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Information about Previous Games between York and Ryerson

York Lions play in OUA Central conference
Ryerson Rams play in OUA Central conference

Overall, York leads in wins with a 58-35 record, and has won the last 1 games.
In regular season league games, York leads in wins with a 53-27 record, and has won the last 1 games.
In playoff games, Ryerson leads in wins with a 2-0 record, and has won the last 2 games.
In games in last 5+ seasons, Ryerson leads in wins with a 10-3 record, but has lost the last 1 games.

Results of previous games played
Game DateLocationWinnerOpponent Comment
Feb 15, 2019Toronto, ONYork72Ryerson69* 
Jan 12, 2019Toronto, ONRyerson71York54* 
Feb 21, 2018Toronto, ONRyerson66York61 OUA Playoff Round 1
Feb 7, 2018Toronto, ONYork79Ryerson75* 
Jan 17, 2018Toronto, ONYork89Ryerson78* 
Oct 22, 2017Toronto, ONRyerson54York48 Darcel Wright Memorial Classic
Feb 22, 2017Toronto, ONRyerson78York52 OUA Playoff Preliminary Round
Feb 1, 2017Toronto, ONRyerson71York61* 
Jan 14, 2017Toronto, ONRyerson64York51* 
Feb 27, 2016Toronto, ONRyerson67York53* 
Jan 13, 2016Toronto, ONRyerson99York61* 
Jan 23, 2015Toronto, ONRyerson71York26* 
Jan 14, 2015Toronto, ONRyerson66York49* 
Feb 14, 2014Toronto, ONRyerson71York59* 
Jan 11, 2014Toronto, ONYork58Ryerson48* 
Feb 1, 2013Toronto, ONYork70Ryerson61* 
Jan 19, 2013Toronto, ONRyerson59York57* 
Sep 9, 2012Toronto, ONRyerson63York47  
Feb 10, 2012Toronto, ONRyerson49York40* 
Jan 20, 2012Toronto, ONRyerson60York59* 
Jan 29, 2011Toronto, ONRyerson66York57* 
Jan 15, 2011Toronto, ONRyerson73York71*OT 
Feb 13, 2010Toronto, ONRyerson66York39* 
Jan 22, 2010Toronto, ONRyerson83York60* 
Dec 30, 2009Toronto, ONRyerson73York56 Ryerson Holiday Tournament
Feb 14, 2009Toronto, ONYork58Ryerson50* 
Jan 23, 2009Toronto, ONRyerson69York61* 
Feb 9, 2008Toronto, ONYork67Ryerson59* 
Jan 25, 2008Toronto, ONYork62Ryerson47* 
Feb 10, 2007Toronto, ONYork76Ryerson45* 
Jan 19, 2007Toronto, ONYork83Ryerson55* 
Jan 20, 2006Toronto, ONYork64Ryerson58*OT 
Nov 26, 2005Toronto, ONYork66Ryerson35* 
Jan 28, 2005Toronto, ONYork61Ryerson57* 
Nov 27, 2004Toronto, ONYork60Ryerson44* 
Feb 13, 2004Toronto, ONYork67Ryerson60* 
Jan 24, 2004Toronto, ONYork60Ryerson49* 
Oct 25, 2003Toronto, ONYork78Ryerson74 Ryerson Tournament
Feb 14, 2003Toronto, ONRyerson54York48* 
Jan 25, 2003Toronto, ONYork75Ryerson62* 
Nov 3, 2002Kingston, ONRyerson72York60OTQueen's Tricolor Tournament
Oct 27, 2002UnknownRyerson38York37  
Feb 2, 2002Toronto, ONRyerson57York50* 
Nov 30, 2001Toronto, ONRyerson63York56* 
Jan 27, 2001Toronto, ONYork72Ryerson37* 
Nov 10, 2000Toronto, ONRyerson63York58*2OT 
Nov 4, 2000UnknownYork68Ryerson56 Raptor Cup
Oct 15, 2000Toronto, ONRyerson58York54 Ryerson Invitational
Feb 4, 2000Toronto, ONRyerson70York59* 
Nov 19, 1999Toronto, ONYork68Ryerson62* 
Oct 29, 1999UnknownYork55Ryerson47 Raptor Cup
Oct 17, 1999Toronto, ONYork72Ryerson48 Ryerson Rams Invitational
Feb 26, 1999Toronto, ONRyerson60York52* 
Jan 24, 1999Toronto, ONRyerson64York49* 
Feb 7, 1998Toronto, ONYork78Ryerson66* 
Nov 25, 1997Toronto, ONRyerson60York58* 
Feb 25, 1997Toronto, ONYork82Ryerson54* 
Jan 7, 1997Toronto, ONYork71Ryerson54* 
Feb 6, 1996Toronto, ONYork89Ryerson36* 
Jan 30, 1996Toronto, ONYork58Ryerson34* 
Nov 25, 1995Toronto, ONYork68Ryerson49 York Invitational
Feb 7, 1995Toronto, ONYork77Ryerson46* 
Jan 31, 1995Toronto, ONYork75Ryerson51* 
Feb 1, 1994Toronto, ONYork54Ryerson50* 
Jan 28, 1994Toronto, ONYork68Ryerson57* 
Feb 13, 1993Toronto, ONRyerson57York53* 
Jan 19, 1993Toronto, ONYork62Ryerson43* 
Feb 19, 1992Toronto, ONYork49Ryerson42* 
Jan 28, 1992Toronto, ONRyerson73York63* 
Feb 15, 1991UnknownYork73Ryerson69* 
Jan 29, 1991UnknownYork62Ryerson44* 
Jan 30, 1990UnknownYork72Ryerson51* 
Jan 9, 1990UnknownYork80Ryerson49* 
Feb 14, 1989Toronto, ONYork77Ryerson46* 
Jan 10, 1989Toronto, ONYork79Ryerson38* 
Feb 16, 1988Toronto, ONYork58Ryerson56* 
Jan 26, 1988Toronto, ONRyerson69York68* 
Feb 17, 1987UnknownYork57Ryerson43* 
Jan 13, 1987UnknownYork60Ryerson56* 
Jan 21, 1986UnknownYork68Ryerson42* 
Nov 19, 1985UnknownYork74Ryerson42* 
Feb 5, 1985UnknownYork82Ryerson50* 
Jan 8, 1985UnknownYork60Ryerson49* 
Jan 10, 1984UnknownYork86Ryerson46* 
Nov 8, 1983UnknownYork108Ryerson50* 
Jan 25, 1983UnknownYork83Ryerson16* 
Nov 30, 1982UnknownYork69Ryerson23* 
Jan 29, 1982UnknownYork84Ryerson24* 
Nov 18, 1981UnknownYork104Ryerson25* 
Feb 5, 1980Toronto, ONYork94Ryerson22* 
Nov 20, 1979Toronto, ONYork104Ryerson32* 
Feb 6, 1979Toronto, ONYork74Ryerson41* 
Nov 22, 1978Toronto, ONYork59Ryerson29* 
Asterisk (*) indicates league games.

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