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Career Records for Regular Season League Games for Windsor

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Enrico Diloreto2009-141041477
Trevor Boose2001-061051408
Lien Phillip2009-141091338
Isaac Kuon2007-11831335
Ryan Steer2003-081091259
Greg Surmacz2006-09661197
Mike Rocca2013-181051177
Josh Collins2009-141041116
Carlo Boniferro1985-90631011
Anthony Rizzetto1999-0483978
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Patrick Osborne1992-954282519.6
Stan Korosec1978-824690319.6
Greg Surmacz2006-0966119718.1
Matt McMillan1993-985693616.7
Isaac Kuon2007-1183133516.1
Carlo Boniferro1985-9063101116.0
Kevin Kloostra2005-085689616.0
Rob Biasutto1983-862945915.8
Phil Hermanutz1978-836092815.5
Jeff Nekkers1987-944973815.1
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Lien Phillip2009-14109532
Trevor Boose2001-06105513
Enrico Diloreto2009-14104508
Greg Surmacz2006-0966473
Isaac Kuon2007-1183460
Ryan Steer2003-08109404
Phil Hermanutz1978-8360383
Josh Collins2009-14104374
Carlo Boniferro1985-9063369
Mike Rocca2013-18105368
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Stan Korosec1978-8235256562.3
Ron Wallman1980-827413156.5
Greg Surmacz2006-0947390152.5
Jordon Fullerton 2019-20 9217652.3
Evan Matthews2010-1532362251.9
Jack Baird1978-805510651.9
Richard Allin2003-0833465051.4
Jim Kennedy1980-8530058950.9
Rob Biasutto1983-8617033450.9
Ryan Christie2011-137214250.7
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Enrico Diloreto2009-14104306
Trevor Boose2001-06105278
Ryan Steer2003-08109278
Patrick Osborne1992-9542268
Carlo Boniferro1985-9063254
Anthony Rizzetto1999-0483236
Isaac Kuon2007-1183234
Lien Phillip2009-14109231
Mike Rocca2013-18105229
Scott Thomas1983-8860213
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Brian Hogan1978-82768985.4
Trevor Boose2001-0627833383.5
Isaac Kuon2007-1123428183.3
Mike Rocca2013-1822927982.1
Ward Conway1970-73637781.8
Kevin Kloostra2005-0814017380.9
Telloy Simon 2018-20 556880.9
Chris Poloniato 2016-20 10513180.2
Hunt Hool1980-8511214278.9
Ryan Steer2003-0827835378.8
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Mike Rocca2013-18105212
Isaac Kuon2007-1183181
Josh Collins2009-14104180
Ryan Steer2003-08109173
Lucas Orlita2015-1983157
Enrico Diloreto2009-14104155
Jamie Pepper1990-9564118
Monty Hardware2006-1188116
Matt Handsor2005-1099112
Chris Poloniato 2016-20 82109
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 10 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Jermaine Jackson2001-02153050.0
Joe Davis-Nawagesic1992-93122450.0
Isaac Kuon2007-1118140245.0
Matt Day2008-09153444.1
Matt St. Louis1983-885112341.5
Monty Hardware2006-1111628341.0
Greg Surmacz2006-094812040.0
Josh Collins2009-1418045139.9
Wesley Arthur2001-05215339.6
Marko Kovac2014-166115439.6
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Most Rebounds
Lien Phillip2009-141091125
Geoff Stead1995-0054748
Stan Korosec1978-8246608
Greg Surmacz2006-0966574
Greg Allin2003-08103541
Mike Rocca2013-18105517
Charlie Pearsall1973-7860515
Richard Allin2003-08100494
Rotimi Osuntola Jr.2011-1580480
Thomas Kennedy 2018-20 46459
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Geoff Stead1995-005474813.9
Stan Korosec1978-824660813.2
Rob Biasutto1983-862931811.0
Lien Phillip2009-14109112510.3
Thomas Kennedy 2018-20 4645910.0
Greg Surmacz2006-09665748.7
Charlie Pearsall1973-78605158.6
Ken Hodgkins2000-02362617.2
Jim Kennedy1980-85604267.1
Brady Spetz1972-76362547.1
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Most Games Played
Ryan Steer2003-08109
Lien Phillip2009-14109
Justin Goggins2001-06106
Trevor Boose2001-06105
Mike Rocca2013-18105
Josh Collins2009-14104
Enrico Diloreto2009-14104
Evan Matthews2010-15104
Greg Allin2003-08103
Sadiki Robertson2000-05101
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Most Games Started
Josh Collins2009-1410490
Lien Phillip2009-1410981
Mike Rocca2013-1810574
Enrico Diloreto2009-1410471
Evan Matthews2010-1510465
Rotimi Osuntola Jr.2011-158063
Anthony Zrvnar2016-196751
Lucas Orlita2015-198346
Thomas Kennedy 2018-20 4645
Andre Smyth2008-116640
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Most Minutes Played
Ryan Steer2003-081093099
Lien Phillip2009-141092989
Josh Collins2009-141042979
Trevor Boose2001-061052870
Mike Rocca2013-181052847
Enrico Diloreto2009-141042755
Justin Goggins2001-061062358
Isaac Kuon2007-11832230
Greg Allin2003-081032116
Anthony Rizzetto1999-04832107
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Kevin Kloostra2005-0856180732.3
Thomas Kennedy 2018-20 46137729.9
Greg Surmacz2006-0966191429.0
Josh Collins2009-14104297928.6
Ryan Steer2003-08109309928.4
Telloy Simon 2018-20 40113328.3
Lien Phillip2009-14109298927.4
Trevor Boose2001-06105287027.3
Mike Rocca2013-18105284727.1
Isaac Kuon2007-1183223026.9
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Most Assists
Josh Collins2009-14104543
Mike Rocca2013-18105361
Enrico Diloreto2009-14104198
Lien Phillip2009-14109153
Chris Poloniato 2016-20 82146
John Veljanovski1997-0270118
Isaac Kuon2007-1183114
Alex Campbell2013-1658104
Sadiki Robertson2000-05101103
Thomas Kennedy 2018-20 46103
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
Anthony Rizzetto1999-0499263.8
Mark Paterson1999-0371213.4
Corey Boswell2005-1053242.2
John Veljanovski1997-02118582.0
Mike Rocca2013-183611792.0
Josh Collins2009-145433001.8
Chris Poloniato 2016-20 146881.7
Michael Petrella2012-1351351.5
Shakael Pryce 2019-20 99681.5
Alex Campbell2013-16104741.4
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Most Blocks
Rotimi Osuntola Jr.2011-1580113
Thomas Kennedy 2018-20 4665
Lien Phillip2009-1410964
Andre Smyth2008-116648
Evan Matthews2010-1510445
Nigel Johnson-Tyghter2008-104431
Lukas Wood 2016-20 8230
Ryan Christie2011-133126
Geoff Stead1995-005423
Anthony Zrvnar2016-196720
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Most Steals
Josh Collins2009-14104227
Mike Rocca2013-18105133
Rotimi Osuntola Jr.2011-1580109
Enrico Diloreto2009-14104109
Lien Phillip2009-1410997
Isaac Kuon2007-118380
Chris Poloniato 2016-20 8272
Khalid Abdel-Gabar2013-154168
Evan Matthews2010-1510468
Monty Hardware2006-118857
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