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Single Game Records for Regular Season League Games for Laval

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Jane GagneFeb 23, 2019McGill27
Sarah-Jane MaroisNov 8, 2018Concordia25
Raphaelle CoteFeb 18, 2018UQAM24
Jane GagneFeb 2, 2017Concordia24
Jane GagneFeb 11, 2017Bishops24
Jane GagneFeb 23, 2017McGill24
Sarah-Jane MaroisFeb 11, 2018Bishops23
Carrie-Ann AugerJan 11, 2019UQAM22
Raphaelle CoteNov 25, 2016UQAM22
Claudia EmondFeb 16, 2019UQAM22
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Most Rebounds
Raphaelle CoteFeb 2, 2017Concordia17
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauNov 29, 2018Bishops16
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauNov 8, 2018Concordia15
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauJan 26, 2019Concordia15
Raphaelle CoteFeb 11, 2018Bishops15
Raphaelle CoteFeb 23, 2017McGill14
Lea DominiqueFeb 9, 2019Bishops14
Raphaelle CoteJan 17, 2018UQAM13
Raphaelle CoteJan 25, 2018Concordia13
Raphaelle CoteFeb 18, 2018UQAM13
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Most Field Goals
Jane GagneFeb 11, 2017Bishops10
Sarah-Jane MaroisNov 8, 2018Concordia10
Raphaelle CoteNov 25, 2016UQAM9
Jane GagneJan 31, 2019McGill9
Jane GagneFeb 2, 2017Concordia9
Jane GagneFeb 23, 2019McGill9
Carrie-Ann AugerJan 11, 2019UQAM8
Raphaelle CoteFeb 4, 2017Concordia8
Raphaelle CoteFeb 18, 2018UQAM8
Claudia EmondNov 24, 2018UQAM8
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Most Free Throws
Sarah-Jane MaroisNov 25, 2016UQAM12
Gabrielle GirardFeb 17, 2017UQAM11
Gabrielle GirardNov 25, 2016UQAM10
Sarah-Jane MaroisNov 18, 2016Bishops10
Jane GagneFeb 23, 2017McGill8
Sarah-Jane MaroisJan 31, 2019McGill8
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauNov 24, 2018UQAM7
Claudia EmondFeb 11, 2018Bishops7
Claudia EmondFeb 16, 2019UQAM7
Carrie-Ann AugerNov 17, 2017Bishops6
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Carrie-Ann AugerJan 11, 2019UQAM4
Raphaelle CoteFeb 25, 2017Concordia4
Raphaelle CoteNov 25, 2016UQAM4
Raphaelle CoteFeb 18, 2018UQAM4
Claudia EmondFeb 25, 2017Concordia4
Claudia EmondJan 19, 2018UQAM4
Claudia EmondFeb 16, 2018Bishops4
Claudia EmondJan 11, 2019UQAM4
Claudia EmondNov 24, 2018UQAM4
Jane GagneJan 19, 2018UQAM4
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Most Assists
Claudia EmondJan 27, 2018Concordia10
Claudia EmondJan 11, 2019UQAM10
Carrie-Ann AugerNov 29, 2018Bishops8
Sarah-Jane MaroisJan 19, 2018UQAM8
Sarah-Jane MaroisNov 29, 2018Bishops8
Sarah-Jane MaroisFeb 9, 2019Bishops8
Sarah-Jane MaroisNov 18, 2016Bishops8
Sarah-Jane MaroisNov 25, 2016UQAM8
Raphaelle CoteFeb 23, 2017McGill7
Claudia EmondFeb 2, 2019McGill7
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Most Blocks
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauJan 9, 2019UQAM4
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauNov 8, 2018Concordia4
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauFeb 16, 2019UQAM3
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauNov 29, 2018Bishops3
Genevieve DeromeFeb 25, 2017Concordia3
Claudia EmondFeb 3, 2018McGill3
Djamila Amidou TriquetNov 29, 2018Bishops2
Frederique BeachampNov 29, 2018Bishops2
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauNov 10, 2018McGill2
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauJan 31, 2019McGill2
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Most Steals
Claudia EmondJan 17, 2018UQAM7
Jane GagneNov 23, 2017UQAM5
Claudia EmondJan 14, 2017Bishops4
Claudia EmondJan 25, 2018Concordia4
Genevieve DeromeNov 23, 2017UQAM4
Raphaelle CoteJan 4, 2017McGill4
Sarah-Jane MaroisFeb 25, 2017Concordia3
Sarah-Jane MaroisJan 17, 2018UQAM3
Sarah-Jane MaroisNov 10, 2018McGill3
Sarah-Jane MaroisFeb 16, 2019UQAM3
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