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University Basketball in Canada
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NCAA Division I Visits to Canada

This report provides information on prior visits to Canada by NCAA Division I teams to play U Sports teams.

America East Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
AlbanyAug 21, 2019Montreal, QCWin 85-57Concordia
 Aug 20, 2019Montreal, QCWin 82-81UQAM
 Aug 19, 2019Montreal, QCWin 90-78McGill
 Aug 18, 2019Ottawa, ONLoss 77-90Carleton
 Aug 17, 2019Ottawa, ONLoss 69-82Ottawa
 Aug 25, 2011Ottawa, ONWin 91-81Carleton
 Aug 24, 2011Ottawa, ONWin 97-85Ottawa
 Aug 20, 2011Montreal, QCWin 83-58McGill
 Aug 19, 2011Montreal, QCWin 86-57UQAM
 Nov 14, 1995Montreal, QCLoss 76-80Concordia
BinghamtonAug 13, 2017Toronto, ONWin 74-61Toronto
 Aug 12, 2017Toronto, ONWin 72-54Ryerson
 Aug 10, 2017St. Catharines, ONLoss 75-82Wilfrid Laurier
 Aug 9, 2017St. Catharines, ONLoss 69-80Brock
MaineAug 29, 2010Quebec City, QCWin 87-80Laval
 Aug 28, 2010Ottawa, ONWin 73-62Carleton
 Aug 26, 2010Montreal, QCWin 79-64UQAM
 Aug 25, 2010Montreal, QCWin 87-66McGill
 Aug 24, 2010Lennoxville, QCWin 81-54Bishops
 Oct 14, 2003UnknownWin 74-71UNB
 Oct 13, 2003St. John's, NLWin 101-62Memorial
 Oct 12, 2003Halifax, NSWin 92-63Dalhousie
 Oct 11, 2003Halifax, NSWin 79-70Saint Marys
 Nov 9, 2002Halifax, NSLoss 76-86StFX
 Nov 8, 2002Halifax, NSLoss 58-60Saint Marys
 Nov 3, 2001Antigonish, NSWin 96-91StFX
 Nov 2, 2001Antigonish, NSWin 104-80UPEI
 Jan 6, 1996Antigonish, NSWin 94-69UNB
 Jan 5, 1996Antigonish, NSWin 94-85StFX
New HampshireAug 24, 2017Montreal, QCWin 94-81Concordia
 Aug 23, 2017Montreal, QCWin 80-59UQAM
 Aug 22, 2017Ottawa, ONLoss 60-87Carleton
 Aug 21, 2017Montreal, QCLoss 65-71Ottawa
 Aug 20, 2017Ste. Foy, QCWin 79-61Laval
 Aug 27, 2011Lennoxville, QCWin 80-66Bishops
 Aug 26, 2011Quebec City, QCWin 87-65Laval
 Aug 25, 2011Montreal, QCWin 75-65UQAM
 Aug 24, 2011Montreal, QCLoss 74-77McGill
 Oct 17, 2004Lennoxville, QCLoss 60-63Bishops
 Oct 16, 2004Montreal, QCWin 92-71UQAM
 Oct 15, 2004Montreal, QCLoss 96-102Concordia
VermontAug 12, 2018Montreal, QCWin 77-57McGill
 Aug 11, 2018Montreal, QCWin 83-62UQAM
 Aug 10, 2018Montreal, QCWin 81-55Ottawa
 Aug 12, 2014Ottawa, ONLoss 66-74Carleton
 Aug 11, 2014Ottawa, ONLoss 66-73Ottawa
 Aug 10, 2014Quebec City, QCWin 85-67Laval
 Aug 9, 2014Montreal, QCWin 95-53Queens
American Athletic Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
CincinnatiAug 7, 2018Montreal, QCWin 79-53McGill
 Aug 6, 2018Ottawa, ONLoss 67-86Carleton
 Aug 5, 2018Montreal, QCWin 85-57Ottawa
MemphisAug 19, 2014Ottawa, ONLoss 60-92Carleton
 Aug 18, 2014Montreal, QCWin 93-71McGill
 Aug 17, 2014Ottawa, ONWin 104-89Ottawa
 Aug 16, 2014Ottawa, ONLoss 76-86Carleton
South FloridaAug 8, 2019Laval, QCWin 103-70McGill
 Aug 7, 2019Laval, QCLoss 69-78Carleton
 Aug 5, 2019Quebec City, QCWin 89-73Laval
 Aug 4, 2019Montreal, QCWin 71-66UQAM
Southern MethodistAug 10, 2017Toronto, ONWin 98-86Ryerson
 Aug 8, 2017Montreal, QCWin 86-83McGill
Atlantic Coast Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
DukeAug 19, 2018Laval, QCWin 103-58McGill
 Aug 17, 2018Mississauga, ONWin 96-60Toronto
 Aug 15, 2018Mississauga, ONWin 86-67Ryerson
North Carolina StateAug 31, 2008Guelph, ONWin 87-47Guelph
 Aug 30, 2008Toronto, ONWin 81-60York
SyracuseAug 24, 2013Ottawa, ONWin 73-50Ottawa
 Aug 23, 2013Ottawa, ONWin 69-65Carleton
 Aug 22, 2013Montreal, QCWin 77-35Bishops
 Aug 21, 2013Montreal, QCWin 80-40McGill
VirginiaAug 31, 2008Montreal, QCLoss 83-88McGill
 Aug 30, 2008Montreal, QCWin 85-70Concordia
 Oct 10, 2004Montreal, QCWin 83-46McGill
