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Single Game Records for National Tournament Games for UBC

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Ron ThorsenMar 2, 1972Windsor43
Manroop ClairMar 8, 2020Western39
Christopher DyckMar 16, 2008Laval37
Alex MurphyMar 13, 2011Saskatchewan36
Christopher DyckMar 14, 2009Calgary34
Ken MorrisMar 16, 1996Alberta34
Casey ArchibaldMar 16, 2007Ottawa32
Derek SankeyMar 14, 1970McMaster30
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2007Concordia29
Ian DixonMar 11, 1967Windsor29
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Most Rebounds
Bob MolinskiMar 13, 1970Laurentian21
Kamar BurkeMar 12, 2011Trinity Western15
Terry MacKayMar 13, 1970Laurentian14
John MillsMar 4, 1972Acadia14
Kamar BurkeMar 20, 2010Calgary13
Brian WallackMar 6, 2020Bishops13
Kamar BurkeMar 21, 2010Saskatchewan12
Terry MacKayMar 12, 1970Saint Marys12
Ryder McKeownMar 19, 2004Brandon12
Steve PettiferMar 7, 1975Saint Marys12
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Most Field Goals
Casey ArchibaldMar 16, 2007Ottawa13
Christopher DyckMar 16, 2008Laval13
Manroop ClairMar 8, 2020Western12
Christopher DyckMar 18, 2007Concordia12
Stan CallegariMar 4, 1972Acadia11
Grant ShephardMar 8, 2019Dalhousie11
Casey ArchibaldMar 17, 2007Acadia10
Christopher DyckMar 14, 2009Calgary10
Grant ShephardMar 10, 2019Saint Marys10
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2006UQAM9
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Most Free Throws
Alex MurphyMar 13, 2011Saskatchewan11
Christopher DyckMar 14, 2009Calgary10
Manroop ClairMar 8, 2020Western9
Christopher DyckMar 16, 2008Laval8
Jordan Jensen-WhyteMar 17, 2016Ryerson8
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2007Concordia7
Grant AuduMar 6, 2020Bishops7
Jadon CoheeMar 7, 2020Dalhousie7
Josh WhyteMar 15, 2009Carleton7
Josh WhyteMar 20, 2010Calgary7
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Kamar BurkeMar 11, 2011Acadia5
Matt RacharMar 18, 2007Concordia5
Balraj BainsMar 15, 2008Saint Marys3
Zack MooreMar 6, 2020Bishops3
Jonah MorrisonMar 6, 2020Bishops3
Patrick SimonMar 10, 2019Saint Marys3
Balraj BainsMar 16, 2008Laval2
Balraj BainsMar 11, 2011Acadia2
Denny DumasMar 19, 2010Lakehead2
Dominic GilbertMar 17, 2016Ryerson2
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2007Concordia7
Josh WhyteMar 15, 2009Carleton7
Casey ArchibaldMar 17, 2007Acadia6
Alex MurphyMar 15, 2008Saint Marys6
Alex MurphyMar 14, 2008Brock5
Alex MurphyMar 12, 2011Trinity Western5
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2004York4
Brent MalishMar 13, 2009Dalhousie4
Alex MurphyMar 21, 2010Saskatchewan4
Will OndrikMar 19, 2016Ottawa4
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Alex MurphyMar 13, 2011Saskatchewan7
Pasha BainsMar 18, 2006UQAM6
Manroop ClairMar 8, 2020Western6
O'Brian WallaceMar 8, 2013Acadia6
Casey ArchibaldMar 16, 2007Ottawa5
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2004York4
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2006UQAM4
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2007Concordia4
Pasha BainsMar 19, 2006McMaster4
Jason BirringMar 17, 2006Cape Breton4
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Most Assists
Karlo VillanuevaMar 15, 2003Saint Marys10
Jason BirringMar 18, 2006UQAM8
Kamar BurkeMar 13, 2011Saskatchewan8
Alex MurphyMar 18, 2007Concordia8
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2006UQAM7
Pasha BainsMar 17, 2006Cape Breton7
Phil JalalpoorMar 17, 2016Ryerson7
Karlo VillanuevaMar 14, 2003Guelph7
Casey ArchibaldMar 19, 2006McMaster6
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2007Concordia6
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Most Blocks
Christopher DyckMar 18, 2007Concordia4
Bryson KoolMar 17, 2006Cape Breton3
Bryson KoolMar 13, 2009Dalhousie3
Casey ArchibaldMar 18, 2007Concordia2
Balraj BainsMar 13, 2011Saskatchewan2
Kamar BurkeMar 21, 2010Saskatchewan2
Kamar BurkeMar 11, 2011Acadia2
Manroop ClairMar 8, 2020Western2
Conor MorganMar 18, 2016McGill2
Lincoln RosebushMar 9, 2019Alberta2
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Most Steals
Karlo VillanuevaMar 15, 2003Saint Marys5
Nathan YuMar 13, 2011Saskatchewan4
O'Brian WallaceMar 8, 2013Acadia4
Karlo VillanuevaMar 18, 2004York4
Zack MooreMar 8, 2020Western4
Brett LeversageMar 17, 2007Acadia4
Phil JalalpoorMar 19, 2016Ottawa4
A.J. HollowayMar 17, 2016Ryerson4
Casey ArchibaldMar 19, 2004Brandon4
Josh WhyteMar 21, 2010Saskatchewan3
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