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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Guelph

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Bob SharpeMar 1, 1974Sir George Williams34
Bob SharpeMar 2, 1974Saint Marys30
Darren ThomasMar 15, 1991Brandon29
Kyle JuliusMar 14, 2003UBC27
Zachary AngusFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier23
Nadan KapetanovicMar 14, 2003UBC20
Drew MorrisFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier20
Dennis KrawchukMar 1, 1974Sir George Williams19
Michael PetrellaFeb 23, 2011Wilfrid Laurier19
Kareem MalcolmFeb 25, 2012Lakehead19
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Most Rebounds
Michael AyanbadejoMar 15, 2003Alberta18
Eric HammondMar 15, 1991Brandon15
Tim MauMar 15, 1991Brandon15
Bankole AladeFeb 20, 2019McMaster15
Kevin CameronFeb 23, 2011Wilfrid Laurier11
Michael AyanbadejoMar 16, 2003Carleton10
Adam BeringFeb 25, 2012Lakehead10
Nadan KapetanovicMar 14, 2003UBC9
Daniel McCarthyFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier9
Adam BeringFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier8
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Most Field Goals
Bob SharpeMar 2, 1974Saint Marys9
Nadan KapetanovicMar 14, 2003UBC9
Kareem MalcolmFeb 25, 2012Lakehead9
Kyle JuliusMar 14, 2003UBC8
Drew MorrisFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier8
Zachary AngusFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier8
Michael AyanbadejoMar 14, 2003UBC7
Kyle JuliusMar 16, 2003Carleton7
Michael PetrellaFeb 23, 2011Wilfrid Laurier7
Adam KempFeb 25, 2015Lakehead7
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Most Free Throws
Bob SharpeMar 2, 1974Saint Marys12
Malcolm GlanvilleFeb 20, 2019McMaster10
Daniel McCarthyFeb 25, 2012Lakehead7
Jonathan MoscatelliFeb 23, 2011Wilfrid Laurier6
Zachary AngusFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier6
Taylor BoersFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier6
Mark HalfpennyMar 14, 2003UBC5
Kyle JuliusMar 14, 2003UBC5
Kareem MalcolmFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier5
Daniel McCarthyFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier5
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Kyle JuliusMar 14, 2003UBC6
Kyle JuliusMar 15, 2003Alberta4
Drew MorrisFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier4
John-Scott EspositoMar 16, 2003Carleton3
Mark HalfpennyMar 16, 2003Carleton3
Kyle JuliusMar 16, 2003Carleton3
Jonathan MoscatelliFeb 23, 2011Wilfrid Laurier2
Zachary AngusFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier2
Jack BeattyFeb 25, 2012Lakehead2
Michel ClarkFeb 25, 2012Lakehead2
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Most Assists
Michael PetrellaFeb 23, 2011Wilfrid Laurier7
John-Scott EspositoMar 14, 2003UBC6
Zachary AngusFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier5
Aaron NugentFeb 20, 2019McMaster5
John-Scott EspositoMar 15, 2003Alberta4
Mark HalfpennyMar 15, 2003Alberta4
Zachary AngusFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier4
Mark HalfpennyMar 14, 2003UBC3
John-Scott EspositoMar 16, 2003Carleton3
Daniel McCarthyFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier3
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Most Blocks
Tommy YanchusFeb 20, 2019McMaster2
Trevor Hutton Feb 19, 2020 Ryerson2
Radhi KnappMar 14, 2003UBC1
Kyle JuliusMar 15, 2003Alberta1
Radhi KnappMar 16, 2003Carleton1
Kareem MalcolmFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier1
Sheriff WireduFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier1
Sheriff WireduFeb 25, 2012Lakehead1
Andrew GrantFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier1
Bankole AladeFeb 20, 2019McMaster1
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Most Steals
Rasheed Weekes Feb 19, 2020 Ryerson3
John-Scott EspositoMar 15, 2003Alberta3
Aaron NugentFeb 20, 2019McMaster2
Zachary AngusFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier2
Taylor BoersFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier2
Daniel DooleyFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier2
Trevor ThompsonFeb 19, 2014Wilfrid Laurier2
Zachary AngusFeb 25, 2012Lakehead2
Adam BeringFeb 25, 2012Lakehead2
Daniel McCarthyFeb 22, 2012Wilfrid Laurier2
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