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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for StFX

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Christian UpshawMar 4, 2011Saint Marys43
Terry ThomasMar 9, 2012Concordia39
Kevin BercyMar 4, 2018UNB33
Richard BellaMar 21, 1993McMaster32
Jeremy DunnMar 3, 2012Cape Breton32
William DonkohMar 1, 2014Acadia31
Neil MacDonaldMar 19, 2005Carleton29
Justin AndrewMar 3, 2018Dalhousie29
John HatchMar 13, 1981Acadia28
Randy NohrMar 18, 2000Lethbridge28
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Most Rebounds
Dennie OliverMar 18, 2000Lethbridge20
Richard BellaMar 21, 1993McMaster17
Peter (Doc) RyanMar 10, 1979York16
Marc MacKayMar 21, 1997Laurentian15
Kevin BercyFeb 28, 2014UNB15
Dennie OliverMar 19, 2000Brandon14
Neil MacDonaldMar 20, 2004York13
Neil MacDonaldMar 17, 2006McMaster13
Kevin BercyMar 3, 2018Dalhousie13
Azaro Roker Mar 1, 2020 Dalhousie13
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Most Field Goals
Christian UpshawMar 4, 2011Saint Marys17
Terry ThomasMar 9, 2012Concordia15
Kevin BercyMar 4, 2018UNB14
William DonkohMar 1, 2014Acadia13
Dennie OliverMar 18, 2001Brandon11
Justin AndrewMar 3, 2018Dalhousie11
Randy NohrMar 18, 2000Lethbridge10
Jeremy DunnMar 3, 2012Cape Breton10
Fred PerryMar 17, 2000McMaster9
Fred PerryMar 19, 2000Brandon9
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Most Free Throws
Varouj GurunlianMar 12, 1981York11
Neil MacDonaldMar 19, 2005Carleton11
Jeremy DunnMar 3, 2012Cape Breton9
Jeremy DunnMar 4, 2012Acadia9
Randy NohrMar 17, 2000McMaster8
Randy NohrMar 18, 2000Lethbridge8
William DonkohMar 2, 2014Saint Marys8
Dwayne JohnsonMar 4, 2011Saint Marys7
Marquis ClaytonMar 3, 2012Cape Breton7
Terry ThomasMar 4, 2012Acadia7
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Justin AndrewMar 3, 2018Dalhousie7
Christian UpshawMar 4, 2011Saint Marys5
Jordan CroucherMar 18, 2000Lethbridge4
Jordan CroucherMar 15, 2002Laval4
Zach RussellMar 20, 2004York4
Zach RussellMar 18, 2005Alberta4
Charlie SpurrMar 4, 2011Saint Marys4
Jeremy DunnMar 11, 2012Fraser Valley4
Jeremy DunnMar 1, 2013Dalhousie4
Jordan CroucherMar 19, 2000Brandon3
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Most Assists
Randy NohrMar 17, 2001McMaster15
Randy NohrMar 18, 2001Brandon12
Jameel WilliamsonMar 1, 2014Acadia12
Randy NohrMar 17, 2000McMaster10
Randy NohrMar 16, 2001Laval10
Christian UpshawMar 13, 2010Saint Marys10
William SilverMar 4, 2011Saint Marys9
Randy NohrMar 18, 2000Lethbridge8
Zach RussellMar 17, 2006McMaster8
Jordan CroucherMar 16, 2001Laval7
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Most Blocks
Fred PerryMar 18, 2000Lethbridge6
Dennie OliverMar 19, 2000Brandon6
Riiny NgotMar 5, 2011Dalhousie6
Dennie OliverMar 16, 2001Laval5
Dennie OliverMar 18, 2000Lethbridge4
Neil MacDonaldMar 20, 2004York4
Riiny NgotMar 13, 2010Saint Marys4
Fred PerryMar 19, 2000Brandon3
Dennie OliverMar 17, 2001McMaster3
Dennie OliverMar 15, 2002Laval3
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Most Steals
Randy NohrMar 16, 2001Laval8
Terry ThomasMar 9, 2012Concordia6
Jameel WilliamsonMar 1, 2014Acadia5
Terry ThomasMar 4, 2012Acadia5
Christian UpshawMar 4, 2011Saint Marys5
Dennie OliverMar 18, 2001Brandon5
Randy NohrMar 17, 2000McMaster5
Justin AndrewMar 4, 2018UNB4
William DonkohMar 1, 2014Acadia4
William SilverMar 4, 2011Saint Marys4
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