 Oct 9, 2004Montreal, QCWin 88-76Concordia
 Oct 8, 2004Montreal, QCWin 112-52RMC
Virginia TechAug 18, 2011Windsor, ONWin 79-63Windsor
 Aug 17, 2011Windsor, ONWin 73-61Windsor
 Sep 2, 2007Windsor, ONWin 79-52Windsor
 Sep 1, 2007Windsor, ONWin 88-69Windsor
Wake ForestOct 20, 2012Toronto, ONWin 88-80Ryerson
 Oct 19, 2012St. Catharines, ONWin 84-79Brock
Atlantic Sun Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Campbell UniversitySep 1, 2007Montreal, QCWin 82-68UQAM
East Tennessee StateSep 1, 2008Toronto, ONWin 90-63Toronto
 Aug 31, 2008Brampton, ONWin 67-60Waterloo
 Aug 30, 2008Guelph, ONWin 88-60Guelph
JacksonvilleAug 13, 2017St. Catharines, ONLoss 65-85Brock
 Aug 11, 2017WindsorLoss 95-99Windsor
LipscombSep 3, 2006Toronto, ONWin 70-57York
 Sep 2, 2006Toronto, ONTie 84-84Toronto
MercerAug 31, 2008Toronto, ONWin 67-63Toronto
 Aug 30, 2008St. Catharines, ONWin 82-37Brock
North FloridaAug 9, 2011St. Catharines, ONWin 85-81Brock
 Aug 7, 2011Windsor, ONWin 73-64Windsor
 Aug 6, 2011Windsor, ONWin 75-63Windsor
 Sep 2, 2007St. Catharines, ONLoss 72-81Brock
StetsonAug 8, 2016Montreal, QCWin 78-74Concordia
 Aug 7, 2016Montreal, QCWin 80-65McGill
 Aug 5, 2016Ottawa, ONLoss 76-85Carleton
Atlantic Ten Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
DaytonSep 2, 2006Toronto, ONWin 76-67York
DuquesneAug 14, 2011St. Catharines, ONWin 109-68Brock
 Sep 3, 2007Brampton, ONWin 107-80Waterloo
 Sep 2, 2007Toronto, ONWin 107-84Ryerson
 Sep 1, 2007Toronto, ONWin 92-65Toronto
FordhamAug 28, 2014Montreal, QCWin 76-71McGill
 Aug 26, 2014Quebec City, QCWin 80-72Laval
 Aug 25, 2014Montreal, QCWin 70-48Concordia
La SalleAug 9, 2011Ottawa, ONWin 66-64Carleton
 Aug 7, 2011Ottawa, ONWin 75-61Ottawa
 Sep 3, 2006Ottawa, ONLoss 75-76Carleton
 Sep 3, 2006Ottawa, ONWin 91-69Laurentian
 Sep 2, 2006Ottawa, ONLoss 88-89Ottawa
Saint Louis UniversityAug 27, 2011Ottawa, ONLoss 73-78Carleton
 Aug 26, 2011Ottawa, ONLoss 56-80Carleton
 Aug 25, 2011Ottawa, ONWin 80-61Ottawa
 Aug 23, 2011London, ONWin 86-59Western
 Aug 22, 2011Windsor, ONWin 98-57Windsor
UNC CharlotteAug 31, 2008Toronto, ONWin 123-59York
 Aug 30, 2008Toronto, ONWin 88-59Toronto
Big 12 Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
BaylorAug 14, 2015Ottawa, ONLoss 73-79Carleton
 Aug 14, 2015Ottawa, ONWin 80-78Carleton
 Aug 13, 2015Ottawa, ONWin 92-73Ottawa
 Aug 13, 2015Ottawa, ONWin 100-84Ottawa
 Aug 13, 2011Toronto, ONWin 93-71Ryerson
ColoradoSep 4, 2005Burnaby, BCWin 81-63Simon Fraser
 Sep 4, 2005Langley, BCWin 104-63Trinity Western
 Sep 3, 2005Vancouver, BCWin 90-74UBC
KansasAug 31, 2008Ottawa, ONWin 95-60Ottawa
 Aug 30, 2008Ottawa, ONWin 72-67McGill
 Aug 30, 2008Ottawa, ONWin 84-83Carleton
 Sep 6, 2004Burnaby, BCWin 98-76Simon Fraser
 Sep 4, 2004Vancouver, BCWin 82-51UBC
Kansas StateOct 11, 2004Victoria, BCWin 92-64Victoria
 Oct 10, 2004Vancouver, BCLoss 84-89UBC
 Oct 9, 2004Burnaby, BCWin 80-73Simon Fraser
Missouri-ColumbiaAug 31, 2008St. Catharines, ONWin 117-68Brock
OklahomaSep 2, 2007Burnaby, BCWin 86-57Simon Fraser
 Sep 2, 2007Langley, BCWin 107-58Trinity Western
 Sep 1, 2007Vancouver, BCWin 81-62UBC
Texas A&MSep 3, 2007St. Catharines, ONWin 106-90Brock
Texas ChristianAug 11, 2013Ottawa, ONLoss 51-77Carleton
 Aug 9, 2013Ottawa, ONLoss 74-90Ottawa
Texas TechAug 20, 2015Ottawa, ONWin 84-65Ottawa
 Aug 19, 2015Ottawa, ONWin 67-60Carleton
 Aug 17, 2015Quebec City, QCWin 88-53Laval
 Aug 16, 2015Montreal, QCWin 54-46McGill
Big East Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
CincinnatiSep 5, 2010Ottawa, ONWin 79-57Ottawa
 Sep 4, 2010Ottawa, ONWin 87-70Carleton
 Sep 3, 2010Ottawa, ONWin 89-58McGill
