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Career Records for Playoff Games for Guelph Gryphons

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Burke Bechard2017-226113
Natalie Vigna2018-23666
Mackeely Shantz2019-23565
Skyla Minaker2017-22657
Sarah Holmes2017-20442
Katherine MacTavish2011-16440
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-20438
Dana Van Balkom2011-16434
Renee Armstrong2021-23329
Bridget Atkinson2015-16228
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Highest Points per Game (min 3 games)
Burke Bechard2017-22611318.8
Mackeely Shantz2019-2356513.0
Natalie Vigna2018-2366611.0
Sarah Holmes2017-2044210.5
Katherine MacTavish2011-1644010.0
Renee Armstrong2021-233299.7
Skyla Minaker2017-226579.5
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-204389.5
Modupe Okeowo2018-203289.3
Jasmine Douglas2010-133268.7
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Most Rebounds
Burke Bechard2017-22655
Mackeely Shantz2019-23536
Skyla Minaker2017-22632
Jasmine Douglas2010-13327
Katherine MacTavish2011-16427
Sarah Holmes2017-20423
Renee Armstrong2021-23321
Trinity Papamandjaris2021-23420
Quincy Sickles-Jarvis2015-18317
Samantha Russell2010-12214
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 3 games)
Burke Bechard2017-226559.2
Jasmine Douglas2010-133279.0
Mackeely Shantz2019-235367.2
Renee Armstrong2021-233217.0
Katherine MacTavish2011-164276.8
Sarah Holmes2017-204235.8
Quincy Sickles-Jarvis2015-183175.7
Skyla Minaker2017-226325.3
Trinity Papamandjaris2021-234205.0
Reece Mungar2019-223144.7
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Burke Bechard2017-22646
Natalie Vigna2018-23626
Mackeely Shantz2019-23526
Skyla Minaker2017-22622
Sarah Holmes2017-20416
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-20416
Katherine MacTavish2011-16415
Dana Van Balkom2011-16412
Jasmine Douglas2010-13311
Renee Armstrong2021-23311
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Highest Field Goals per Game (min 3 games)
Burke Bechard2017-226467.7
Mackeely Shantz2019-235265.2
Natalie Vigna2018-236264.3
Sarah Holmes2017-204164.0
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-204164.0
Katherine MacTavish2011-164153.8
Skyla Minaker2017-226223.7
Renee Armstrong2021-233113.7
Jasmine Douglas2010-133113.7
Modupe Okeowo2018-203103.3
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Burke Bechard2017-22613
Katherine MacTavish2011-16410
Mackeely Shantz2019-23510
Bridget Atkinson2015-1628
Skyla Minaker2017-2267
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-1646
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-2045
Renee Armstrong2021-2335
Jasmine Douglas2010-1334
Samantha Russell2010-1224
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Highest Free Throws per Game (min 3 games)
Katherine MacTavish2011-164102.5
Burke Bechard2017-226132.2
Mackeely Shantz2019-235102.0
Renee Armstrong2021-23351.7
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-16461.5
Jasmine Douglas2010-13341.3
Modupe Okeowo2018-20341.3
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-20451.2
Skyla Minaker2017-22671.2
Dana Van Balkom2011-16441.0
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Natalie Vigna2018-23612
Burke Bechard2017-2268
Sarah Holmes2017-2048
Dana Van Balkom2011-1646
Skyla Minaker2017-2266
Julia Colavecchia2022-2325
Modupe Okeowo2018-2034
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-1643
Ashley Wheeler2015-2043
Mackeely Shantz2019-2353
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Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game (min 3 games)
Natalie Vigna2018-236122.0
Sarah Holmes2017-20482.0
Dana Van Balkom2011-16461.5
Burke Bechard2017-22681.3
Modupe Okeowo2018-20341.3
Skyla Minaker2017-22661.0
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-16430.8
Ashley Wheeler2015-20430.8
Renee Armstrong2021-23320.7
Marlee Freeman2010-13320.7
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Most Assists
Burke Bechard2017-22626
Skyla Minaker2017-22620
Mackeely Shantz2019-23518
Natalie Vigna2018-2369
Dana Van Balkom2011-1648
Haley Belyk2015-1828
Trinity Papamandjaris2021-2348
Bridget Atkinson2015-1626
Sarah Holmes2017-2046
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-2046
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Highest Assists per Game (min 3 games)
Burke Bechard2017-226264.3
Mackeely Shantz2019-235183.6
Skyla Minaker2017-226203.3
Trinity Papamandjaris2021-23482.0
Dana Van Balkom2011-16482.0
Renee Armstrong2021-23362.0
Marlee Freeman2010-13351.7
