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University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Regular Season League Games for Wilfrid Laurier

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Nicole Morrison2013-181031394
Meaghan McGrath2002-06871369
Renata Adamczyk2006-111091328
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-17981019
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 90916
Christa Mancino2007-1298874
Kerri Jilesen2002-0790786
Jill Condron 2016-20 87712
Dee Channer2001-0578689
Whitney Ellenor2012-1552631
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Meaghan McGrath2002-0687136915.7
Nicole Morrison2013-18103139413.5
Renata Adamczyk2006-11109132812.2
Whitney Ellenor2012-155263112.1
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-1798101910.4
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 9091610.2
Maire Guinney2002-05424169.9
Sarah Zagorski2001-05605619.3
Felicia Mazerolle2010-12403739.3
Christa Mancino2007-12988748.9
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Renata Adamczyk2006-11109505
Nicole Morrison2013-18103474
Meaghan McGrath2002-0687468
Christa Mancino2007-1298360
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-1798336
Kerri Jilesen2002-0790307
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 90289
Jill Condron 2016-20 87270
Whitney Ellenor2012-1552267
Dee Channer2001-0578226
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Renata Adamczyk2006-11505107846.8
Sarah Collins1995-968718846.3
Brenda Vrkljan1995-965411746.2
Audrey Kaersenhout1995-966013644.1
Whitney Ellenor2012-1526760644.1
Tayania Siwek-Smith 2016-20 15435143.9
Kimberley Yeldon2010-1421750543.0
Samantha Jacobs2011-1516839242.9
Megan Grant2005-1118844842.0
Laura Taylor2003-0720148041.9
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Nicole Morrison2013-18103308
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-1798292
Renata Adamczyk2006-11109263
Dee Channer2001-0578236
Meaghan McGrath2002-0687206
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 90203
Megan Grant2005-11107193
Rachel Woodburn 2016-20 82178
Amber Hillis2008-1395175
Jill Condron 2016-20 87162
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 20325779.0
Whitney Ellenor2012-159612477.4
Jill Condron 2016-20 16221077.1
Dee Channer2001-0523630776.9
Meaghan McGrath2002-0620626876.9
Nicole Morrison2013-1830840875.5
Maya Day 2017-20 699275.0
Rebecca Williams2001-04689273.9
Laura Doyle2010-14516973.9
Felicia Mazerolle2010-128111073.6
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Meaghan McGrath2002-0687227
Nicole Morrison2013-18103138
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 90135
Laura Doyle2010-1486118
Sarah Dillon2013-18101106
Rebecca Williams2001-046292
Christine Gibson2004-088388
Jillian Ritsma2004-087382
Sarah Zagorski2001-056068
Lauren Jamieson2014-187967
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 10 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Sarah Collins1995-96112544.0
Sarah Barnes2002-04399640.6
Meaghan McGrath2002-0622758039.1
Irena Rynkiewicz2015-185515036.7
Amber Hillis2008-134813336.1
Emily Conrad2003-06226235.5
Christa Lodge Eniojukan2001-02195534.5
Renata Adamczyk2006-115516034.4
Amanda Peers1995-99113234.4
Laura Doyle2010-1411834933.8
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Most Rebounds
Renata Adamczyk2006-11109732
Megan Grant2005-11107612
Christa Mancino2007-1298485
Doreen Bonsu2010-1476470
Laura Pacevicius2005-0977434
Nicole Morrison2013-18103433
Kimberley Yeldon2010-1472432
Kerri Jilesen2002-0790428
Jill Condron 2016-20 87420
Dee Channer2001-0578418
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Renata Adamczyk2006-111097326.7
Whitney Ellenor2012-15523316.4
Doreen Bonsu2010-14764706.2
Kimberley Yeldon2010-14724326.0
Megan Grant2005-111076125.7
Laura Pacevicius2005-09774345.6
Robin Roszell2001-04643595.6
Dee Channer2001-05784185.4
Irena Rynkiewicz2015-18562875.1
Christa Mancino2007-12984854.9
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Most Games Played
Renata Adamczyk2006-11109
Megan Grant2005-11107
Nicole Morrison2013-18103
Sarah Dillon2013-18101
Christa Mancino2007-1298
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-1798
Amber Hillis2008-1395
Kerri Jilesen2002-0790
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 90
Meaghan McGrath2002-0687
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Most Games Started
Nicole Morrison2013-1810383
Rachel Woodburn 2016-20 8273
Jill Condron 2016-20 8766
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-179866
Christa Mancino2007-129855
Tayania Siwek-Smith 2016-20 8054
Maya Day 2017-20 7051
Whitney Ellenor2012-155249
Amber Hillis2008-139548
Lee Anna Osei2012-155747
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Most Minutes Played
Renata Adamczyk2006-111092807
Nicole Morrison2013-181032806
Meaghan McGrath2002-06872515
Kerri Jilesen2002-07902461
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-17982431
Amber Hillis2008-13952186
Christa Mancino2007-12982178
Rachel Woodburn 2016-20 822174
Megan Grant2005-111072156
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 902152
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Sarah Zagorski2001-0560184230.7
Meaghan McGrath2002-0687251528.9
Maire Guinney2002-0542118528.2
Maya Day 2017-20 70192427.5
Kerri Jilesen2002-0790246127.3
Nicole Morrison2013-18103280627.2
Amanda McDonald2007-0943116427.1
Rachel Woodburn 2016-20 82217426.5
Renata Adamczyk2006-11109280725.8
Felicia Mazerolle2010-1240102825.7
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Most Assists
Nicole Morrison2013-18103317
Renata Adamczyk2006-11109237
Sarah Zagorski2001-0560233
Rachel Woodburn 2016-20 82193
Lee Anna Osei2012-1557186
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-1798186
Maya Day 2017-20 70186
Amber Hillis2008-1395171
Brianna Iannazzo 2016-20 90158
Maire Guinney2002-0542146
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
Bree Chaput2010-14146831.8
Rachel Woodburn 2016-20 1931261.5
Sarah Zagorski2001-052331531.5
Maya Day 2017-20 1861421.3
Amber Hillis2008-131711371.2
Maire Guinney2002-051461171.2
Lee Anna Osei2012-151861531.2
Sarah Dillon2013-1888741.2
Christa Lodge Eniojukan2001-0255481.1
Laura Doyle2010-141151031.1
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Most Blocks
Tayania Siwek-Smith 2016-20 80106
Whitney Ellenor2012-155298
Christa Mancino2007-129867
Kerri Jilesen2002-079066
Megan Grant2005-1110758
Kate Moran 2019-20 2252
Rachel Woodburn 2016-20 8249
Meaghan McGrath2002-068747
Samantha Jacobs2011-158243
Irena Rynkiewicz2015-185640
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Most Steals
Renata Adamczyk2006-11109317
Meaghan McGrath2002-0687198
Nicole Morrison2013-18103154
Amber Hillis2008-1395132
Sarah Zagorski2001-0560126
Rachel Woodburn 2016-20 82115
Kaitlyn Schenck2012-1798112
Laura Taylor2003-0784109
Bree Chaput2010-1485103
Kerri Jilesen2002-0790102
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