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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Manitoba

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Cliff BellMar 10, 1978Wilfrid Laurier37
Rashawn Browne Feb 23, 2020 Alberta33
Justus AlleynFeb 9, 2018Brandon31
Angus BurrMar 2, 1974Acadia29
Rick WattsMar 4, 1976Windsor29
Grant WatsonMar 9, 1978Saint Marys27
Stephan WaltonFeb 23, 2013Victoria26
Ilarion BonhommeFeb 24, 2017UBC26
Martin RileyMar 1, 1974Alberta25
Rick WattsMar 9, 1975Waterloo25
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Most Rebounds
Wyatt AndersFeb 20, 2015Calgary16
Rick WattsMar 6, 1976Saint Marys15
Keith OmoerahFeb 23, 2017UBC15
Keith OmoerahMar 11, 2016Calgary14
Keith OmoerahMar 3, 2017Calgary14
Wyatt AndersFeb 21, 2015Calgary13
Wyatt AndersMar 4, 2016Fraser Valley13
Cameron O'HaraFeb 9, 2018Brandon13
Ross WedlakeMar 4, 1971Waterloo Lutheran12
Grant WatsonMar 4, 1976Windsor12
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Most Field Goals
Cliff BellMar 10, 1978Wilfrid Laurier15
Rick WattsMar 6, 1976Saint Marys12
Rick WattsMar 9, 1975Waterloo11
Stephan WaltonFeb 23, 2013Victoria11
Rashawn Browne Feb 23, 2020 Alberta10
Amarjit BasiFeb 16, 2017Regina9
Ilarion BonhommeFeb 24, 2017UBC9
Justus AlleynFeb 9, 2018Brandon9
Jonar HuertasFeb 25, 2011UBC8
Jonar HuertasFeb 23, 2013Victoria8
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Most Free Throws
Martin RileyMar 4, 1976Windsor11
Justus AlleynMar 4, 2016Fraser Valley9
Justus AlleynFeb 9, 2018Brandon9
Rashawn Browne Feb 23, 2020 Alberta9
Wyatt AndersMar 11, 2016Calgary8
Martin RileyMar 9, 1975Waterloo7
Martin RileyMar 6, 1976Saint Marys7
Cliff BellMar 10, 1978Wilfrid Laurier7
Wyatt AndersMar 3, 2016Fraser Valley7
Ilarion BonhommeFeb 23, 2017UBC7
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Eric GarciaFeb 26, 2011UBC5
Justus AlleynFeb 16, 2018UBC5
Sean MaxwellFeb 25, 2011UBC4
Amarjit BasiFeb 20, 2015Calgary4
Joseph MedranoMar 12, 2016UBC4
Justus AlleynFeb 16, 2017Regina4
Justus AlleynFeb 17, 2017Regina4
Amarjit BasiFeb 23, 2017UBC4
Justus AlleynFeb 24, 2017UBC4
Amarjit BasiMar 3, 2017Calgary4
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Most Assists
Rashawn Browne Feb 22, 2020 Victoria12
Martin RileyMar 8, 1975Acadia10
Ilarion BonhommeFeb 16, 2017Regina9
Ilarion BonhommeFeb 24, 2017UBC9
Rashawn Browne Feb 23, 2020 Alberta8
Stephan WaltonFeb 21, 2015Calgary7
Ilarion BonhommeFeb 17, 2017Regina7
Rashawn BrowneFeb 15, 2018UBC7
Keith OmoerahMar 4, 2016Fraser Valley6
Ilarion BonhommeMar 10, 2017Calgary6
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Most Blocks
Richard ReimerFeb 25, 2011UBC3
Cameron O'HaraFeb 16, 2018UBC3
Jonathan AlexanderMar 3, 2016Fraser Valley2
Joseph NitychorukFeb 23, 2017UBC2
James WagnerFeb 24, 2017UBC2
Cameron O'HaraFeb 15, 2018UBC2
Jonar HuertasFeb 25, 2011UBC1
Sean MaxwellFeb 25, 2011UBC1
Sean MaxwellFeb 26, 2011UBC1
Keith OmoerahFeb 26, 2011UBC1
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Most Steals
Jonar HuertasFeb 23, 2013Victoria6
Andre ArrudaFeb 21, 2015Calgary4
Rashawn Browne Feb 22, 2020 Victoria3
Keiran Zziwa Feb 22, 2020 Victoria3
Rashawn BrowneFeb 16, 2018UBC3
Keiran ZziwaFeb 16, 2018UBC3
Amarjit BasiMar 9, 2017McGill3
Keith OmoerahMar 9, 2017McGill3
Keith OmoerahMar 3, 2017Calgary3
Justus AlleynFeb 17, 2017Regina3
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