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University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Games at National Tournament for TMU Bold

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Sofia Paska2014-199135
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166133
Marin Scotten2018-22673
Cara Tiemens2014-19967
Mariah Nunes2014-16658
Hayley Robertson2018-20558
Jama Bin-Edward2018-22656
Rachel Farwell2018-22654
Katherine Follis2014-19946
Silvana Jez2014-16544
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Highest Points per Game (min 3 games)
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16613322.2
Sofia Paska2014-19913515.0
Mikaela Dodig2021-2234013.3
Marin Scotten2018-2267312.2
Hayley Robertson2018-2055811.6
Mariah Nunes2014-166589.7
Jama Bin-Edward2018-226569.3
Rachel Farwell2018-226549.0
Silvana Jez2014-165448.8
Kyia Giles2021-223268.7
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Most Rebounds
Sofia Paska2014-19970
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16646
Katherine Follis2014-19937
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-22836
Eleanor Jones2019-22429
Silvana Jez2014-16528
Mariah Nunes2014-16627
Bronwyn Williams2018-20527
Cara Tiemens2014-19925
Marin Scotten2018-22624
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 3 games)
Sofia Paska2014-199707.8
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166467.7
Eleanor Jones2019-224297.2
Annie Sokoloff2014-153196.3
Silvana Jez2014-165285.6
Bronwyn Williams2018-205275.4
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-228364.5
Mariah Nunes2014-166274.5
Hayley Robertson2018-205214.2
Katherine Follis2014-199374.1
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16651
Sofia Paska2014-19946
Marin Scotten2018-22627
Jama Bin-Edward2018-22623
Cara Tiemens2014-19922
Mariah Nunes2014-16621
Hayley Robertson2018-20521
Katherine Follis2014-19920
Rachel Farwell2018-22619
Silvana Jez2014-16517
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Highest Field Goals per Game (min 3 games)
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166518.5
Sofia Paska2014-199465.1
Mikaela Dodig2021-223155.0
Marin Scotten2018-226274.5
Hayley Robertson2018-205214.2
Jama Bin-Edward2018-226233.8
Mariah Nunes2014-166213.5
Silvana Jez2014-165173.4
Rachel Farwell2018-226193.2
Kyia Giles2021-22393.0
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Sofia Paska2014-19942
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16617
Mariah Nunes2014-16614
Cara Tiemens2014-19912
Hayley Robertson2018-20510
Marin Scotten2018-2269
Jama Bin-Edward2018-2267
Kaillie Hall2021-2237
Katherine Follis2014-1996
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-2286
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Highest Free Throws per Game (min 3 games)
Sofia Paska2014-199424.7
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166172.8
Mariah Nunes2014-166142.3
Kaillie Hall2021-22372.3
Hayley Robertson2018-205102.0
Marin Scotten2018-22691.5
Cara Tiemens2014-199121.3
Annie Sokoloff2014-15341.3
Bronwyn Williams2018-20561.2
Jama Bin-Edward2018-22671.2
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16614
Rachel Farwell2018-22612
Cara Tiemens2014-19911
Marin Scotten2018-22610
Mikaela Dodig2021-22310
Kyia Giles2021-2238
Silvana Jez2014-1657
Hayley Robertson2018-2056
Eve Uwayesu2021-2234
Jama Bin-Edward2018-2263
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Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game (min 3 games)
Mikaela Dodig2021-223103.3
Kyia Giles2021-22382.7
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166142.3
Rachel Farwell2018-226122.0
Marin Scotten2018-226101.7
Silvana Jez2014-16571.4
Eve Uwayesu2021-22341.3
Cara Tiemens2014-199111.2
Hayley Robertson2018-20561.2
Nyamuoch Teny2021-22331.0
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Most Assists
Mariah Nunes2014-16627
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16626
Hayley Robertson2018-20520
Jama Bin-Edward2018-22618
Mikaela Dodig2021-22316
Cara Tiemens2014-19915
Sofia Paska2014-19910
Annie Sokoloff2014-15310
Bronwyn Williams2018-20510
Marin Scotten2018-2268
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Highest Assists per Game (min 3 games)
Mikaela Dodig2021-223165.3
Mariah Nunes2014-166274.5
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166264.3
Hayley Robertson2018-205204.0
Annie Sokoloff2014-153103.3
Jama Bin-Edward2018-226183.0
Bronwyn Williams2018-205102.0
Kyia Giles2021-22362.0
Cara Tiemens2014-199151.7
Eve Uwayesu2021-22351.7
