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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Playoff Games for UBC

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Kristjana Young2010-1521388
Harleen Sidhu2013-1510164
Zara Huntley2009-1212158
Adrienne Parkin2011-1623156
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 14154
Kara Spotton2014-1715153
Maddison Penn 2016-20 10146
Keylyn Filewich 2016-20 10138
Alexandra Vieweg2009-1212122
Leigh Stansfield2009-1313105
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Highest Points per Game (min 3 games)
Kristjana Young2010-152138818.5
Harleen Sidhu2013-151016416.4
Maddison Penn 2016-20 1014614.6
Keylyn Filewich 2016-20 1013813.8
Zara Huntley2009-121215813.2
Candace Morisset2009-1033812.7
Lia St. Pierre2009-1156112.2
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 1415411.0
Kara Spotton2014-171515310.2
Alexandra Vieweg2009-121212210.2
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Kristjana Young2010-1521158
Harleen Sidhu2013-151067
Zara Huntley2009-121262
Adrienne Parkin2011-162361
Kara Spotton2014-171558
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 1456
Keylyn Filewich 2016-20 1056
Leigh Stansfield2009-131347
Maddison Penn 2016-20 1047
Alexandra Vieweg2009-121245
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Susan Thompson2015-178988.9
Krysten Lindquist2015-19172763.0
Candace Morisset2009-10132259.1
Victoria Spangehl2009-13234156.1
Zara Huntley2009-126211255.4
Marcie Schlick2016-1881553.3
Kate Johnson 2018-20 91752.9
Andrea Strujic2012-17173351.5
Leigh Stansfield2009-13479450.0
Alexandra Vieweg2009-12459050.0
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Kristjana Young2010-152149
Maddison Penn 2016-20 1039
Kara Spotton2014-171536
Zara Huntley2009-121234
Harleen Sidhu2013-151030
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 1426
Keylyn Filewich 2016-20 1026
Alexandra Vieweg2009-121224
Lia St. Pierre2009-11520
Adrienne Parkin2011-162318
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 5 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Candace Morisset2009-108988.9
Diana Lee2014-167887.5
Maddison Penn 2016-20 394684.8
Lia St. Pierre2009-11202483.3
Harleen Sidhu2013-15303781.1
Kara Spotton2014-17364580.0
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 263378.8
Adrienne Parkin2011-16182378.3
Kristen Hughes2011-127977.8
Zara Huntley2009-12344673.9
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Kristjana Young2010-152123
Cassandra Knievel2011-151817
Kristen Hughes2011-12716
Adrienne Parkin2011-162316
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 1416
Maddison Penn 2016-20 1013
Gabrielle Laguerta 2017-20 613
Diana Lee2014-161110
Devan Lisson2009-1159
Alexandra Vieweg2009-12128
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Devan Lisson2009-1191656.2
Kristjana Young2010-15234946.9
Alexandra Vieweg2009-1281942.1
Gabrielle Laguerta 2017-20 133240.6
Maddison Penn 2016-20 133240.6
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 164238.1
Adrienne Parkin2011-16164238.1
Kristen Hughes2011-12164337.2
Maggie Sundberg2012-1472035.0
Diana Lee2014-16103330.3
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Most Rebounds
Kristjana Young2010-1521153
Adrienne Parkin2011-1623113
Keylyn Filewich 2016-20 1087
Zara Huntley2009-121274
Kara Spotton2014-171573
Harleen Sidhu2013-151069
Alexandra Vieweg2009-121268
Maddison Penn 2016-20 1068
Leigh Stansfield2009-131357
Victoria Spangehl2009-131347
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 3 games)
Keylyn Filewich 2016-20 10878.7
Kristjana Young2010-15211537.3
Harleen Sidhu2013-1510696.9
Maddison Penn 2016-20 10686.8
Zara Huntley2009-1212746.2
Alexandra Vieweg2009-1212685.7
Hailey Counsell 2018-20 3165.3
Madison Legault 2017-20 6315.2
Adrienne Parkin2011-16231134.9
Kara Spotton2014-1715734.9
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Most Games Played
Adrienne Parkin2011-1623
Kristjana Young2010-1521
Andrea Strujic2012-1719
Cassandra Knievel2011-1518
Stephanie Bell2011-1515
Kara Spotton2014-1715
Cherub Lum2013-1614
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 14
Victoria Spangehl2009-1313
Leigh Stansfield2009-1313
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Most Games Started
Kristjana Young2010-152121
Adrienne Parkin2011-162316
Zara Huntley2009-121212
Alexandra Vieweg2009-121212
Diana Lee2014-161111
Harleen Sidhu2013-151010
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 1410
Cassandra Knievel2011-151810
Leigh Stansfield2009-13139
Maddison Penn 2016-20 108
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Most Minutes Played
Kristjana Young2010-1521725
Adrienne Parkin2011-1623538
Cassandra Knievel2011-1518425
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 14405
Diana Lee2014-1611354
Leigh Stansfield2009-1313340
Zara Huntley2009-1212323
Kara Spotton2014-1715319
Alexandra Vieweg2009-1212316
Harleen Sidhu2013-1510316
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 3 games)
Kristen Hughes2011-12724535.0
Kristjana Young2010-152172534.5
Devan Lisson2009-11517234.4
Diana Lee2014-161135432.2
Harleen Sidhu2013-151031631.6
Hailey Counsell 2018-20 39230.7
Lia St. Pierre2009-11515330.6
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 1440528.9
Maggie Sundberg2012-14514428.8
Candace Morisset2009-1038327.7
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Most Assists
Kristjana Young2010-152180
Cassandra Knievel2011-151842
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 1440
Adrienne Parkin2011-162339
Diana Lee2014-161135
Alexandra Vieweg2009-121224
Cherub Lum2013-161421
Harleen Sidhu2013-151018
Zara Huntley2009-121217
Kristen Hughes2011-12716
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 5 assists)
Diana Lee2014-163584.4
Maggie Sundberg2012-141562.5
Hailey Counsell 2018-20 1052.0
Zana Williams2011-13632.0
Cassandra Knievel2011-1542221.9
Stephanie Bell2011-151061.7
Susan Thompson2015-17531.7
Candace Morisset2009-101171.6
Gabrielle Laguerta 2017-20 971.3
Adrienne Parkin2011-1639311.3
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Most Blocks
Kristjana Young2010-152120
Leigh Stansfield2009-131317
Zara Huntley2009-121215
Adrienne Parkin2011-162315
Harleen Sidhu2013-151011
Keylyn Filewich 2016-20 1010
Alexandra Vieweg2009-12127
Andrea Strujic2012-17197
Kara Spotton2014-17155
Victoria Spangehl2009-13134
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Most Steals
Kristjana Young2010-152147
Alexandra Vieweg2009-121220
Kara Spotton2014-171518
Adrienne Parkin2011-162318
Maddison Penn 2016-20 1017
Jessica Hanson 2015-20 1416
Harleen Sidhu2013-151014
Krysten Lindquist2015-191113
Shilpa Khanna2015-17812
Cassandra Knievel2011-151812
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