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University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Regular Season League Games for Ottawa

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-121091483
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 66873
Sarah Besselink2013-1992850
Louise Dube1983-8860840
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 90826
Kellie Ring2011-1680730
Amelie Hachey2016-1964649
Jenna Gilbert2010-1349643
Julia Soriano2012-1788638
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 67606
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Coleen Dufresne1971-753055918.6
Stephanie MacDonald2013-153755114.9
Louise Dube1983-886084014.0
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12109148313.6
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 6687313.2
Jenna Gilbert2010-134964313.1
Emilie Morasse2008-104452011.8
Kristen Moyle2002-044146811.4
Amelie Hachey2016-196464910.1
Catherine Traer2012-16474519.6
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Most Rebounds
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12109993
Stella Ighorewo1993-9746500
Maddie Stephen2011-1453488
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 66441
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 67435
Kellie Ring2011-1680425
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 90416
Julia Soriano2012-1788368
Sarah Besselink2013-1992366
Jennifer Crowe2014-1992310
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Stella Ighorewo1993-974650010.9
Maddie Stephen2011-14534889.2
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-121099939.1
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 664416.7
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 674356.5
Jenna Gilbert2010-13492885.9
Kellie Ring2011-16804255.3
Emilie Morasse2008-10442144.9
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 904164.6
Stephanie MacDonald2013-15371714.6
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12109565
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 66366
Sarah Besselink2013-1992311
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 90310
Kellie Ring2011-1680285
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 67261
Amelie Hachey2016-1964246
Jenna Gilbert2010-1349231
Julia Soriano2012-1788223
Stephanie MacDonald2013-1537216
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Highest Field Goals per Game (min 25 games)
Stephanie MacDonald2013-15372165.8
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 663665.5
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-121095655.2
Jenna Gilbert2010-13492314.7
Emilie Morasse2008-10441874.2
Kristen Moyle2002-04411603.9
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 672613.9
Amelie Hachey2016-19642463.8
Kellie Ring2011-16802853.6
Krista Van Slingerland2014-1628973.5
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12109224
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 90154
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 66132
Maddie Stephen2011-1453125
Kellie Ring2011-1680114
Jennifer Crowe2014-1992105
Sarah Besselink2013-1992103
Catherine Traer2012-164787
Julie Rodrigue2003-042285
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 6784
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Highest Free Throws per Game (min 25 games)
Maddie Stephen2011-14531252.4
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-121092242.1
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 661322.0
Stephanie MacDonald2013-1537711.9
Catherine Traer2012-1647871.9
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 901541.7
Kristen Moyle2002-0441641.6
Kellie Ring2011-16801141.4
Jenna Gilbert2010-1349681.4
Stella Ighorewo1993-9746601.3
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Sarah Besselink2013-1992125
Julia Soriano2012-1788124
Jenna Gilbert2010-1349113
Amelie Hachey2016-1964107
Emilie Morasse2008-104490
Tatiana Hanlan2010-136186
Kristen Moyle2002-044184
Maia Timmons 2017-20 4972
Melina Wishart2008-176259
Jennifer Stoqua2014-151958
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Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game (min 25 games)
Jenna Gilbert2010-13491132.3
Kristen Moyle2002-0441842.0
Emilie Morasse2008-1044902.0
Amelie Hachey2016-19641071.7
Maia Timmons 2017-20 49721.5
Tatiana Hanlan2010-1361861.4
Julia Soriano2012-17881241.4
Sarah Besselink2013-19921251.4
Stephanie MacDonald2013-1537481.3
Melina Wishart2008-1762591.0
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Most Assists
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 90424
Kellie Ring2011-1680356
Julia Soriano2012-1788168
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12109155
Sarah Besselink2013-1992140
Jennifer Crowe2014-1992120
Kristen Moyle2002-0441110
Kellie Forand2013-187994
Emilie Morasse2008-104490
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 6690
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Highest Assists per Game (min 25 games)
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 904244.7
Kellie Ring2011-16803564.5
Kristen Moyle2002-04411102.7
Emilie Morasse2008-1044902.0
Julia Soriano2012-17881681.9
Jenna Gilbert2010-1349851.7
Stephanie MacDonald2013-1537621.7
Catherine Traer2012-1647761.6
Emilie Cyr2010-1228431.5