LouisvilleSep 4, 2006Ottawa, ONWin 89-49Laurentian
 Sep 3, 2006Ottawa, ONWin 77-69Ottawa
 Sep 2, 2006Ottawa, ONWin 67-66Carleton
MarquetteSep 2, 2007Victoria, BCWin 76-65Victoria
 Sep 1, 2007Abbotsford, BCWin 90-55Fraser Valley
St. Johns UniversitySep 6, 2009Ottawa, ONWin 71-54Carleton
 Sep 6, 2009Ottawa, ONWin 74-73Ottawa
 Sep 5, 2009Montreal, QCWin 90-55McGill
 Sep 5, 2009Montreal, QCWin 104-62UQAM
VillanovaSep 2, 2007Ottawa, ONWin 73-43Queens
 Sep 2, 2007Ottawa, ONWin 103-72Ottawa
 Sep 1, 2007Ottawa, ONWin 61-46Carleton
Big Sky Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Eastern WashingtonSep 12, 2012Langley, BCWin 86-57Trinity Western
 Sep 10, 2012Abbotsford, BCWin 84-79Fraser Valley
 Sep 9, 2012Victoria, BCWin 77-58Victoria
 Sep 8, 2012Vancouver, BCWin 77-73UBC
 Sep 7, 2012Kamloops, BCWin 87-70Thompson Rivers
Idaho StateAug 17, 2010Abbotsford, BCLoss 69-71Fraser Valley
MontanaSep 1, 2008Calgary, ABWin 76-69Calgary
 Aug 31, 2008Calgary, ABWin 90-60Lethbridge
 Aug 30, 2008Calgary, ABWin 82-72Calgary
Montana StateAug 13, 2017Calgary, ABLoss 72-97Alberta
 Aug 12, 2017Calgary, ABWin 77-70Calgary
 Aug 11, 2017Calgary, ABWin 78-69Alberta
 Aug 10, 2017Calgary, ABWin 91-71Calgary
 Nov 10, 2003UnknownWin 88-67Simon Fraser
Northern ArizonaAug 15, 2010Calgary, ABWin 83-62Lethbridge
 Aug 14, 2010Calgary, ABWin 80-63Calgary
 Aug 13, 2010Calgary, ABLoss 65-89Calgary
 Aug 11, 2010Calgary, ABWin 106-72Lethbridge
Weber StateSep 3, 2007Calgary, ABWin 95-76Saskatchewan
 Sep 2, 2007Calgary, ABLoss 74-81Calgary
 Sep 1, 2007Calgary, ABWin 97-31Lethbridge
Big South Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Charleston SouthernAug 10, 2016Toronto, ONWin 79-77Toronto
 Aug 7, 2016Windsor, ONWin 89-81Windsor
LibertySep 2, 2007Guelph, ONWin 85-56Guelph
 Sep 1, 2007St. Catharines, ONWin 79-77Brock
Big Ten Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
IllinoisSep 3, 2007Montreal, QCWin 107-103McGill
 Sep 2, 2007Montreal, QCLoss 82-86Concordia
 Sep 1, 2007Ottawa, ONWin 73-56Ottawa
 Aug 31, 2007Ottawa, ONWin 74-72Carleton
IndianaAug 13, 2014Montreal, QCWin 109-77UQAM
 Aug 12, 2014Montreal, QCWin 96-69McGill
 Aug 11, 2014Ottawa, ONWin 95-85Carleton
 Aug 10, 2014Montreal, QCLoss 101-109Ottawa
 Aug 8, 2014Montreal, QCWin 110-70Laval
MichiganOct 12, 2003UnknownWin 88-52Guelph
MinnesotaSep 5, 2010Victoria, BCWin 101-67Victoria
 Sep 3, 2010Langley, BCWin 80-68Trinity Western
 Sep 2, 2010Vancouver, BCWin 80-62UBC
Ohio StateAug 31, 2009Windsor, ONWin 103-68Western
 Aug 29, 2009Windsor, ONWin 89-47Windsor
 Aug 28, 2009Windsor, ONWin 90-39Windsor
Penn StateSep 1, 2008Toronto, ONWin 83-45York
 Aug 31, 2008Toronto, ONWin 102-68Ryerson
 Aug 30, 2008Brampton, ONWin 83-52Waterloo
WisconsinAug 25, 2013Toronto, ONWin 84-61Ryerson
 Aug 22, 2013Ottawa, ONWin 101-92Ottawa
 Aug 21, 2013Ottawa, ONLoss 82-95Carleton
Big West Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Cal State FullertonAug 31, 2008Vancouver, BCLoss 81-99UBC
 Aug 30, 2008Burnaby, BCWin 81-78Simon Fraser
 Aug 29, 2008Langley, BCWin 108-77Trinity Western
Cal State NorthridgeAug 25, 2012Abbotsford, BCWin 96-56Fraser Valley
 Aug 23, 2012Victoria, BCWin 89-85Victoria
 Sep 4, 2005Burnaby, BCWin 75-71Simon Fraser
 Sep 4, 2005Langley, BCWin 88-86Trinity Western
 Sep 3, 2005Vancouver, BCLoss 64-85UBC
UC RiversideAug 3, 2017Thetford, QCWin 79-39UQAM
 Aug 2, 2017Ste. Foy, QCWin 73-68Laval
 Sep 9, 2013Abbotsford, BCWin 81-61Fraser Valley
 Sep 6, 2013Langley, BCWin 98-76Trinity Western
 Sep 5, 2013Vancouver, BCWin 88-77UBC
UC Santa BarbaraSep 11, 2011Montreal, QCWin 87-69Concordia
 Sep 9, 2011Ottawa, ONWin 67-65Ottawa
