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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Playoff Games for UPEI Panthers

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Reese Baxendale2017-2214227
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010219
Lauren Rainford2019-2312169
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-231187
Kiera Rigby2013-181079
Amy Gough2013-15568
Carolina Del Santo2016-221567
Alicia Bowering2021-23757
Jane McLaughlin2013-19856
Tamara Tompkins2013-16647
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Highest Points per Game (min 3 games)
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201021921.9
Reese Baxendale2017-221422716.2
Lauren Rainford2019-231216914.1
Amy Gough2013-1556813.6
Danielle MacDonald2013-155448.8
Laura Power2013-155418.2
Alicia Bowering2021-237578.1
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-2311877.9
Kiera Rigby2013-1810797.9
Tamara Tompkins2013-166477.8
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Most Rebounds
Carolina Del Santo2016-2215147
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201062
Reese Baxendale2017-221462
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-231153
Kiera Rigby2013-181043
Lauren Rainford2019-231243
Lauren Fleming2017-20840
Amy Gough2013-15536
Jane McLaughlin2013-19833
Katelynn Donahoe2013-16623
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 3 games)
Carolina Del Santo2016-22151479.8
Amy Gough2013-155367.2
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010626.2
Lauren Fleming2017-208405.0
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-2311534.8
Reese Baxendale2017-2214624.4
Laura Power2013-155224.4
Kiera Rigby2013-1810434.3
Jane McLaughlin2013-198334.1
Danielle MacDonald2013-155204.0
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Reese Baxendale2017-221474
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201070
Lauren Rainford2019-231256
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-231134
Carolina Del Santo2016-221529
Kiera Rigby2013-181022
Alicia Bowering2021-23720
Danielle MacDonald2013-15516
Jane McLaughlin2013-19816
Tamara Tompkins2013-16616
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Highest Field Goals per Game (min 3 games)
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010707.0
Reese Baxendale2017-2214745.3
Lauren Rainford2019-2312564.7
Danielle MacDonald2013-155163.2
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-2311343.1
Amy Gough2013-155153.0
Laura Power2013-155153.0
Anne Kiberd2014-164123.0
Alicia Bowering2021-237202.9
Tamara Tompkins2013-166162.7
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201064
Reese Baxendale2017-221449
Lauren Rainford2019-231248
Kiera Rigby2013-181033
Amy Gough2013-15532
Jane McLaughlin2013-19817
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-231115
Tamara Tompkins2013-16614
Sydney Cummins2021-23713
Grace Lancaster2021-23712
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Highest Free Throws per Game (min 3 games)
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010646.4
Amy Gough2013-155326.4
Lauren Rainford2019-2312484.0
Reese Baxendale2017-2214493.5
Kiera Rigby2013-1810333.3
Tamara Tompkins2013-166142.3
Jane McLaughlin2013-198172.1
Laura Power2013-155102.0
Terrilyn Herrick2014-15362.0
Sydney Cummins2021-237131.9
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Reese Baxendale2017-221430
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201015
Alicia Bowering2021-23711
Lauren Rainford2019-23129
Jane McLaughlin2013-1987
Amy Gough2013-1556
Danielle MacDonald2013-1555
Julie Hatcher2013-1554
Jenna Jones2013-1424
Anne Kiberd2014-1644
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Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game (min 3 games)
Reese Baxendale2017-2214302.1
Alicia Bowering2021-237111.6
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010151.5
Amy Gough2013-15561.2
Danielle MacDonald2013-15551.0
Anne Kiberd2014-16441.0
Jane McLaughlin2013-19870.9
Julie Hatcher2013-15540.8
Lauren Rainford2019-231290.8
Katelynn Donahoe2013-16630.5
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Most Assists
Carolina Del Santo2016-221534
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201032
Reese Baxendale2017-221429
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-231122
Lauren Fleming2017-20814
Lauren Rainford2019-231214
Amy Gough2013-15513
Danielle MacDonald2013-15510
Jane McLaughlin2013-1989
Laura Power2013-1559
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Highest Assists per Game (min 3 games)
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010323.2
Amy Gough2013-155132.6
Carolina Del Santo2016-2215342.3
Reese Baxendale2017-2214292.1
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-2311222.0
Danielle MacDonald2013-155102.0
Anne Kiberd2014-16482.0
