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Single Game Records for Regular Season League Games for Guelph

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Malcolm GlanvilleJan 5, 2019Lakehead39
Malcolm GlanvilleJan 16, 2019Brock39
Tommy YanchusJan 4, 2019Lakehead37
Malcolm GlanvilleFeb 9, 2019Waterloo32
Tommy YanchusFeb 3, 2018Algoma30
Bankole AladeNov 18, 2018Laurentian29
Tommy YanchusNov 30, 2018Ottawa29
Tommy Yanchus Jan 11, 2020 Waterloo29
Bankole AladeFeb 2, 2019Algoma28
Ahmed HaroonJan 30, 2016Algoma28
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Most Rebounds
Bankole AladeFeb 9, 2019Waterloo23
Bankole AladeNov 18, 2018Laurentian20
Bankole AladeJan 16, 2019Brock17
Bankole AladeFeb 16, 2019Wilfrid Laurier17
Bankole AladeFeb 2, 2019Algoma16
Rasheed Weekes Nov 30, 2019 Western16
Bankole AladeFeb 8, 2019Windsor14
Rasheed Weekes Jan 19, 2020 Lakehead14
Bankole AladeFeb 1, 2019Algoma13
Kingslee D'SilvaJan 15, 2016Windsor13
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Most Field Goals
Tommy YanchusJan 4, 2019Lakehead13
Bankole AladeNov 18, 2018Laurentian12
Malcolm GlanvilleJan 5, 2019Lakehead12
Malcolm GlanvilleJan 16, 2019Brock12
Malcolm GlanvilleFeb 9, 2019Waterloo12
Bankole AladeFeb 2, 2019Algoma11
Malcolm Glanville Nov 9, 2019 McMaster11
Rasheed WeekesFeb 8, 2019Windsor11
Tommy YanchusFeb 3, 2018Algoma11
Bankole AladeNov 16, 2018Nipissing10
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Most Free Throws
Malcolm GlanvilleOct 27, 2018Brock14
Malcolm GlanvilleNov 10, 2018York14
Malcolm GlanvilleJan 16, 2019Brock14
Malcolm Glanville Nov 1, 2019 Queens12
Malcolm GlanvilleJan 5, 2019Lakehead12
Malcolm GlanvilleNov 3, 2018Toronto10
Jonathan WallaceFeb 12, 2016Wilfrid Laurier10
Bankole AladeNov 10, 2018York9
Daniel DooleyJan 13, 2018Windsor9
Ahmed HaroonJan 9, 2016Western9
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Tommy YanchusNov 30, 2018Ottawa9
Tommy YanchusFeb 3, 2018Algoma7
Tommy YanchusJan 4, 2019Lakehead7
Taylor BoersDec 1, 2017Queens6
Trevor Hutton Feb 14, 2020 Algoma6
Tommy Yanchus Jan 11, 2020 Waterloo6
Taylor BoersJan 13, 2017Wilfrid Laurier5
Daniel DooleyOct 25, 2017McMaster5
Keenan Dowell Jan 25, 2020 Windsor5
Aaron NugentJan 26, 2019Windsor5
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Most Assists
Daniel DooleyFeb 17, 2016Ryerson9
Aaron Nugent Jan 25, 2020 Windsor9
Daniel DooleyFeb 19, 2016Toronto8
Daniel DooleyJan 13, 2017Wilfrid Laurier7
Daniel DooleyDec 1, 2017Queens7
Keenan Dowell Jan 15, 2020 Wilfrid Laurier7
Malcolm Glanville Nov 30, 2019 Western7
Aaron Nugent Jan 8, 2020 Ontario Tech7
Aaron Nugent Feb 5, 2020 Ryerson7
Jonathan WallaceFeb 5, 2016Queens7
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Most Blocks
Bankole AladeFeb 11, 2017Lakehead4
Drew WalfordFeb 27, 2016Brock4
Rasheed WeekesJan 11, 2019McMaster4
Bankole AladeOct 25, 2017McMaster3
Bankole AladeNov 8, 2017York3
Bankole AladeFeb 9, 2019Waterloo3
Shawn CareyJan 24, 2018Brock3
Keenan Dowell Jan 11, 2020 Waterloo3
Keenan Dowell Feb 5, 2020 Ryerson3
Kingslee D'SilvaNov 16, 2016Windsor3
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Most Steals
Andrew GrantDec 3, 2016York7
Drew WalfordNov 20, 2015Laurentian5
Kieran Naus Jan 25, 2020 Windsor5
Ahmed HaroonFeb 18, 2017Waterloo5
Tommy YanchusDec 2, 2018Carleton4
Rasheed WeekesNov 18, 2018Laurentian4
Jonathan WallaceFeb 26, 2016McMaster4
Jonathan WallaceJan 27, 2017Algoma4
Drew WalfordFeb 10, 2017Lakehead4
Drew WalfordNov 8, 2017York4
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