 Sep 8, 2011Ottawa, ONLoss 61-71Carleton
 Sep 6, 2011Toronto, ONWin 85-65Toronto
 Sep 8, 2007Langley, BCWin 102-56Trinity Western
 Sep 7, 2007Burnaby, BCWin 87-82Simon Fraser
 Sep 4, 2007Victoria, BCLoss 61-73Victoria
 Sep 3, 2007Victoria, BCWin 74-64Victoria
University of the PacificAug 31, 2008Victoria, BCWin 75-70Victoria
Colonial Athletic Association
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
HofstraSep 2, 2017Montreal, QCWin 88-76McGill
 Sep 1, 2017Montreal, QCWin 99-87Concordia
 Aug 31, 2017Montreal, QCWin 110-51Bishops
 Aug 29, 2017Montreal, QCWin 85-62UQAM
NortheasternAug 26, 2017Ottawa, ONWin 77-61Bishops
 Aug 25, 2017Ottawa, ONLoss 66-70Carleton
 Aug 23, 2017Montreal, QCWin 75-45Concordia
 Aug 24, 2012Kingston, ONWin 105-84Queens
 Aug 22, 2012Ottawa, ONLoss 62-75Carleton
 Aug 21, 2012Ottawa, ONWin 74-67Laurentian
 Aug 20, 2012Ottawa, ONWin 79-70Ottawa
 Aug 19, 2012Montreal, QCWin 80-66McGill
 Aug 18, 2012Quebec City, QCWin 82-77Laval
 Aug 17, 2012Lennoxville, QCWin 81-61Bishops
 Sep 3, 2008Lennoxville, QCWin 69-47Bishops
 Sep 2, 2008Quebec City, QCWin 84-72Laval
 Sep 1, 2008Montreal, QCWin 87-73McGill
 Aug 28, 2008Ottawa, ONLoss 47-77Carleton
 Aug 27, 2008Ottawa, ONWin 79-57Ottawa
 Aug 25, 2008Kingston, ONWin 69-59Queens
TowsonAug 10, 2017Montreal, QCWin 84-53McGill
 Aug 9, 2017Quebec City, QCWin 70-51Laval
 Aug 7, 2017Ottawa, ONWin 76-64Carleton
 Aug 6, 2017Montreal, QCWin 94-63UQAM
 Aug 7, 2013Ottawa, ONLoss 41-67Carleton
 Aug 22, 2009Quebec City, QCWin 92-87Laval
 Aug 21, 2009Quebec City, QCWin 83-63Laval
 Aug 20, 2009Montreal, QCWin 73-69UQAM
 Aug 18, 2009Ottawa, ONLoss 83-95Carleton
Conference USA
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Central FloridaAug 13, 2011Montreal, QCWin 100-58McGill
 Aug 11, 2011Ottawa, ONWin 93-84Carleton
MarshallAug 19, 2013Hamilton, ONWin 81-56McMaster
 Aug 18, 2013London, ONWin 81-68Western
 Aug 17, 2013Windsor, ONWin 84-80Windsor
 Aug 16, 2013Windsor, ONWin 99-54Algoma
RiceAug 1, 2013Abbotsford, BCWin 88-62Fraser Valley
 Jul 31, 2013Vancouver, BCWin 96-70UBC
TulsaAug 16, 2012Toronto, ONWin 79-55Ryerson
 Aug 15, 2012St. Catharines, ONWin 90-44Brock
 Aug 31, 2008Abbotsford, BCWin 84-63Fraser Valley
 Aug 30, 2008Langley, BCWin 81-75Trinity Western
 Aug 30, 2008Vancouver, BCWin 78-65UBC
UNC CharlotteAug 15, 2016Victoria, BCWin 92-73Victoria
 Aug 12, 2016Langley, BCWin 95-58Trinity Western
 Aug 11, 2016Vancouver, BCWin 89-71UBC
 Oct 11, 2004Guelph, ONWin 97-67Guelph
 Oct 9, 2004Toronto, ONWin 110-62York
Horizon League
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Detroit MercyAug 18, 2014Langley, BCWin 88-78Trinity Western
 Aug 17, 2014Abbotsford, BCWin 81-70Fraser Valley
 Aug 15, 2014Vancouver, BCWin 86-78UBC
Illinois-ChicagoAug 18, 2014St. Catharines, ONWin 71-57Brock
 Aug 17, 2014Toronto, ONWin 81-57York
 Aug 16, 2014Toronto, ONWin 87-50Toronto
 Aug 14, 2014Ottawa, ONLoss 49-64Carleton
 Aug 13, 2014Ottawa, ONLoss 76-79Ottawa
Mercy CollegeFeb 17, 1975Waterloo, ONLoss 57-80Waterloo
University of DetroitFeb 4, 1964Windsor, ONWin 101-82Windsor
 Jan 19, 1963Windsor, ONWin 2-0Windsor
ValparaisoAug 14, 2015Ottawa, ONWin 84-76Ottawa
 Aug 13, 2015Ottawa, ONLoss 59-77Carleton
 Aug 11, 2015Montreal, QCWin 80-60McGill
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
North Dakota StateSep 5, 2005Toronto, ONWin 72-68Toronto
Ivy League
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
CornellNov 2, 2003UnknownWin 75-68Carleton
Dartmouth CollegeNov 7, 2003UnknownWin 67-64StFX
HarvardOct 11, 2004Halifax, NSWin 65-54Dalhousie
 Oct 10, 2004Antigonish, NSLoss 67-70StFX