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Most Blocks
Sofia Paska2014-1997
Bronwyn Williams2018-2056
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-2285
Jama Bin-Edward2018-2264
Rachel Farwell2018-2264
Eleanor Jones2019-2244
Katherine Follis2014-1993
Silvana Jez2014-1653
Emma Fraser2018-2052
Eve Uwayesu2021-2232
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Highest Blocks per Game (min 3 games)
Bronwyn Williams2018-20561.2
Eleanor Jones2019-22441.0
Sofia Paska2014-19970.8
Jama Bin-Edward2018-22640.7
Rachel Farwell2018-22640.7
Eve Uwayesu2021-22320.7
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-22850.6
Silvana Jez2014-16530.6
Emma Fraser2018-20520.4
Katherine Follis2014-19930.3
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Most Steals
Hayley Robertson2018-20515
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16615
Mariah Nunes2014-16613
Rachel Farwell2018-2269
Marin Scotten2018-2269
Sofia Paska2014-1999
Silvana Jez2014-1658
Cara Tiemens2014-1997
Jama Bin-Edward2018-2266
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-2286
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Highest Steals per Game (min 3 games)
Hayley Robertson2018-205153.0
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166152.5
Mariah Nunes2014-166132.2
Silvana Jez2014-16581.6
Rachel Farwell2018-22691.5
Marin Scotten2018-22691.5
Kyia Giles2021-22341.3
Annie Sokoloff2014-15341.3
Bronwyn Williams2018-20561.2
Sofia Paska2014-19991.0
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Most Games Played
Katherine Follis2014-199
Sofia Paska2014-199
Cara Tiemens2014-199
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-228
C'airah Gabriel-Robinson2014-166
Mariah Nunes2014-166
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166
Jama Bin-Edward2018-226
Rachel Farwell2018-226
Marin Scotten2018-226
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Most Games Started
Cara Tiemens2014-1999
Sofia Paska2014-1998
Jama Bin-Edward2018-2266
Mariah Nunes2014-1666
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-1666
Marin Scotten2018-2265
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-2285
Silvana Jez2014-1654
Bronwyn Williams2018-2054
Mikaela Dodig2021-2233
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Most Minutes Played
Sofia Paska2014-199250
Cara Tiemens2014-199242
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-166203
Mariah Nunes2014-166174
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-228172
Marin Scotten2018-226165
Jama Bin-Edward2018-226163
Hayley Robertson2018-205147
Silvana Jez2014-165140
Katherine Follis2014-199138
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 3 games)
Mikaela Dodig2021-22310936.3
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16620333.8
Hayley Robertson2018-20514729.4
Mariah Nunes2014-16617429.0
Silvana Jez2014-16514028.0
Sofia Paska2014-19925027.8
Marin Scotten2018-22616527.5
Jama Bin-Edward2018-22616327.2
Cara Tiemens2014-19924226.9
Annie Sokoloff2014-1538026.7
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
McKenzie Sigurdson2015-165683.3
Sofia Paska2014-19469548.4
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-165111245.5
Katherine Follis2014-19204544.4
Rachel Farwell2018-22194443.2
Jama Bin-Edward2018-22235541.8
Annie Sokoloff2014-1551241.7
Emma Fraser2018-2071741.2
Mikaela Dodig2021-22153740.5
Marin Scotten2018-22276839.7
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 5 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Bronwyn Williams2018-2066100.0
Mariah Nunes2014-16141687.5
Hayley Robertson2018-20101283.3
Marin Scotten2018-2291181.8
Sofia Paska2014-19425576.4
Jama Bin-Edward2018-2271070.0
Kaillie Hall2021-2271070.0
Stefanija Mrvaljevic2018-226966.7
Cara Tiemens2014-19121963.2
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16173056.7
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Kyia Giles2021-2281747.1
Mikaela Dodig2021-22102245.5
Silvana Jez2014-1671741.2
Rachel Farwell2018-22123336.4
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-16144035.0
Marin Scotten2018-22103033.3
Hayley Robertson2018-2061931.6
Cara Tiemens2014-19113630.6
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 5 assists)
Kyia Giles2021-22632.0
Keneca Pingue-Giles2014-1626141.9
Mikaela Dodig2021-221691.8
Eve Uwayesu2021-22531.7
Cara Tiemens2014-1915101.5
Annie Sokoloff2014-151071.4
Jama Bin-Edward2018-2218131.4
Mariah Nunes2014-1627201.4
Sofia Paska2014-191081.2
Hayley Robertson2018-2020171.2
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