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Career Records for Regular Season League Games for Mount Royal

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Glen Yang2014-1988965
Derek Wolf2013-1782836
James Lefebvre2012-1684827
Josh Ross2016-1840740
Awet Abraha2012-1564701
Brett Layton2015-1739650
Deng Awak2012-1564577
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-1934531
Manok Akwl2012-1564516
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 37515
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Josh Ross2016-184074018.5
Brett Layton2015-173965016.7
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-193453115.6
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 3751513.9
Glen Yang2014-198896511.0
Awet Abraha2012-156470111.0
Derek Wolf2013-178283610.2
James Lefebvre2012-16848279.8
Deng Awak2012-15645779.0
Manok Akwl2012-15645168.1
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Glen Yang2014-1988351
James Lefebvre2012-1684316
Derek Wolf2013-1782287
Josh Ross2016-1840265
Brett Layton2015-1739252
Awet Abraha2012-1564233
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-1934218
Deng Awak2012-1564209
Manok Akwl2012-1564199
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 37162
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Brett Layton2015-1725245954.9
Nicholas Tancon 2016-20 11723350.2
Nathan Petrone 2019-20 8317248.3
James Lefebvre2012-1631665948.0
Jared Cornish2013-146313546.7
Patrick Vandervelden2018-198518446.2
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-1921847446.0
Raymond Goff2012-179821944.7
Holt Tomie 2019-20 5312243.4
Josh Ross2016-1826561643.0
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
James Lefebvre2012-1684180
Glen Yang2014-1988176
Awet Abraha2012-1564150
Brett Layton2015-1739146
Derek Wolf2013-1782118
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 37117
Josh Ross2016-1840116
Deng Awak2012-1564104
Manok Akwl2012-156487
Kyle Wilson2012-156487
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 11714282.4
Deng Awak2012-1510413080.0
Derek Wolf2013-1711815078.7
Josh Ross2016-1811615674.4
Glen Yang2014-1917623973.6
Jalen Gardener2012-15638871.6
Ryan Cunningham2015-18628870.5
Awet Abraha2012-1515021370.4
Kyle Wilson2012-158712868.0
Manok Akwl2012-158713863.0
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Derek Wolf2013-1782144
Josh Ross2016-184094
Noah Lewis2012-189489
Glen Yang2014-198887
Awet Abraha2012-156485
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 3774
Nick Loewen2012-132259
Deng Awak2012-156455
Jalen Gardener2012-156152
Charnjot Gill2016-195549
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 10 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Nathan Petrone 2019-20 234946.9
Jared Cornish2013-14245543.6
Nick Loewen2012-135913942.4
Aloysius Callaghan2012-13286642.4
Matt Fullerton 2018-20 102540.0
Matthew Gray2015-16123237.5
Josh Ross2016-189426036.2
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 7421035.2
Jalen Gardener2012-155214835.1
Tyis Yellow Horn2015-17195534.5
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Most Rebounds
James Lefebvre2012-1684455
Brett Layton2015-1739405
Josh Ross2016-1840380
Deng Awak2012-1564373
Glen Yang2014-1988324
Derek Wolf2013-1782276
Nicholas Tancon 2016-20 56264
Kyle Wilson2012-1564249
Manok Akwl2012-1564242
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-1934230
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Brett Layton2015-173940510.4
Josh Ross2016-18403809.5
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-19342306.8
Deng Awak2012-15643735.8
James Lefebvre2012-16844555.4
Nicholas Tancon 2016-20 562644.7
Kyle Wilson2012-15642493.9
Manok Akwl2012-15642423.8
Glen Yang2014-19883243.7
Quinn Taylor 2017-20 541963.6
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Most Games Played
Noah Lewis2012-1894
Glen Yang2014-1988
James Lefebvre2012-1684
Derek Wolf2013-1782
Raymond Goff2012-1769
Awet Abraha2012-1564
Manok Akwl2012-1564
Deng Awak2012-1564
Kyle Wilson2012-1564
Jalen Gardener2012-1561
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Most Games Started
Glen Yang2014-198880
Deng Awak2012-156460
Derek Wolf2013-178252
Awet Abraha2012-156449
James Lefebvre2012-168444
Kyle Wilson2012-156441
Josh Ross2016-184040
Brett Layton2015-173939
Quinn Taylor 2017-20 5439
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-193433
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Most Minutes Played
Glen Yang2014-19882414
Derek Wolf2013-17822067
James Lefebvre2012-16841848
Awet Abraha2012-15641674
Deng Awak2012-15641633
Noah Lewis2012-18941417
Josh Ross2016-18401373
Manok Akwl2012-15641319
Kyle Wilson2012-15641296
Quinn Taylor 2017-20 541248
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Josh Ross2016-1840137334.3
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-1934110032.4
Brett Layton2015-1739109328.0
Glen Yang2014-1988241427.4
Awet Abraha2012-1564167426.2
Deng Awak2012-1564163325.5
Derek Wolf2013-1782206725.2
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 3792725.1
Quinn Taylor 2017-20 54124823.1
James Lefebvre2012-1684184822.0
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Most Assists
Glen Yang2014-1988219
Manok Akwl2012-1564182
Josh Ross2016-1840158
Derek Wolf2013-1782143
Awet Abraha2012-1564131
Deng Awak2012-1564119
Jalen Gardener2012-1561116
Kyle Wilson2012-156493
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 3779
Quinn Taylor 2017-20 5477
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
Josh Ross2016-181581161.4
Charnjot Gill2016-1971531.3
Manok Akwl2012-151821441.3
Glen Yang2014-192191881.2
Holt Tomie 2019-20 57501.1
Quinn Taylor 2017-20 77691.1
Noah Lewis2012-1858531.1
Kyle Wilson2012-1593931.0
Jalen Gardener2012-151161201.0
Derek Wolf2013-171431560.9
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Most Blocks
Brett Layton2015-173986
Patrick Vandervelden2018-192047
James Lefebvre2012-168444
Nicholas Tancon 2016-20 5624
Raymond Goff2012-176920
Awet Abraha2012-156418
Kristian Zjak2017-193317
Manok Akwl2012-156416
Tethloach Thokbuom2015-162016
John (LJ) Hegwood2017-193416
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Most Steals
Glen Yang2014-1988111
Manok Akwl2012-156483
Josh Ross2016-184082
Deng Awak2012-156472
James Lefebvre2012-168471
Derek Wolf2013-178269
Matthew Guinto 2018-20 3764
Awet Abraha2012-156454
Brett Layton2015-173953
Quinn Taylor 2017-20 5450
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