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Career Records for All Games for Brandon

All games includes any game for which scoring detail was found, regardless of opponent. Note that statistics for such games for prior seasons is not readily available. This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Keisha Cox2015-18691130
Lauren Anderson2015-191031057
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 101753
Hailey Maas 2017-20 72654
Amy Williams2015-1870616
Allie Butz2006-0852535
Melanie Thompson2006-0849526
Logan Biccum 2015-20 115516
Mikaela Stanton2016-1855427
Jayla Bousquet2006-0844367
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Keisha Cox2015-1869113016.4
Melanie Thompson2006-084952610.7
Allie Butz2006-085253510.3
Lauren Anderson2015-19103105710.3
Hailey Maas 2017-20 726549.1
Amy Williams2015-18706168.8
Jayla Bousquet2006-08443678.3
Suzanne Campbell2006-07262047.8
Mikaela Stanton2016-18554277.8
Dayna Prost2007-08261947.5
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Lauren Anderson2015-19103391
Keisha Cox2015-1869386
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 101273
Amy Williams2015-1870218
Hailey Maas 2017-20 72217
Melanie Thompson2006-0849188
Logan Biccum 2015-20 115173
Allie Butz2006-0852172
Jayla Bousquet2006-0844141
Mikaela Stanton2016-1855139
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Alyssa Montgomery2015-169718851.6
Amy Williams2015-1821849943.7
Lauren Anderson2015-1939190543.2
Keisha Cox2015-1838693141.5
Melanie Thompson2006-0818846440.5
Stephanie Hunter2015-185413639.7
Laney Harder 2018-20 10225839.5
Jayla Bousquet2006-0814135839.4
Hailey Maas 2017-20 21759436.5
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 27375236.3
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Lauren Anderson2015-19103261
Keisha Cox2015-1869241
Amy Williams2015-1870180
Melanie Thompson2006-0849148
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 101147
Logan Biccum 2015-20 115128
Hailey Maas 2017-20 72127
Allie Butz2006-0852116
Kinsley Ransom2015-1874116
Keegan Robinson2015-1877107
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Kinsley Ransom2015-1811614480.6
Keisha Cox2015-1824130479.3
Hailey Maas 2017-20 12716178.9
Mikaela Stanton2016-189311878.8
Lauren Anderson2015-1926133777.4
Allie Butz2006-0811615574.8
Melanie Thompson2006-0814820074.0
Logan Biccum 2015-20 12817573.1
Alyssa Montgomery2015-16578071.2
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 14721369.0
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Keisha Cox2015-1869117
Hailey Maas 2017-20 7293
Allie Butz2006-085275
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 10160
Mikaela Stanton2016-185554
Dayna Prost2007-082651
Logan Biccum 2015-20 11542
Kylie Weckend 2016-20 7137
Keegan Robinson2015-187734
Suzanne Campbell2006-072632
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 10 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Keisha Cox2015-1811733634.8
Dayna Prost2007-085115034.0
Hailey Maas 2017-20 9327533.8
Mikaela Stanton2016-185418030.0
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 6021228.3
Josie DeGagne2018-19279628.1
Kylie Weckend 2016-20 3713327.8
Allie Butz2006-087527027.8
Sydney Latrace 2019-20 103627.8
Keegan Robinson2015-183412427.4
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Most Rebounds
Lauren Anderson2015-19103652
Keisha Cox2015-1869440
Amy Williams2015-1870405
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 101390
Laney Harder 2018-20 49256
Kinsley Ransom2015-1874255
Allie Butz2006-0852234
Logan Biccum 2015-20 115234
Jayla Bousquet2006-0844228
Hailey Maas 2017-20 72228
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Keisha Cox2015-18694406.4
Lauren Anderson2015-191036526.3
Amy Williams2015-18704055.8
Laney Harder 2018-20 492565.2
Jayla Bousquet2006-08442285.2
Allie Butz2006-08522344.5
Jennalee Burch2007-08261094.2
Melanie Thompson2006-08491984.0
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 1013903.9
Dani Cote2006-0726963.7
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Most Games Played
Logan Biccum 2015-20 115
Lauren Anderson2015-19103
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 101
Stephanie Hunter2015-1877
Keegan Robinson2015-1877
Kinsley Ransom2015-1874
Hailey Maas 2017-20 72
Kylie Weckend 2016-20 71
Amy Williams2015-1870
Keisha Cox2015-1869
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Most Games Started
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 10170
Hailey Maas 2017-20 7267
Amy Williams2015-187064
Keisha Cox2015-186963
Lauren Anderson2015-1910356
Allie Butz2006-085251
Kinsley Ransom2015-187447
Logan Biccum 2015-20 11546
Laney Harder 2018-20 4941
Tanysha Robinson2006-085139
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Most Minutes Played
Lauren Anderson2015-191032399
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 1012286
Keisha Cox2015-18692092
Hailey Maas 2017-20 721989
Logan Biccum 2015-20 1151857
Allie Butz2006-08521797
Amy Williams2015-18701474
Kinsley Ransom2015-18741460
Mikaela Stanton2016-18551343
Laney Harder 2018-20 491298
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Allie Butz2006-0852179734.6
Keisha Cox2015-1869209230.3
Suzanne Campbell2006-072677529.8
Hailey Maas 2017-20 72198927.6
Laney Harder 2018-20 49129826.5
Tanysha Robinson2006-0851127425.0
Jayla Bousquet2006-0844108524.7
Mikaela Stanton2016-1855134324.4
Melanie Thompson2006-0849118024.1
Jaelyn Greening2007-082660723.3
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Most Assists
Keisha Cox2015-1869212
Lauren Anderson2015-19103168
Hailey Maas 2017-20 72137
Logan Biccum 2015-20 115124
Allie Butz2006-0852101
Kinsley Ransom2015-187488
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 10185
Aleah Bridges2015-162080
Tanysha Robinson2006-085173
Mikaela Stanton2016-185571
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
Aleah Bridges2015-1680551.5
Keisha Cox2015-182122111.0
Lauren Anderson2015-191681950.9
Laney Harder 2018-20 52640.8
Hailey Maas 2017-20 1371810.8
Jaelyn Greening2007-08631020.6
Allie Butz2006-081011640.6
Kinsley Ransom2015-18881600.6
Logan Biccum 2015-20 1242270.5
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 851580.5
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Most Blocks
Lauren Anderson2015-1910340
Laney Harder 2018-20 4934
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 10127
Melanie Thompson2006-084918
Jayla Bousquet2006-084416
Keisha Cox2015-186916
Alyssa Montgomery2015-162015
Kinsley Ransom2015-187414
Amy Williams2015-187014
Stephanie Hunter2015-187712
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Most Steals
Keisha Cox2015-1869212
Lauren Anderson2015-19103117
Hailey Maas 2017-20 72103
Jayla Bousquet2006-084478
Adrianna Proulx 2016-20 10176
Keegan Robinson2015-187762
Logan Biccum 2015-20 11557
Allie Butz2006-085255
Melanie Thompson2006-084953
Amy Williams2015-187050
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