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Single Game Records for National Tournament Games for Saskatchewan

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Evan OstertagMar 13, 2015Dalhousie32
Dadrian CollinsMar 14, 2015Windsor29
Mark RedekopMar 18, 1982Saint Marys29
Jamelle BarrettMar 12, 2011Carleton28
Jamelle BarrettMar 13, 2011UBC28
Showron GloverMar 21, 2010UBC28
Jamelle BarrettMar 11, 2011Dalhousie27
Murray RedekopMar 19, 1982York27
Andrew SpagrudMar 18, 2006McMaster27
Rejean ChabotMar 12, 2011Carleton26
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Most Rebounds
Byron TokarchukMar 12, 1988Carleton20
Michael LieffersMar 11, 2011Dalhousie17
Andrew SpagrudMar 18, 2006McMaster14
Ben BakerMar 13, 2015Dalhousie13
Michael LieffersMar 21, 2010UBC13
Matthew ForbesMar 14, 2015Windsor12
Michael LieffersMar 12, 2011Carleton12
Michael LieffersMar 20, 2010Carleton11
Ben BakerMar 8, 2014McGill10
Ben BakerMar 14, 2015Windsor10
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Most Field Goals
Evan OstertagMar 13, 2015Dalhousie12
Andrew SpagrudMar 18, 2006McMaster12
Jamelle BarrettMar 11, 2011Dalhousie10
Dadrian CollinsMar 14, 2015Windsor10
Michael LieffersMar 13, 2011UBC10
Jamelle BarrettMar 13, 2011UBC9
Michael LinklaterMar 20, 2010Carleton9
Andrew SpagrudMar 17, 2006Victoria9
Jamelle BarrettMar 12, 2011Carleton8
Rejean ChabotMar 11, 2011Dalhousie8
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Most Free Throws
Showron GloverMar 19, 2010Windsor12
Jamelle BarrettMar 12, 2011Carleton10
Rejean ChabotMar 12, 2011Carleton10
Showron GloverMar 21, 2010UBC10
Jamelle BarrettMar 13, 2011UBC9
Ben BakerMar 13, 2015Dalhousie6
Ben BakerMar 14, 2015Windsor6
Nolan BrudehlMar 11, 2011Dalhousie6
Showron GloverMar 20, 2010Carleton6
Troy GottseligMar 21, 2010UBC6
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Rob LovelaceMar 16, 2006York4
Ben BakerMar 12, 2011Carleton3
Connor BurnsMar 14, 2015Windsor2
Chris UnsworthMar 13, 2011UBC2
Joseph BarkerMar 12, 2015Carleton1
Mack BurnsMar 8, 2014McGill1
Rejean ChabotMar 16, 2006York1
Nick FothMar 7, 2014Ottawa1
Evan OstertagMar 7, 2014Ottawa1
Alex UnruhMar 7, 2014Ottawa1
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Ben BakerMar 13, 2015Dalhousie6
Showron GloverMar 20, 2010Carleton6
Kyle GrantMar 17, 2006Victoria6
Stephon LamarMar 8, 2014McGill6
Jamelle BarrettMar 11, 2011Dalhousie5
Matthew ForbesMar 8, 2014McGill4
Duncan JonesMar 19, 2010Windsor4
Rob LovelaceMar 18, 2006McMaster4
Michael ScottMar 14, 2015Windsor4
Dadrian CollinsMar 14, 2015Windsor3
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
David KarwackiMar 11, 1988Western8
Dadrian CollinsMar 14, 2015Windsor6
Michael LinklaterMar 20, 2010Carleton6
Dadrian CollinsMar 13, 2015Dalhousie5
Evan OstertagMar 13, 2015Dalhousie5
Andrew HenryMar 7, 2014Ottawa4
Trevor NerdahlMar 13, 2011UBC4
Dadrian CollinsMar 7, 2014Ottawa3
Dadrian CollinsMar 8, 2014McGill3
Duncan JonesMar 21, 2010UBC3
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Most Assists
Jamelle BarrettMar 11, 2011Dalhousie11
Jamelle BarrettMar 13, 2011UBC10
Showron GloverMar 21, 2010UBC10
Ben BakerMar 14, 2015Windsor9
Stephon LamarMar 7, 2014Ottawa9
Ben BakerMar 13, 2015Dalhousie8
Showron GloverMar 20, 2010Carleton7
Ben BakerMar 12, 2015Carleton6
Ben BakerMar 7, 2014Ottawa5
Jamelle BarrettMar 12, 2011Carleton5
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Most Blocks
Troy GottseligMar 19, 2010Windsor2
Troy GottseligMar 20, 2010Carleton2
Kevin LangdonMar 18, 2006McMaster2
Michael LieffersMar 19, 2010Windsor2
Michael LieffersMar 20, 2010Carleton2
Michael LieffersMar 21, 2010UBC2
Ben BakerMar 8, 2014McGill1
Ben BakerMar 13, 2015Dalhousie1
Joseph BarkerMar 13, 2015Dalhousie1
Nolan BrudehlMar 19, 2010Windsor1
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Most Steals
Michael LinklaterMar 19, 2010Windsor6
Showron GloverMar 21, 2010UBC6
Andrew SpagrudMar 17, 2006Victoria4
Stephon LamarMar 8, 2014McGill4
Kyle GrantMar 16, 2006York4
Jamelle BarrettMar 11, 2011Dalhousie4
Evan OstertagMar 13, 2015Dalhousie3
Rob LovelaceMar 18, 2006McMaster3
Michael LieffersMar 21, 2010UBC3
Duncan JonesMar 11, 2011Dalhousie3
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