 Oct 9, 2004Halifax, NSWin 78-54Saint Marys
 Nov 9, 2003UnknownLoss 74-77StFX
 Jan 6, 1968Halifax, NSWin 2-0Saint Marys
 Jan 5, 1968Halifax, NSWin 83-75Dalhousie
MITJan 8, 1966Halifax, NSWin 65-55Dalhousie
 Jan 7, 1966Halifax, NSWin 60-59Acadia
Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Canisius CollegeAug 23, 2017Ottawa, ONLoss 65-77Carleton
 Aug 22, 2017Ottawa, ONLoss 74-85Ottawa
 Aug 21, 2017Montreal, QCWin 82-69Concordia
 Aug 20, 2017Montreal, QCWin 81-60Bishops
 Aug 19, 2017Kingston, ONWin 87-71Queens
 Nov 11, 2003UnknownWin 79-49Guelph
Iona CollegeSep 1, 2008Toronto, ONWin 100-54Ryerson
 Aug 31, 2008Guelph, ONWin 104-69Laurentian
 Aug 30, 2008Waterloo, ONWin 85-69Wilfrid Laurier
 Oct 13, 2003UnknownWin 88-68Brock
 Oct 12, 2003UnknownWin 87-79Brock
 Oct 11, 2003UnknownWin 76-60Guelph
NiagaraSep 3, 2011Montreal, QCLoss 71-78McGill
 Sep 2, 2011Ottawa, ONLoss 55-85Carleton
 Aug 31, 2011Montreal, QCWin 85-82Concordia
 Aug 30, 2011Montreal, QCWin 79-64UQAM
Niagara UniversityJan 11, 1973Waterloo, ONLoss 37-53Waterloo
QuinnipiacAug 12, 2019Montreal, QCWin 94-53McGill
 Aug 10, 2019Quebec City, QCWin 79-76Laval
 Aug 8, 2019Laval, QCLoss 90-98Concordia
SienaAug 31, 2017Montreal, QCWin 86-77Concordia
 Aug 30, 2017Montreal, QCWin 79-71McGill
 Aug 28, 2017Saint Lambert, QCLoss 66-73Carleton
 Aug 28, 2013Montreal, QCWin 80-70Concordia
 Aug 26, 2013Montreal, QCWin 69-48Queens
 Aug 25, 2013Montreal, QCLoss 72-74McGill
 Aug 24, 2013Montreal, QCWin 88-78UQAM
Mid-American Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Ball StateAug 12, 2011Richmond, BCWin 114-71Trinity Western
BuffaloAug 21, 2016Toronto, ONWin 87-69York
 Aug 20, 2016Guelph, ONWin 84-76Guelph
 Aug 14, 2012Ottawa, ONLoss 75-77Carleton
 Aug 12, 2012Quebec City, QCWin 71-62Laval
 Sep 1, 2008Ottawa, ONLoss 74-84Carleton
 Aug 31, 2008Kingston, ONWin 88-61Queens
 Aug 29, 2008St. Catharines, ONWin 109-67Brock
Central MichiganSep 4, 2005Windsor, ONWin 89-73Windsor
 Sep 3, 2005Toronto, ONLoss 68-74Toronto
 Sep 2, 2005Guelph, ONWin 81-44Guelph
Eastern MichiganDec 20, 1962Windsor, ONLoss 65-76Windsor
OhioAug 14, 2014Quebec City, QCWin 78-72Laval
 Aug 13, 2014Montreal, QCWin 80-75Queens
University of AkronAug 16, 2011Ottawa, ONWin 80-76Carleton
 Aug 14, 2011Montreal, QCWin 85-57McGill
 Aug 13, 2011Montreal, QCWin 76-55UQAM
Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Florida A&MAug 17, 2016Montreal, QCLoss 68-70Concordia
 Aug 16, 2016Montreal, QCLoss 62-69McGill
 Aug 14, 2016Quebec City, QCLoss 74-87Laval
 Aug 13, 2016Montreal, QCWin 94-92UQAM
HamptonAug 19, 2004Burnaby, BCLoss 55-68Simon Fraser
 Aug 18, 2004Vancouver, BCLoss 66-75UBC
 Aug 14, 2004Burnaby, BCWin 79-72Simon Fraser
 Aug 13, 2004Langley, BCWin 67-63Trinity Western
HowardAug 15, 2014Toronto, ONWin 74-62Toronto
Maryland Eastern ShoreAug 15, 2018Montreal, QCWin 79-77UQAM
 Aug 14, 2018Ottawa, ONLoss 55-98Carleton
 Aug 12, 2018Montreal, QCLoss 76-82Concordia
 Aug 11, 2018Quebec City, QCWin 69-60Laval
Morgan StateAug 17, 2016Ottawa, ONLoss 62-113Carleton
 Aug 16, 2016Kingston, ONLoss 74-76Queens
 Aug 13, 2016Montreal, QCLoss 71-72Concordia
 Aug 31, 2008Windsor, ONWin 70-59Windsor
 Aug 30, 2008Windsor, ONLoss 78-85Western
South Carolina StateAug 8, 2018Montreal, QCLoss 72-80Concordia
 Aug 7, 2018Quebec City, QCLoss 84-93Laval
 Aug 6, 2018Montreal, QCLoss 88-93Queens
Missouri Valley Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Bradley UniversityOct 11, 2004Toronto, ONWin 90-57York
 Oct 10, 2004Guelph, ONWin 71-44Guelph
 Oct 10, 2004Waterloo, ONWin 74-70Wilfrid Laurier
 Oct 9, 2004Hamilton, ONWin 91-79McMaster
 Oct 9, 2004St. Catharines, ONWin 93-80Brock