Sarah Besselink2013-19921401.5
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Most Blocks
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12109120
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 67111
Catherine Traer2012-164767
Maddie Stephen2011-145340
Sarah Besselink2013-199231
Jennifer Crowe2014-199230
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 6627
Jenna Gilbert2010-134926
Bess Lennox2011-122226
Katherine Lemoine2012-175025
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Highest Blocks per Game (min 25 games)
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 671111.7
Catherine Traer2012-1647671.4
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-121091201.1
Maddie Stephen2011-1453400.8
Jenna Gilbert2010-1349260.5
Katherine Lemoine2012-1750250.5
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 66270.4
Akpene Kwamie2013-1831120.4
Amelie Hachey2016-1964230.4
Kizzy Clarke2009-1142150.4
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Most Steals
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 90163
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12109153
Julia Soriano2012-1788136
Kellie Ring2011-1680130
Amelie Hachey2016-1964111
Kellie Forand2013-1879104
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 6694
Stephanie MacDonald2013-153791
Emilie Morasse2008-104491
Melina Wishart2008-176280
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Highest Steals per Game (min 25 games)
Stephanie MacDonald2013-1537912.5
Emilie Morasse2008-1044912.1
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 901631.8
Amelie Hachey2016-19641111.7
Kellie Ring2011-16801301.6
Julia Soriano2012-17881361.5
Maia Timmons 2017-20 49721.5
Catherine Traer2012-1647671.4
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 66941.4
Kristen Moyle2002-0441581.4
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Most Games Played
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12109
Sarah Besselink2013-1992
Jennifer Crowe2014-1992
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 90
Julia Soriano2012-1788
Kellie Ring2011-1680
Kellie Forand2013-1879
Isabelle Dion2014-1878
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 67
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 66
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Most Games Started
Julia Soriano2012-178878
Kellie Ring2011-168075
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 9074
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-1210963
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 6661
Sarah Besselink2013-199257
Amelie Hachey2016-196451
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 6750
Jenna Gilbert2010-134945
Kellie Forand2013-187944
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Most Minutes Played
Julia Soriano2012-17882644
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 902573
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-121092354
Kellie Ring2011-16802300
Sarah Besselink2013-19922107
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 661654
Jennifer Crowe2014-19921606
Amelie Hachey2016-19641568
Kellie Forand2013-18791528
Jenna Gilbert2010-13491386
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Emilie Morasse2008-1044135630.8
Julia Soriano2012-1788264430.0
Kellie Ring2011-1680230028.8
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 90257328.6
Stephanie MacDonald2013-1537105028.4
Jenna Gilbert2010-1349138628.3
Kristen Moyle2002-0441113827.8
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 66165425.1
Amelie Hachey2016-1964156824.5
Catherine Traer2012-1647113024.0
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Katherine Follis 2019-20 9816758.7
Katherine Lemoine2012-1712824951.4
Julie Rodrigue2003-0412124449.6
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 36674349.3
Stella Ighorewo1993-979218948.7
Angela Ribarich 2017-20 26153748.6
Hannah Sunley-Paisley2007-12565117148.2
Moriah Trowell2003-0411524047.9
Bess Lennox2011-127416445.1
Maddie Stephen2011-1415835644.4
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Amelie Hachey2016-19505492.6
Stella Ighorewo1993-97607481.1
Sarah Besselink2013-1910312979.8
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 15420077.0
Tatiana Hanlan2010-13638574.1
Melina Wishart2008-17608174.1
Julie Rodrigue2003-048511673.3
Moriah Trowell2003-04547473.0
Kellie Ring2011-1611415772.6
Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu 2017-20 13218372.1
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 25 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Kristen Moyle2002-048421040.0
Jennifer Stoqua2014-155814938.9
Jenna Gilbert2010-1311329837.9
Tatiana Hanlan2010-138623736.3
Kelly Weir2008-10349436.2
Tyra Blizzard 2019-20 4412734.6
Maia Timmons 2017-20 7220934.4
Sarah Besselink2013-1912536534.2
Amelie Hachey2016-1910731334.2
Julia Soriano2012-1712436334.2
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
Brooklynn McAlear-Fanus 2015-20 4242251.9
Kristen Moyle2002-04110741.5
Kellie Ring2011-163562411.5
Melina Wishart2008-1785641.3
Natsuki Szczokin 2019-20 52461.1
Jennifer Crowe2014-191201171.0
Julia Soriano2012-171681711.0
Jenna Gilbert2010-1385891.0
Maia Timmons 2017-20 63661.0
Emilie Morasse2008-1090970.9
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