Laura Power2013-15591.8
Lauren Fleming2017-208141.8
Darcy Zinck2013-15571.4
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Most Blocks
Carolina Del Santo2016-221525
Lauren Rainford2019-231212
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-23119
Kiera Rigby2013-18104
Amy Gough2013-1553
Terrilyn Herrick2014-1533
Reese Baxendale2017-22142
Lauren Fleming2017-2082
Elise Plaschka2021-2372
Danielle MacDonald2013-1551
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Highest Blocks per Game (min 3 games)
Carolina Del Santo2016-2215251.7
Lauren Rainford2019-2312121.0
Terrilyn Herrick2014-15331.0
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-231190.8
Amy Gough2013-15530.6
Kiera Rigby2013-181040.4
Elise Plaschka2021-23720.3
Lauren Fleming2017-20820.2
Danielle MacDonald2013-15510.2
Laura Power2013-15510.2
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Most Steals
Carolina Del Santo2016-221525
Reese Baxendale2017-221424
Lauren Rainford2019-231222
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201014
Jane McLaughlin2013-19810
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-23118
Amy Gough2013-1558
Tamara Tompkins2013-1668
Grace Lancaster2021-2376
Katelynn Donahoe2013-1666
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Highest Steals per Game (min 3 games)
Lauren Rainford2019-2312221.8
Reese Baxendale2017-2214241.7
Carolina Del Santo2016-2215251.7
Amy Gough2013-15581.6
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010141.4
Tamara Tompkins2013-16681.3
Jane McLaughlin2013-198101.2
Katelynn Donahoe2013-16661.0
Grace Lancaster2021-23760.9
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-231180.7
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Most Games Played
Carolina Del Santo2016-2215
Reese Baxendale2017-2214
Lauren Rainford2019-2312
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-2311
Kiera Rigby2013-1810
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010
Reilly Sullivan2019-229
Jane McLaughlin2013-198
Lauren Fleming2017-208
Alicia Bowering2021-237
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Most Games Started
Reese Baxendale2017-221414
Lauren Rainford2019-231212
Carolina Del Santo2016-221511
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201010
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-23118
Alicia Bowering2021-2377
Katelynn Donahoe2013-1666
Jane McLaughlin2013-1986
Amy Gough2013-1555
Danielle MacDonald2013-1555
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Most Minutes Played
Reese Baxendale2017-2214481
Carolina Del Santo2016-2215422
Lauren Rainford2019-2312417
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2010380
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-2311301
Kiera Rigby2013-1810216
Jane McLaughlin2013-198201
Alicia Bowering2021-237191
Danielle MacDonald2013-155157
Katelynn Donahoe2013-166152
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 3 games)
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-201038038.0
Lauren Rainford2019-231241734.8
Reese Baxendale2017-221448134.4
Danielle MacDonald2013-15515731.4
Amy Gough2013-15514428.8
Carolina Del Santo2016-221542228.1
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-231130127.4
Alicia Bowering2021-23719127.3
Katelynn Donahoe2013-16615225.3
Jane McLaughlin2013-19820125.1
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Jenna Jones2013-1481457.1
Terrilyn Herrick2014-1581553.3
Katelynn Donahoe2013-16112347.8
Aiden Rainford2022-23122744.4
Laura Power2013-15153444.1
Samantha Zoffranieri2022-23112642.3
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-207017440.2
Karla Yepez Villamorin2016-23349037.8
Tamara Tompkins2013-16164337.2
Julie Hatcher2013-1551435.7
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 5 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Alicia Bowering2021-236785.7
Amy Gough2013-15323884.2
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-20647981.0
Kiera Rigby2013-18334180.5
Katelynn Donahoe2013-1681080.0
Lauren Rainford2019-23486178.7
Laura Power2013-15101376.9
Terrilyn Herrick2014-156875.0
Devon Lawlor2021-236875.0
Sydney Cummins2021-23131872.2
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Jane McLaughlin2013-1971741.2
Reese Baxendale2017-22308535.3
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-20154334.9
Danielle MacDonald2013-1551533.3
Amy Gough2013-1561931.6
Alicia Bowering2021-23113630.6
Lauren Rainford2019-2393525.7
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 5 assists)
Lauren Fleming2017-201472.0
Anne Kiberd2014-16851.6
Jenna Mae Ellsworth2016-2032231.4
Carolina Del Santo2016-2234281.2
Amy Gough2013-1513111.2
Jane McLaughlin2013-19981.1
Sydney Cummins2021-23551.0
Danielle MacDonald2013-1510110.9
Reese Baxendale2017-2229360.8
Katelynn Donahoe2013-167100.7
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