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Single Game Records for Regular Season League Games for Western Mustangs

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Marty DemareeFeb 2, 1980Ottawa45
Jenny VaughanJan 8, 2014Guelph36
Mackenzie PukliczNov 22, 2015Toronto36
Amanda AndersonFeb 10, 2010McMaster35
Mackenzie PukliczNov 12, 2016Nipissing34
Michele VespriniFeb 10, 1996Waterloo33
Laura VerbeetenJan 24, 2001Laurier32
Joanne ChehadeNov 16, 2002Toronto32
Caroline WolynskiNov 7, 2015Laurier32
Mackenzie PukliczJan 30, 2016Laurier32
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Most Rebounds
Marty DemareeJan 20, 1979Queen's21
Julia CurranNov 23, 2016Laurier20
Bess LennoxJan 5, 2008Brock19
Laura VerbeetenFeb 10, 2001Waterloo18
Victoria HeineFeb 18, 2017McMaster18
Rachel FradgleyNov 8, 2019Laurentian18
Rachel FradgleyFeb 7, 2020Lakehead18
Beth JohnstonDec 5, 1973McMaster17
Julia CurranDec 1, 2017Laurentian17
Rachel FradgleyNov 15, 2019Queen's17
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Most Field Goals
Mackenzie PukliczNov 22, 2015Toronto13
Julia CurranFeb 11, 2017Laurier13
Mackenzie PukliczDec 1, 2017Laurentian13
Jenny VaughanNov 5, 2010Laurentian12
Jenny VaughanJan 11, 2012Guelph12
Jenny VaughanFeb 2, 2013McMaster12
Caroline WolynskiNov 7, 2015Laurier12
Mackenzie PukliczNov 18, 2016Lakehead12
Madison HorstFeb 8, 2020York12
Amanda AndersonJan 16, 2010Brock11
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Most Free Throws
Jenny VaughanNov 9, 2012Ottawa14
Jenny VaughanJan 18, 2014Lakehead14
Amanda AndersonFeb 10, 2010McMaster13
Jenny VaughanNov 16, 2013Ryerson13
Ariane SaumureJan 28, 2023Toronto Metropolitan12
Jenny VaughanJan 23, 2013Brock11
Jenny VaughanJan 8, 2014Guelph11
Jenny VaughanJan 29, 2014Guelph11
Mackenzie PukliczJan 17, 2015Waterloo11
Mackenzie PukliczJan 27, 2018Algoma11
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Beckie WilliamsFeb 10, 2010McMaster4
Katelyn LeddyNov 18, 2011Carleton4
Sasha SamardzijaJan 11, 2014Laurier4
Victoria HeineFeb 18, 2015Laurier4
Alex Van HeeswykNov 18, 2016Lakehead4
Brett FischerJan 5, 2019Brock4
Beckie WilliamsNov 26, 2010RMC3
Katelyn LeddyNov 26, 2011Ryerson3
Emma NieuwenhuizenDec 3, 2011RMC3
Victoria HeineJan 11, 2014Laurier3
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Jenny VaughanJan 8, 2014Guelph11
Ariane SaumureFeb 8, 2023Waterloo9
Katelyn LeddyNov 27, 2013Brock8
Mackenzie PukliczJan 30, 2016Laurier8
Laura GrahamNov 10, 2018Ottawa8
Madison HorstJan 18, 2019Waterloo8
Elizabeth LeblancFeb 8, 2020York8
Lauren ParkesJan 6, 2010Windsor7
Amanda AndersonJan 20, 2010Windsor7
Matteke HutzlerFeb 4, 2011Brock7
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Amanda AndersonNov 13, 2009Ottawa6
Amanda AndersonFeb 10, 2010McMaster6
Rebecca MossNov 12, 2011Laurentian6
Kelcey Wright JohnsonNov 2, 2013Carleton6
Mackenzie PukliczNov 22, 2015Toronto6
Mackenzie PukliczNov 12, 2016Nipissing6
Ariane SaumureNov 12, 2022Algoma6
Rebecca MossNov 14, 2009Carleton5
Amanda AndersonNov 27, 2009Ryerson5
Amanda AndersonJan 13, 2010Guelph5
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Most Assists
Jenny VaughanFeb 5, 2011Guelph11
Laura DallyJan 18, 2013Lakehead10
Laura DallyJan 26, 2013Guelph10
Caroline WolynskiNov 28, 2015Ottawa10
Caroline WolynskiFeb 13, 2016York10
Madison HorstFeb 6, 2015Nipissing9
Caroline WolynskiJan 23, 2016McMaster9
Meredith McLeodNov 12, 2016Nipissing9
Laura DallyNov 23, 2012Toronto8
Jenny VaughanNov 15, 2013Toronto8
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Most Blocks
Sarah HarveyFeb 19, 2022Windsor5
Lauren ParkesJan 27, 2010Waterloo4
Mara GreunkeJan 9, 2013Waterloo4
Victoria HeineNov 26, 2016Waterloo4
Julia CurranJan 17, 2018Guelph4
Julia CurranOct 24, 2018Guelph4
Elizabeth LeblancNov 23, 2019Laurier4
Elizabeth LeblancFeb 1, 2020Ottawa4
Sarah HarveyNov 19, 2021Waterloo4
Sarah HarveyNov 18, 2022Laurentian4
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Most Steals
Ariane SaumureNov 18, 2022Laurentian10
Ariane SaumureJan 20, 2023Ontario Tech9
Mackenzie PukliczFeb 8, 2017Waterloo8
Mackenzie PukliczNov 24, 2017York8
Ariane SaumureFeb 16, 2022Windsor8
Ariane SaumureNov 19, 2022Nipissing8
Ariane SaumureJan 21, 2023Queen's8
Matteke HutzlerJan 8, 2011McMaster7
Caroline WolynskiJan 25, 2012Waterloo7
Jenny VaughanJan 9, 2013Waterloo7
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