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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Lethbridge

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Zac OverwaterFeb 16, 2018Regina43
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 18, 2017Victoria34
Michael PierzchalaFeb 17, 2017Victoria31
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 24, 2017Alberta31
Kyle PetersonFeb 16, 2018Regina30
Colton GibbFeb 24, 2018Alberta29
Zac OverwaterFeb 24, 2017Alberta26
Daryl CooperFeb 23, 2012Fraser Valley25
Zac OverwaterFeb 15, 2018Regina24
Brandon BrineFeb 21, 2014Fraser Valley22
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Most Rebounds
John TschritterMar 18, 2000StFX16
Zac OverwaterFeb 16, 2018Regina16
Dominyc CowardFeb 24, 2012Fraser Valley13
Michael PierzchalaFeb 15, 2019Alberta13
John TschritterMar 17, 2000Concordia12
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 18, 2017Victoria12
Zac OverwaterFeb 24, 2017Alberta12
Zac OverwaterFeb 15, 2019Alberta12
Danny BaldersonMar 17, 2000Concordia11
Zac OverwaterFeb 15, 2018Regina11
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Most Field Goals
Zac OverwaterFeb 16, 2018Regina15
Michael PierzchalaFeb 17, 2017Victoria11
Brandon BrineFeb 21, 2014Fraser Valley10
Zac OverwaterFeb 15, 2018Regina10
Colton GibbFeb 24, 2018Alberta10
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 18, 2017Victoria9
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 24, 2017Alberta9
Zac OverwaterFeb 14, 2019Alberta9
Spencer HoltMar 17, 2000Concordia8
John TschritterMar 18, 2000StFX8
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Most Free Throws
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 18, 2017Victoria15
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 24, 2017Alberta13
Zac OverwaterFeb 16, 2018Regina13
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 15, 2018Regina11
Daryl CooperFeb 23, 2012Fraser Valley10
Daryl CooperFeb 24, 2012Fraser Valley10
Zac OverwaterFeb 23, 2017Alberta10
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 25, 2017Alberta9
Zac OverwaterFeb 24, 2017Alberta8
Kyle PetersonFeb 15, 2018Regina8
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Michael PierzchalaFeb 17, 2017Victoria9
Kyle PetersonFeb 16, 2018Regina6
Randy DavisFeb 27, 2010Calgary5
Elliott SentanceFeb 17, 2017Victoria5
Morgan DuceFeb 25, 2012Fraser Valley4
Elliott SentanceFeb 23, 2017Alberta4
William HickeyFeb 24, 2017Alberta4
Elliott SentanceFeb 24, 2017Alberta4
Michael PierzchalaFeb 25, 2017Alberta4
Elliott SentanceFeb 25, 2017Alberta4
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Most Assists
Kyle PetersonFeb 16, 2018Regina12
Danny BaldersonMar 17, 2000Concordia9
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 17, 2017Victoria9
Kyle Peterson Feb 14, 2020 Regina9
Ryan HallMar 18, 2000StFX8
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 24, 2018Alberta8
Kyle PetersonFeb 15, 2019Alberta8
Spencer HoltMar 17, 2000Concordia7
Jeff PriceFeb 27, 2010Calgary7
Alex FletcherFeb 20, 2014Fraser Valley7
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Most Blocks
John TschritterMar 17, 2000Concordia3
Chris WildeMar 18, 2000StFX3
Dominyc CowardFeb 25, 2012Fraser Valley3
Chris WildeMar 17, 2000Concordia2
Dominyc CowardFeb 24, 2012Fraser Valley2
Colton GibbFeb 17, 2017Victoria2
Colton GibbFeb 23, 2017Alberta2
Zac OverwaterFeb 24, 2017Alberta2
Zac OverwaterFeb 15, 2018Regina2
Eric PierceFeb 8, 2019Victoria2
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Most Steals
Spencer HoltMar 17, 2000Concordia8
Chris WildeMar 18, 2000StFX7
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 18, 2017Victoria6
Chad OviattFeb 14, 2019Alberta5
Colton GibbFeb 14, 2019Alberta4
Brett WarrenFeb 23, 2018Alberta4
Michael PierzchalaMar 4, 2016UBC4
Brett Warren Feb 14, 2020 Regina3
Eric PierceFeb 16, 2019Alberta3
Dejon BurdeauxFeb 23, 2018Alberta3
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