CreightonSep 3, 2007Calgary, ABWin 97-78Calgary
 Sep 2, 2007Calgary, ABWin 88-49Lethbridge
 Sep 2, 2007Calgary, ABWin 92-66Saskatchewan
 Sep 1, 2007Calgary, ABWin 85-77Calgary
 Sep 1, 2007Calgary, ABWin 87-82Saskatchewan
 Oct 24, 2003UnknownWin 90-53Simon Fraser
 Oct 21, 2003UnknownLoss 72-80Victoria
 Oct 20, 2003UnknownWin 82-79Trinity Western
 Oct 18, 2003UnknownWin 83-62UBC
EvansvilleOct 11, 2004Windsor, ONWin 102-56Windsor
 Oct 10, 2004Guelph, ONWin 90-75Guelph
 Oct 9, 2004London, ONWin 85-70Western
Illinois StateAug 12, 2011Montreal, QCWin 90-66McGill
 Aug 11, 2011Montreal, QCWin 94-52UQAM
 Aug 10, 2011Ottawa, ONLoss 80-91Carleton
Indiana StateSep 2, 2006Windsor, ONWin 58-50Windsor
Southern IllinoisSep 1, 2008Windsor, ONWin 67-62Windsor
 Aug 31, 2008Windsor, ONWin 94-89Western
 Aug 30, 2008Windsor, ONWin 82-69Windsor
ValparaisoAug 14, 2019Montreal, QCWin 81-68UQAM
 Aug 13, 2019Ottawa, ONWin 83-80Carleton
 Aug 11, 2019Montreal, QCWin 94-90Concordia
 Aug 10, 2019Montreal, QCWin 84-78McGill
Wichita StateAug 9, 2016Montreal, QCWin 77-71McGill
 Aug 7, 2016Ottawa, ONLoss 75-100Carleton
 Aug 6, 2016Montreal, QCWin 107-58UQAM
 Sep 3, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 72-68UBC
 Sep 2, 2006Burnaby, BCWin 87-62Simon Fraser
 Sep 2, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 92-63Trinity Western
Mountain West Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Air Force AcademySep 3, 2007Abbotsford, BCWin 69-35Fraser Valley
 Sep 2, 2007Vancouver, BCWin 97-67UBC
 Sep 1, 2007Burnaby, BCWin 67-60Simon Fraser
 Sep 1, 2007Langley, BCWin 65-30Trinity Western
Colorado StateSep 1, 2008Surrey, BCLoss 83-95Trinity Western
 Aug 31, 2008Burnaby, BCWin 94-72Simon Fraser
 Aug 30, 2008Abbotsford, BCWin 98-64Fraser Valley
New MexicoOct 18, 2003UnknownWin 92-70Simon Fraser
 Oct 17, 2003UnknownWin 82-68Trinity Western
 Oct 16, 2003UnknownWin 78-77Calgary
UNLVAug 21, 2012Montreal, QCWin 74-59McGill
 Aug 20, 2012Montreal, QCWin 97-62Laval
 Aug 19, 2012Ottawa, ONWin 89-76Ottawa
 Aug 18, 2012Ottawa, ONWin 74-70Carleton
 Sep 6, 2004Burnaby, BCWin 83-53Simon Fraser
 Sep 5, 2004Vancouver, BCWin 89-71UBC
WyomingAug 10, 2012Calgary, ABWin 95-67Calgary
 Aug 8, 2012Calgary, ABWin 85-45Mount Royal
 Aug 7, 2012Calgary, ABWin 79-50Calgary
 Sep 4, 2006Calgary, ABWin 87-63Lethbridge
 Sep 3, 2006Calgary, ABWin 91-63Calgary
 Sep 2, 2006Calgary, ABWin 79-67Calgary
Northeast Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Fairleigh DickinsonAug 20, 2016Montreal, QCLoss 69-76McGill
Sacred HeartAug 23, 2013Montreal, QCWin 83-70Concordia
 Aug 22, 2013Quebec City, QCWin 79-70Laval
 Aug 20, 2013Montreal, QCWin 83-77McGill
 Aug 18, 2013Montreal, QCWin 97-58UQAM
St. Francis BrooklynAug 29, 2017Montreal, QCWin 75-66Concordia
 Aug 28, 2017Montreal, QCLoss 67-80McGill
 Aug 27, 2017Ottawa, ONLoss 55-89Carleton
Ohio Valley Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Morehead StateSep 3, 2007Guelph, ONWin 63-56Guelph
 Sep 2, 2007Toronto, ONWin 79-75Toronto
 Sep 1, 2007Toronto, ONLoss 79-80York
 Sep 1, 2007Toronto, ONWin 91-69Ryerson
Murray StateAug 5, 2015Montreal, QCWin 66-55Concordia
 Aug 3, 2015Ottawa, ONWin 63-59Carleton
 Aug 2, 2015Ottawa, ONLoss 57-81Ottawa
 Aug 5, 2011St. Catharines, ONWin 79-39Brock
 Sep 4, 2005Ottawa, ONWin 67-63Carleton
 Sep 4, 2005Ottawa, ONWin 81-64Ottawa
Southeast Missouri StateSep 4, 2004St. Catharines, ONLoss 73-82Brock
 Sep 4, 2004St. Catharines, ONWin 91-67Brock
Pac-12 Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
StanfordNov 30, 1985Toronto, ONWin 112-72Waterloo
Pacific-10 Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
