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University Basketball in Canada
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Single Game Records for play at National Championship Tournament

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category. Note about data: Bob Adams compiled a list of individual game performances in 2006 which can be found online at Bob Adams CIS Sports Page. That page provide information on points, rebounds, three-point field goals and assists. U Sports Hoops includes that information plus the box score data of almost all games since 1998, plus any game statistics from Waterloo.

Most Points
Mike Moser, WaterlooMar 2, 1974Sir George Williams44
Ron Thorsen, UBCMar 2, 1972Windsor43
Joey Vickery, BrandonMar 18, 1990StFX42
Steve Konchalski, AcadiaMar 12, 1965Carleton41
Mike Moore, Sir George WilliamsMar 8, 1975UBC40
Manroop Clair, UBCMar 8, 2020Western39
James Dorsey, Cape BretonMar 9, 2013McGill39
Mickey Fox, Saint MarysMar 3, 1973Lakehead39
Mike Thomas, BrandonMar 19, 1993McMaster39
Terry Thomas, StFXMar 9, 2012Concordia39
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Most Rebounds
Mike Moore, Sir George WilliamsMar 9, 1975Ottawa25
Mike Moser, WaterlooMar 2, 1974Sir George Williams25
Alfred Brown, Saint MarysMar 7, 1968Western24
Nick Maglisceau, AlbertaMar 19, 1999Ryerson23
Dave Rode, AcadiaMar 13, 1965Windsor23
Norm Cuttiford, Waterloo LutheranMar 9, 1968Saint Marys21
Jason Dressler, TorontoMar 16, 1996Brandon21
Andrew Kwiatkowski, WesternMar 17, 2001Brandon21
Bob Molinski, UBCMar 13, 1970Laurentian21
William Njoku, Saint MarysMar 20, 1992Guelph21
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Most Field Goals
David Coulthard, YorkMar 14, 1981Windsor27
Mike Moser, WaterlooMar 2, 1974Sir George Williams20
Brian Heaney, AcadiaMar 6, 1969Windsor18
Steve Konchalski, AcadiaMar 12, 1965Carleton17
Ron McFarland, Saint MarysMar 11, 1978Acadia17
Cliff Bell, ManitobaMar 10, 1978Wilfrid Laurier15
James Dorsey, Cape BretonMar 9, 2013McGill15
Mickey Fox, Saint MarysMar 2, 1973Windsor15
Robin Fry, CalgaryMar 4, 1966Carleton15
Terry Thomas, StFXMar 9, 2012Concordia15
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Most Free Throws
Owen Klassen, AcadiaMar 10, 2012Lakehead15
Peter Phipps, AcadiaMar 5, 1971Windsor14
Ross Bekkering, CalgaryMar 19, 2010Cape Breton12
Showron Glover, SaskatchewanMar 19, 2010Windsor12
Adam Guiney, McMasterMar 20, 2004UNB12
Owen Klassen, AcadiaMar 10, 2013Ottawa12
Brad Rootes, BrockMar 15, 2008Western12
Bob Sharpe, GuelphMar 2, 1974Saint Marys12
Kevin Wood, Saint MarysMar 9, 1979York12
Tyler Wood, UPEIMar 15, 2003McMaster12
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Osvaldo Jeanty, CarletonMar 20, 2005Concordia8
David Karwacki, SaskatchewanMar 11, 1988Western8
Daniel Eves, YorkMar 16, 2006Saskatchewan7
Kevin Gordon, LaurentianMar 17, 2000Western7
Benjamin Johnson, LakeheadMar 8, 2013Cape Breton7
Steve Maga, McMasterMar 19, 2000Alberta7
Alex Murphy, UBCMar 13, 2011Saskatchewan7
Scott Murray, BrockMar 20, 2004Laval7
Tyler Scott, AcadiaMar 8, 2013UBC7
Philip Scrubb, CarletonMar 9, 2012Acadia7
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Most Assists
Philippe Langlois, ConcordiaMar 18, 2005Saint Marys15
Randy Nohr, StFXMar 17, 2001McMaster15
Brian Smith, RyersonMar 19, 1999Alberta14
Ryan Thorne, BishopsMar 22, 1997StFX14
Steve Maga, McMasterMar 20, 1998Acadia13
Philip Scrubb, CarletonMar 14, 2015Victoria13
Ryan Thorne, BishopsMar 23, 1997Guelph13
Robert Upshaw, AcadiaMar 9, 1975Saint Marys13
Titus Channer, McMasterMar 21, 1997Bishops12
Damon Cole, Saint MarysMar 16, 2003UPEI12
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Most Blocks
Nick Maglisceau, AlbertaMar 21, 1999Saint Marys7
Nick Maglisceau, AlbertaMar 21, 1998Brandon6
Dennie Oliver, StFXMar 19, 2000Brandon6
Fred Perry, StFXMar 18, 2000Lethbridge6
Kevin Stienstra, BrockMar 21, 2004McMaster6
Jordan Foebel, YorkMar 17, 2006Wilfrid Laurier5
Kadeem Green, RyersonMar 17, 2016UBC5
Dennie Oliver, StFXMar 16, 2001Laval5
Kevin Petterson, AlbertaMar 15, 2003Guelph5
Yoosrie Salhia, LakeheadMar 13, 2011Dalhousie5
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Most Steals
Jonah Taussig, Saint MarysMar 16, 2001Brandon11
Randy Nohr, StFXMar 16, 2001Laval8
Spencer Holt, LethbridgeMar 17, 2000Concordia8
Keith Bustard, VictoriaMar 16, 2002StFX8
Damian Buckley, ConcordiaMar 13, 2009Calgary8
Ross Bekkering, CalgaryMar 13, 2009Concordia8
Chris Wilde, LethbridgeMar 18, 2000StFX7
Brian Smith, RyersonMar 19, 1999Alberta7
Nikosey Quick, BrandonMar 15, 2002York7
Stephen Parker, AlbertaMar 15, 2002Saint Marys7
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