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Career Records for All Games for Carleton

All games includes any game for which scoring detail was found, regardless of opponent. Note that statistics for such games for prior seasons is not readily available. This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Connor Wood2014-171011568
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 1271517
Eddie Ekiyor2016-191071454
Munis Tutu 2017-20 1121195
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180973
Cameron Smythe2014-18136962
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 136953
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1766928
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 170884
Mitchell Wood2014-19173757
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Philip Scrubb2014-153366220.1
Thomas Scrubb2014-153562717.9
Connor Wood2014-17101156815.5
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-176692814.1
Lloyd Pandi 2018-20 3750313.6
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19107145413.6
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 127151711.9
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-166771910.7
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112119510.7
Isiah Osborne 2018-20 7073810.5
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19107569
Connor Wood2014-17101565
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 127554
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112418
Cameron Smythe2014-18136397
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 136355
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1766353
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180336
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 170292
Mitchell Wood2014-19173279
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Lloyd Pandi 2018-20 20730069.0
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1956992261.7
Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles2014-1510316861.3
Mitchell Jackson2014-1926445258.4
Ryan Ejim2015-1722939358.3
Biniam Ghebrekidan 2018-20 15828355.8
Alain Louis 2017-20 13624555.5
Thomas Scrubb2014-1525848153.6
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-1627653951.2
Cameron Smythe2014-1839778050.9
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19107316
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 127214
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112213
Mitchell Jackson2014-19155184
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 136174
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1766155
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-1667151
Philip Scrubb2014-1533143
Mitchell Wood2014-19173139
Connor Wood2014-17101117
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Philip Scrubb2014-1514316387.7
Aiden Warnholtz 2018-20 556485.9
Connor Wood2014-1711714580.7
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 21427179.0
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 11414678.1
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1715519977.9
Gavin Resch2014-16557177.5
Munis Tutu 2017-20 21327577.5
Thomas Scrubb2014-15709176.9
Cameron Smythe2014-1810513876.1
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Connor Wood2014-17101321
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180195
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 127195
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 170186
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112146
Gavin Resch2014-1669139
Isiah Osborne 2018-20 70101
Philip Scrubb2014-153395
Emmanuel Owootoah2016-185671
Aiden Warnholtz 2018-20 7371
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 10 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Thomas Scrubb2014-15418647.7
Troy Reid-Knight2017-195010647.2
Philip Scrubb2014-159520247.0
Connor Wood2014-1732171045.2
Victor Raso2014-156615143.7
Joe Rocca2016-175813543.0
Connor Vreeken 2018-20 5412842.2
Alain Louis 2017-20 235641.1
Aiden Warnholtz 2018-20 7117939.7
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 18647938.8
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Most Rebounds
Mitchell Wood2014-19173732
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19107731
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180681
Cameron Smythe2014-18136585
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 136478
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112454
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 127448
Connor Wood2014-17101420
Mitchell Jackson2014-19155369
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-1667364
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Thomas Scrubb2014-15352928.3
Eddie Ekiyor2016-191077316.8
Lloyd Pandi 2018-20 372125.7
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-16673645.4
Ryan Ejim2015-17613035.0
Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles2014-15351534.4
Cameron Smythe2014-181365854.3
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-17662814.3
Mitchell Wood2014-191737324.2
Connor Wood2014-171014204.2
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Most Games Played
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180
Mitchell Wood2014-19173
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 170
Mitchell Jackson2014-19155
Cameron Smythe2014-18136
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 136
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 127
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19107
Connor Wood2014-17101
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Most Games Started
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180142
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112108
Connor Wood2014-17101100
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 12795
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1910771
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-176666
Cameron Smythe2014-1813660
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 13645
Ryan Ejim2015-176143
Gavin Resch2014-166941
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Most Minutes Played
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 1804073
Mitchell Wood2014-191732868
Connor Wood2014-171012759
Munis Tutu 2017-20 1122662
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 1272614
Eddie Ekiyor2016-191072504
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 1362331
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 1702269
Cameron Smythe2014-181362146
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-17661771
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Thomas Scrubb2014-1535100628.7
Philip Scrubb2014-153392428.0
Connor Wood2014-17101275927.3
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1766177126.8
Victor Raso2014-153075725.2
Gavin Resch2014-1669168624.4
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112266223.8
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19107250423.4
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180407322.6
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-1667149522.3
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Most Assists
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112471
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 127410
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1766393
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180361
Connor Wood2014-17101217
Mitchell Wood2014-19173196
Emmanuel Owootoah2016-1856169
Philip Scrubb2014-1533165
Gavin Resch2014-1669162
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 136140
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
Philip Scrubb2014-15165513.2
Thomas Scrubb2014-15132552.4
Gavin Resch2014-16162682.4
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-173931762.2
Victor Raso2014-1556262.2
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 3611702.1
Aiden Warnholtz 2018-20 129612.1
Munis Tutu 2017-20 4712312.0
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 4102131.9
Alain Louis 2017-20 106641.7
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Most Blocks
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1910792
Cameron Smythe2014-1813687
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 18057
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 13646
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-166741
Isiah Osborne 2018-20 7038
Mitchell Jackson2014-1915531
Munis Tutu 2017-20 11229
Ryan Ejim2015-176127
Lloyd Pandi 2018-20 3724
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Most Steals
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 180256
Munis Tutu 2017-20 112170
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 127139
Mitchell Wood2014-19173131
Emmanuel Owootoah2016-1856101
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-176683
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 17083
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 13677
Connor Wood2014-1710175
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1910773
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