ArizonaSep 3, 2006Burnaby, BCWin 73-45Simon Fraser
 Sep 2, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 73-59UBC
 Sep 2, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 76-61Saskatchewan
Patriot League
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
American UniversityNov 29, 1985Toronto, ONLoss 89-100Waterloo
ArmySep 3, 2006Kingston, ONWin 60-56Queens
 Sep 3, 2006Kingston, ONWin 76-69McGill
 Sep 2, 2006Kingston, ONWin 84-51RMC
Holy CrossNov 8, 2003UnknownWin 85-59StFX
Loyola MarylandAug 27, 2014Montreal, QCWin 72-49Concordia
 Aug 26, 2014Montreal, QCWin 65-60McGill
 Aug 24, 2014Quebec City, QCWin 90-74Laval
 Aug 23, 2014Montreal, QCWin 84-67UQAM
NavyMay 17, 2018Toronto, ONWin 83-70Nipissing
 Sep 3, 2005Toronto, ONWin 79-46Toronto
Southeastern Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
AlabamaAug 10, 2017Ottawa, ONWin 81-71Ottawa
 Aug 9, 2017Ottawa, ONLoss 71-84Carleton
 Aug 7, 2017Montreal, QCWin 96-57McGill
 Sep 3, 2007Ottawa, ONWin 88-64Ottawa
 Sep 2, 2007Ottawa, ONLoss 72-83Carleton
 Sep 1, 2007Ottawa, ONWin 93-84McGill
 Sep 1, 2007Ottawa, ONWin 104-80Ottawa
FloridaSep 2, 2006St. Catharines, ONWin 107-51Brock
GeorgiaOct 29, 2004Langley, BCWin 75-63Trinity Western
 Oct 28, 2004Vancouver, BCLoss 62-83UBC
KentuckyAug 17, 2010Windsor, ONWin 104-75Windsor
 Aug 16, 2010Windsor, ONWin 96-68Western
 Aug 15, 2010Windsor, ONWin 95-62Windsor
Louisiana StateSep 3, 2007Toronto, ONWin 82-55Toronto
 Sep 2, 2007Toronto, ONWin 101-67York
 Sep 1, 2007Guelph, ONWin 92-60Guelph
Mississippi StateSep 2, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 91-68Fraser Valley
 Sep 2, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 100-65Saskatchewan
South CarolinaOct 16, 2004Montreal, QCWin 106-73Concordia
 Oct 15, 2004Ottawa, ONWin 82-44Ottawa
 Oct 14, 2004Ottawa, ONWin 75-35Carleton
Southern Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
ChattanoogaSep 6, 2009Guelph, ONLoss 64-74Guelph
 Sep 5, 2009Toronto, ONLoss 70-85Toronto
 Sep 5, 2009Toronto, ONWin 78-71York
 Sep 5, 2004Kingston, ONWin 86-65Queens
 Sep 5, 2004Kingston, ONWin 86-63RMC
 Sep 4, 2004Ottawa, ONWin 76-65Carleton
 Sep 4, 2004Ottawa, ONWin 78-56Ottawa
The CitadelAug 20, 2013Windsor, ONLoss 73-83Windsor
 Aug 19, 2013Windsor, ONLoss 63-64Windsor
Western CarolinaAug 13, 2003Ottawa, ONWin 86-69Ottawa
 Aug 12, 2003Ottawa, ONWin 70-64Carleton
Southestern Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
MississippiAug 9, 2018Montreal, QCWin 85-74Ottawa
 Aug 8, 2018Ottawa, ONLoss 63-81Carleton
 Aug 6, 2018Montreal, QCWin 84-77Concordia
 Aug 5, 2018Montreal, QCWin 102-61McGill
Southland Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
LamarAug 18, 2011Calgary, ABWin 106-69Calgary
 Aug 17, 2011Calgary, ABWin 115-79Calgary
 Aug 16, 2011Calgary, ABWin 88-62Alberta
Northwestern StateAug 17, 2016Toronto, ONWin 85-80Toronto
 Aug 16, 2016Waterloo, ONWin 90-71Waterloo
 Aug 15, 2016Toronto, ONWin 103-84York
 Aug 14, 2016Guelph, ONWin 94-83Guelph
 Aug 16, 2012Victoria, BCWin 75-68Victoria
 Aug 15, 2012Victoria, BCWin 82-77Victoria
Southwestern Athletic Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Arkansas-Pine BluffAug 14, 2016Montreal, QCWin 71-43McGill
 Aug 12, 2016Ottawa, ONLoss 74-117Carleton
 Aug 10, 2016Quebec City, QCWin 64-62Laval
 Aug 8, 2016Montreal, QCLoss 64-66UQAM
Southern UniversityAug 15, 2013London, ONWin 72-66Western
 Aug 14, 2013Windsor, ONWin 76-71Windsor
Summit League
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
South Dakota StateAug 12, 2018Ottawa, ONLoss 64-83Carleton
 Aug 11, 2018Montreal, QCWin 93-77Ottawa
 Aug 10, 2018Ottawa, ONLoss 51-113Carleton
