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University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Games at National Tournament for Simon Fraser Clan

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Laurelle Weigl2006-109132
Robyn Buna2006-109130
Julia Wilson2002-0715121
Dani Langford2002-059110
Kelsie Thu2002-071590
Morgan McLaughlin2002-05988
Kate Hole2006-10985
Courtney Gerwing2004-091281
Matteke Hutzler2006-10976
Maren Corrigal2002-05974
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Highest Points per Game (min 3 games)
Jessica Kaczowka2002-0336622.0
Laurelle Weigl2006-10913214.7
Robyn Buna2006-10913014.4
Dani Langford2002-05911012.2
Morgan McLaughlin2002-059889.8
Kate Hole2006-109859.4
Devon Campbell2004-066569.3
Matteke Hutzler2006-109768.4
Maren Corrigal2002-059748.2
Julia Wilson2002-07151218.1
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Most Rebounds
Julia Wilson2002-0715107
Morgan McLaughlin2002-05970
Matteke Hutzler2006-10962
Courtney Gerwing2004-091257
Kate Hole2006-10944
Laurelle Weigl2006-10944
Katie Miyazaki2008-10643
Dani Langford2002-05937
Devon Campbell2004-06632
Maren Corrigal2002-05928
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 3 games)
Morgan McLaughlin2002-059707.8
Katie Miyazaki2008-106437.2
Julia Wilson2002-07151077.1
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe2009-103217.0
Matteke Hutzler2006-109626.9
Jessica Kaczowka2002-033186.0
Devon Campbell2004-066325.3
Kate Hole2006-109444.9
Laurelle Weigl2006-109444.9
Courtney Gerwing2004-0912574.8
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Laurelle Weigl2006-10951
Robyn Buna2006-10948
Julia Wilson2002-071543
Morgan McLaughlin2002-05936
Dani Langford2002-05932
Courtney Gerwing2004-091232
Kelsie Thu2002-071531
Kate Hole2006-10931
Matteke Hutzler2006-10931
Maren Corrigal2002-05927
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Highest Field Goals per Game (min 3 games)
Jessica Kaczowka2002-033268.7
Laurelle Weigl2006-109515.7
Robyn Buna2006-109485.3
Morgan McLaughlin2002-059364.0
Devon Campbell2004-066233.8
Dani Langford2002-059323.6
Kate Hole2006-109313.4
Matteke Hutzler2006-109313.4
Maren Corrigal2002-059273.0
Julia Wilson2002-0715432.9
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Julia Wilson2002-071535
Laurelle Weigl2006-10930
Kate Hole2006-10923
Dani Langford2002-05920
Lani Gibbons2004-07920
Courtney Gerwing2004-091217
Morgan McLaughlin2002-05915
Robyn Buna2006-10915
Jessica Kaczowka2002-03314
Matteke Hutzler2006-10914
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Highest Free Throws per Game (min 3 games)
Jessica Kaczowka2002-033144.7
Laurelle Weigl2006-109303.3
Kate Hole2006-109232.6
Julia Wilson2002-0715352.3
Lani Gibbons2004-079202.2
Dani Langford2002-059202.2
Robyn Buna2006-109151.7
Morgan McLaughlin2002-059151.7
Jennifer MacLeod2002-046101.7
Matteke Hutzler2006-109141.6
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Dani Langford2002-05926
Kelsie Thu2002-071520
Robyn Buna2006-10919
Lisa Tindle2005-101218
Maren Corrigal2002-05911
Laura Van Den Boogaard2002-071211
Lani Gibbons2004-07911
Devon Campbell2004-0666
Kelsey Horsting2008-1056
Courtney Brown2002-07122
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Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game (min 3 games)
Dani Langford2002-059262.9
Robyn Buna2006-109192.1
Lisa Tindle2005-1012181.5
Kelsie Thu2002-0715201.3
Maren Corrigal2002-059111.2
Lani Gibbons2004-079111.2
Kelsey Horsting2008-10561.2
Devon Campbell2004-06661.0
Laura Van Den Boogaard2002-0712110.9
Kristina Collins2009-10320.7
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Most Assists
Dani Langford2002-05980
Lani Gibbons2004-07943
Lisa Tindle2005-101237
Courtney Gerwing2004-091231
Julia Wilson2002-071529
Devon Campbell2004-06626
Maren Corrigal2002-05919
Matteke Hutzler2006-10915
Kelsie Thu2002-071514
Katie Miyazaki2008-10613
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Highest Assists per Game (min 3 games)
Dani Langford2002-059808.9
Lani Gibbons2004-079434.8
Devon Campbell2004-066264.3
Lisa Tindle2005-1012373.1
Courtney Gerwing2004-0912312.6
Kristina Collins2009-10372.3
Katie Miyazaki2008-106132.2
Maren Corrigal2002-059192.1
Julia Wilson2002-0715291.9
Jennifer MacLeod2002-046111.8
