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Single Game Records for National Tournament Games for Simon Fraser Clan

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Jessica KaczowkaMar 9, 2003Winnipeg31
Laurelle WeiglMar 11, 2007Alberta30
Robyn BunaMar 12, 2010McMaster27
Kate HoleMar 9, 2008Saskatchewan26
Jessica KaczowkaMar 8, 2003Laurier24
Dani LangfordMar 10, 2003Laval22
Robyn BunaMar 7, 2009Alberta21
Kate HoleMar 8, 2008Memorial21
Robyn BunaMar 8, 2009Regina20
Matteke HutzlerMar 8, 2008Memorial20
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Most Rebounds
Julia WilsonMar 9, 2007McMaster16
Laurelle WeiglMar 11, 2007Alberta12
Matteke HutzlerMar 7, 2008Laval11
Matteke HutzlerMar 7, 2009Alberta11
Jessica KaczowkaMar 9, 2003Winnipeg11
Morgan McLaughlinMar 12, 2004Cape Breton11
Kate HoleMar 6, 2009Ottawa10
Matteke HutzlerMar 6, 2009Ottawa10
Morgan McLaughlinMar 11, 2005Ottawa10
Nayo Raincock-EkunweMar 14, 2010Windsor10
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Most Field Goals
Laurelle WeiglMar 11, 2007Alberta14
Jessica KaczowkaMar 8, 2003Laurier11
Jessica KaczowkaMar 9, 2003Winnipeg10
Robyn BunaMar 12, 2010McMaster9
Robyn BunaMar 14, 2010Windsor8
Morgan McLaughlinMar 8, 2003Laurier8
Morgan McLaughlinMar 14, 2004Winnipeg8
Robyn BunaMar 7, 2009Alberta7
Kate HoleMar 13, 2010Regina7
Matteke HutzlerMar 12, 2010McMaster7
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Most Free Throws
Jessica KaczowkaMar 9, 2003Winnipeg11
Morgan McLaughlinMar 12, 2004Cape Breton8
Robyn BunaMar 12, 2010McMaster7
Julia WilsonMar 12, 2005Laval7
Lani GibbonsMar 12, 2005Laval6
Matteke HutzlerMar 12, 2010McMaster6
Dani LangfordMar 9, 2003Winnipeg6
Laurelle WeiglMar 8, 2009Regina6
Robyn BunaMar 8, 2009Regina5
Kate HoleMar 9, 2007McMaster5
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Laurelle WeiglMar 10, 2007Dalhousie6
Kate HoleMar 14, 2010Windsor3
Courtney BrownMar 10, 2003Laval2
Anna CarolsfeldMar 6, 2009Ottawa2
Courtney GerwingMar 12, 2005Laval2
Jennifer McElgunnMar 10, 2003Laval2
Courtney BrownMar 11, 2005Ottawa1
Lani GibbonsMar 11, 2005Ottawa1
Lani GibbonsMar 13, 2005Winnipeg1
Carly GrahamMar 14, 2010Windsor1
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Lani GibbonsMar 12, 2005Laval6
Dani LangfordMar 9, 2003Winnipeg6
Maren CorrigalMar 8, 2003Laurier4
Kate HoleMar 11, 2007Alberta4
Dani LangfordMar 13, 2005Winnipeg4
Jennifer MacLeodMar 14, 2004Winnipeg4
Julia WilsonMar 12, 2004Cape Breton4
Robyn BunaMar 7, 2009Alberta3
Courtney GerwingMar 12, 2005Laval3
Courtney BrownMar 9, 2007McMaster2
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Dani LangfordMar 10, 2003Laval6
Laura Van Den BoogaardMar 11, 2005Ottawa6
Lisa TindleMar 13, 2010Regina5
Robyn BunaMar 7, 2009Alberta4
Dani LangfordMar 8, 2003Laurier4
Dani LangfordMar 12, 2004Cape Breton4
Robyn BunaMar 8, 2009Regina3
Maren CorrigalMar 12, 2004Cape Breton3
Lani GibbonsMar 11, 2006UBC3
Lani GibbonsMar 12, 2006UNB3
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Most Assists
Dani LangfordMar 8, 2003Laurier15
Dani LangfordMar 14, 2004Winnipeg10
Dani LangfordMar 11, 2005Ottawa10
Dani LangfordMar 9, 2003Winnipeg10
Dani LangfordMar 13, 2005Winnipeg10
Lani GibbonsMar 10, 2006McMaster9
Lani GibbonsMar 9, 2007McMaster9
Maren CorrigalMar 10, 2003Laval8
Lani GibbonsMar 10, 2007Dalhousie8
Lani GibbonsMar 11, 2007Alberta8
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Most Blocks
Morgan McLaughlinMar 13, 2005Winnipeg4
Julia WilsonMar 12, 2004Cape Breton4
Julia WilsonMar 9, 2003Winnipeg3
Julia WilsonMar 14, 2004Winnipeg3
Julia WilsonMar 13, 2005Winnipeg3
Julia WilsonMar 12, 2006UNB3
Kate HoleMar 10, 2007Dalhousie2
Kate HoleMar 8, 2009Regina2
Kate HoleMar 11, 2007Alberta2
Kate HoleMar 6, 2009Ottawa2
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Most Steals
Dani LangfordMar 12, 2005Laval5
Matteke HutzlerMar 14, 2010Windsor5
Dani LangfordMar 12, 2004Cape Breton4
Matteke HutzlerMar 8, 2009Regina4
Matteke HutzlerMar 7, 2009Alberta4
Lani GibbonsMar 10, 2006McMaster4
Robyn BunaMar 7, 2009Alberta4
Lisa TindleMar 12, 2006UNB3
Nayo Raincock-EkunweMar 14, 2010Windsor3
Katie MiyazakiMar 8, 2009Regina3
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