 Aug 9, 2018Montreal, QCWin 76-69McGill
Sun Belt Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Arkansas Little RockAug 17, 2013Calgary, ABWin 81-65Calgary
 Aug 16, 2013Calgary, ABLoss 67-80Alberta
 Aug 15, 2013Calgary, ABLoss 68-71Calgary
Arkansas StateAug 17, 2013Calgary, ABLoss 78-86Alberta
 Aug 16, 2013Calgary, ABWin 96-76Calgary
 Aug 15, 2013Calgary, ABWin 88-84Alberta
Middle Tennessee StateAug 18, 2011Calgary, ABWin 79-62Alberta
 Aug 17, 2011Calgary, ABWin 92-61Alberta
 Aug 16, 2011Calgary, ABWin 71-58Calgary
 Sep 3, 2005Toronto, ONLoss 71-77York
 Sep 2, 2005Guelph, ONWin 79-61Guelph
South AlabamaAug 16, 2012Windsor, ONWin 92-70Windsor
 Aug 14, 2012London, ONWin 68-47Western
 Aug 13, 2012Windsor, ONLoss 80-82Windsor
 Aug 31, 2008Ottawa, ONLoss 59-78Carleton
 Aug 30, 2008Ottawa, ONWin 82-80Ottawa
 Aug 30, 2008Ottawa, ONLoss 94-102Queens
Southwest TexasDec 27, 1965Windsor, ONWin 116-104Windsor
 Dec 23, 1965Waterloo, ONWin 74-52Waterloo
The Summit League
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
IPFWAug 13, 2014Windsor, ONLoss 74-89Windsor
 Aug 10, 2014Toronto, ONWin 86-74York
 Aug 9, 2014Hamilton, ONWin 80-69McMaster
IUPUISep 4, 2005Windsor, ONWin 90-76Windsor
North Dakota StateAug 20, 2011Winnipeg, MBWin 89-42Winnipeg
 Aug 18, 2011Winnipeg, MBWin 97-56Manitoba
Oakland UniversityAug 15, 2011London, ONWin 85-72Western
 Aug 14, 2011Windsor, ONLoss 82-86Windsor
 Aug 13, 2011Windsor, ONWin 104-99Windsor
 Sep 4, 2006Toronto, ONWin 84-68Western
 Sep 3, 2006Toronto, ONWin 75-62Toronto
Oral RobertsSep 2, 2007Guelph, ONWin 104-55Guelph
 Sep 1, 2007Toronto, ONWin 76-74Toronto
 Oct 16, 2003UnknownWin 78-61Victoria
 Oct 15, 2003UnknownWin 81-61UBC
 Oct 13, 2003UnknownWin 109-95Trinity Western
South DakotaAug 26, 2012Winnipeg, MBWin 109-75Manitoba
 Aug 25, 2012Winnipeg, MBWin 90-76Winnipeg
South Dakota StateAug 27, 2010Winnipeg, MBWin 93-69Manitoba
 Aug 26, 2010Winnipeg, MBWin 94-52Winnipeg
 Aug 24, 2010Winnipeg, MBWin 94-60Manitoba
 Aug 23, 2010Winnipeg, MBWin 105-53Winnipeg
Western IllinoisSep 4, 2005Kingston, ONWin 65-51Queens
 Sep 4, 2005Kingston, ONWin 95-57RMC
 Sep 3, 2005Montreal, QCWin 70-45McGill
West Coast Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
San DiegoAug 12, 2010Richmond, BCWin 91-83UBC
 Aug 11, 2010Abbotsford, BCLoss 61-73Fraser Valley
 Aug 9, 2010Kamloops, BCWin 73-64Thompson Rivers
Santa ClaraSep 10, 2011Vancouver, BCWin 68-63UBC
 Sep 9, 2011Abbotsford, BCWin 87-84Fraser Valley
 Sep 8, 2011Vancouver, BCLoss 85-98UBC
 Sep 6, 2011Langley, BCLoss 100-108Trinity Western
Western Athletic Conference
TeamDateLocationResultCIS team
Boise StateSep 3, 2007Vancouver, BCLoss 86-106UBC
 Sep 2, 2007Abbotsford, BCWin 106-65Fraser Valley
 Sep 1, 2007Langley, BCWin 108-77Trinity Western
Cal State BakersfieldAug 21, 2019Vancouver, BCWin 94-88UBC
 Aug 19, 2019Abbotsford, BCWin 96-59Fraser Valley
Fresno StateSep 3, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 77-57Trinity Western
 Sep 2, 2006Burnaby, BCWin 73-52Simon Fraser
 Sep 1, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 73-57UBC
IdahoSep 2, 2007Abbotsford, BCWin 74-71Fraser Valley
New Mexico StateAug 13, 2010Ottawa, ONWin 65-53Carleton
 Sep 3, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 74-63UBC
 Sep 3, 2006Vancouver, BCWin 101-61Saskatchewan
Southern MethodistOct 13, 2003UnknownWin 88-76UBC
 Oct 11, 2003UnknownWin 79-77Simon Fraser
Texas ArlingtonAug 22, 2011Abbotsford, BCWin 105-50Fraser Valley
 Aug 19, 2011Vancouver, BCWin 108-60UBC
 Aug 17, 2011Richmond, BCWin 115-71Trinity Western

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