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Most Blocks
Julia Wilson2002-071530
Morgan McLaughlin2002-05912
Kate Hole2006-10911
Matteke Hutzler2006-1097
Dani Langford2002-0593
Courtney Gerwing2004-09123
Laurelle Weigl2006-1093
Katie Miyazaki2008-1063
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe2009-1033
Jennifer MacLeod2002-0462
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Highest Blocks per Game (min 3 games)
Julia Wilson2002-0715302.0
Morgan McLaughlin2002-059121.3
Kate Hole2006-109111.2
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe2009-10331.0
Matteke Hutzler2006-10970.8
Katie Miyazaki2008-10630.5
Dani Langford2002-05930.3
Laurelle Weigl2006-10930.3
Jennifer MacLeod2002-04620.3
Jessica Kaczowka2002-03310.3
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Most Steals
Dani Langford2002-05924
Matteke Hutzler2006-10920
Katie Miyazaki2008-10614
Lani Gibbons2004-07913
Courtney Gerwing2004-091212
Lisa Tindle2005-101210
Kelsie Thu2002-071510
Julia Wilson2002-071510
Robyn Buna2006-1099
Devon Campbell2004-0669
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Highest Steals per Game (min 3 games)
Dani Langford2002-059242.7
Katie Miyazaki2008-106142.3
Matteke Hutzler2006-109202.2
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe2009-10351.7
Devon Campbell2004-06691.5
Lani Gibbons2004-079131.4
Courtney Gerwing2004-0912121.0
Robyn Buna2006-10991.0
Laurelle Weigl2006-10980.9
Lisa Tindle2005-1012100.8
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Most Games Played
Kelsie Thu2002-0715
Julia Wilson2002-0715
Courtney Brown2002-0712
Laura Van Den Boogaard2002-0712
Courtney Gerwing2004-0912
Lisa Tindle2005-1012
Maren Corrigal2002-059
Dani Langford2002-059
Morgan McLaughlin2002-059
Lani Gibbons2004-079
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Most Games Started
Julia Wilson2002-071512
Dani Langford2002-0599
Morgan McLaughlin2002-0599
Laurelle Weigl2006-1099
Courtney Gerwing2004-09127
Lisa Tindle2005-10127
Devon Campbell2004-0666
Robyn Buna2006-1096
Maren Corrigal2002-0596
Lani Gibbons2004-0796
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Most Minutes Played
Julia Wilson2002-0715378
Dani Langford2002-059322
Lisa Tindle2005-1012300
Kelsie Thu2002-0715294
Morgan McLaughlin2002-059262
Maren Corrigal2002-059254
Lani Gibbons2004-079254
Courtney Gerwing2004-0912237
Robyn Buna2006-109227
Matteke Hutzler2006-109212
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 3 games)
Dani Langford2002-05932235.8
Devon Campbell2004-06620233.7
Morgan McLaughlin2002-05926229.1
Jessica Kaczowka2002-0338628.7
Maren Corrigal2002-05925428.2
Lani Gibbons2004-07925428.2
Robyn Buna2006-10922725.2
Julia Wilson2002-071537825.2
Lisa Tindle2005-101230025.0
Katie Miyazaki2008-10615025.0
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Laurelle Weigl2006-10518460.7
Jessica Kaczowka2002-03264360.5
Matteke Hutzler2006-10315754.4
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe2009-1071353.8
Kate Hole2006-10315853.4
Robyn Buna2006-10489252.2
Morgan McLaughlin2002-05367448.6
Courtney Brown2002-07132846.4
Kelsey Horsting2008-10122646.2
Devon Campbell2004-06235541.8
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 5 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Courtney Brown2002-075683.3
Jessica Kaczowka2002-03141782.4
Kate Hole2006-10232979.3
Dani Langford2002-05202676.9
Julia Wilson2002-07354872.9
Lani Gibbons2004-07202871.4
Morgan McLaughlin2002-05152171.4
Jennifer MacLeod2002-04101471.4
Lisa Tindle2005-10101471.4
Laurelle Weigl2006-10304369.8
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Robyn Buna2006-10194146.3
Kelsey Horsting2008-1061346.2
Dani Langford2002-05266639.4
Laura Van Den Boogaard2002-07112839.3
Kelsie Thu2002-07205139.2
Maren Corrigal2002-05112937.9
Lisa Tindle2005-10185334.0
Devon Campbell2004-0661833.3
Lani Gibbons2004-07113531.4
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 5 assists)
Dani Langford2002-0580253.2
Lani Gibbons2004-0743182.4
Lisa Tindle2005-1037201.9
Devon Campbell2004-0626161.6
Kristina Collins2009-10751.4
Matteke Hutzler2006-1015121.2
Kate Hole2006-101081.2
Maren Corrigal2002-0519161.2
Katie Miyazaki2008-1013111.2
Laura Van Den Boogaard2002-07981.1
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