Natalie Vigna2018-23691.5
Sarah Holmes2017-20461.5
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-20461.5
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Most Blocks
Mackeely Shantz2019-2358
Ashley Wheeler2015-2046
Trinity Papamandjaris2021-2345
Jasmine Douglas2010-1334
Lucy Tesseyman2021-2344
Julia Colavecchia2022-2323
Katherine MacTavish2011-1642
Vanessa Rampado2012-1632
Bridget Atkinson2015-1622
Megan Brenkel2015-1832
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Highest Blocks per Game (min 3 games)
Mackeely Shantz2019-23581.6
Ashley Wheeler2015-20461.5
Jasmine Douglas2010-13341.3
Trinity Papamandjaris2021-23451.2
Lucy Tesseyman2021-23441.0
Megan Brenkel2015-18320.7
Vanessa Rampado2012-16320.7
Quincy Sickles-Jarvis2015-18320.7
Katherine MacTavish2011-16420.5
Renee Armstrong2021-23310.3
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Most Steals
Skyla Minaker2017-22617
Burke Bechard2017-22612
Natalie Vigna2018-2368
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-1647
Dana Van Balkom2011-1647
Kayla Goodhoofd2010-1227
Sarah Holmes2017-2046
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-2046
Mackeely Shantz2019-2355
Jasmine Douglas2010-1335
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Highest Steals per Game (min 3 games)
Skyla Minaker2017-226172.8
Burke Bechard2017-226122.0
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-16471.8
Dana Van Balkom2011-16471.8
Jasmine Douglas2010-13351.7
Sarah Holmes2017-20461.5
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-20461.5
Natalie Vigna2018-23681.3
Marlee Freeman2010-13341.3
Mackeely Shantz2019-23551.0
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Most Games Played
Burke Bechard2017-226
Skyla Minaker2017-226
Natalie Vigna2018-236
Mackeely Shantz2019-235
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-164
Katherine MacTavish2011-164
Dana Van Balkom2011-164
Ashley Wheeler2015-204
Sarah Holmes2017-204
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-204
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Most Games Started
Burke Bechard2017-2266
Mackeely Shantz2019-2355
Skyla Minaker2017-2265
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-2044
Natalie Vigna2018-2364
Jasmine Douglas2010-1333
Modupe Okeowo2018-2033
Sarah Holmes2017-2043
Bridget Atkinson2015-1622
Julia Colavecchia2022-2322
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Most Minutes Played
Burke Bechard2017-226198
Skyla Minaker2017-226195
Mackeely Shantz2019-235179
Natalie Vigna2018-236136
Dana Van Balkom2011-164118
Sarah Holmes2017-204114
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-16499
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-20498
Jasmine Douglas2010-13393
Katherine MacTavish2011-16482
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 3 games)
Mackeely Shantz2019-23517935.8
Burke Bechard2017-22619833.0
Skyla Minaker2017-22619532.5
Jasmine Douglas2010-1339331.0
Dana Van Balkom2011-16411829.5
Sarah Holmes2017-20411428.5
Renee Armstrong2021-2338127.0
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-1649924.8
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-2049824.5
Natalie Vigna2018-23613622.7
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Katherine MacTavish2011-16152462.5
Kathryn Shortt2011-1271353.8
Renee Armstrong2021-23112250.0
Samantha Russell2010-1291850.0
Ashley Wheeler2015-2071450.0
Alexis Wright2022-2351050.0
Burke Bechard2017-22469946.5
Natalie Vigna2018-23265745.6
Lucy Tesseyman2021-2381844.4
Sarah Holmes2017-20163743.2
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 5 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Katherine MacTavish2011-16101283.3
Mackeely Shantz2019-23101283.3
Barbara Inrig-Pieterse2011-166875.0
Bridget Atkinson2015-1681172.7
Burke Bechard2017-22131968.4
Renee Armstrong2021-235862.5
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-205862.5
Skyla Minaker2017-2271643.8
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Natalie Vigna2018-23122646.2
Burke Bechard2017-2281844.4
Sarah Holmes2017-2081942.1
Julia Colavecchia2022-2351338.5
Dana Van Balkom2011-1662623.1
Skyla Minaker2017-2262722.2
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 5 assists)
Sarah Holmes2017-20632.0
Mackeely Shantz2019-2318111.6
Haley Belyk2015-18851.6
Skyla Minaker2017-2220141.4
Trinity Papamandjaris2021-23861.3
Burke Bechard2017-2226211.2
Dana Van Balkom2011-16890.9
Ivana Vujadinovic2017-20670.9
Bridget Atkinson2015-16690.7
Renee Armstrong2021-236100.6
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