feb 23, 1992Fredericton, NBUNB95Memorial70* 
Feb 22, 1992Fredericton, NBUNB95Memorial77* 
Feb 10, 1991St. John's, NLUNB63Memorial61* 
Feb 9, 1991St. John's, NLUNB71Memorial52* 
Feb 25, 1990Fredericton, NBUNB87Memorial46* 
Feb 24, 1990Fredericton, NBUNB83Memorial54* 
Jan 15, 1989St. John's, NLUNB69Memorial59* 
Jan 14, 1989St. John's, NLUNB78Memorial64* 
Feb 21, 1988Fredericton, NBUNB91Memorial67* 
Feb 20, 1988Fredericton, NBUNB86Memorial57* 
Feb 8, 1987St. John's, NLUNB77Memorial44* 
Feb 7, 1987St. John's, NLUNB84Memorial57* 
Dec 1, 1985Fredericton, NBUNB82Memorial44* 
Nov 30, 1985Fredericton, NBUNB76Memorial32* 
Nov 18, 1984St. John's, NLUNB106Memorial43* 
Nov 17, 1984St. John's, NLUNB74Memorial48* 
Jan 14, 1984Fredericton, NBUNB116Memorial43* 
Jan 13, 1984Fredericton, NBUNB107Memorial40* 
Jan 30, 1983St. John's, NLUNB86Memorial35* 
Jan 29, 1983St. John's, NLUNB81Memorial60* 
Jan 17, 1982Fredericton, NBUNB76Memorial66* 
Jan 16, 1982Fredericton, NBUNB101Memorial44* 
Asterisk (*) indicates league games.

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