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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Trinity Western

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Jacob DoerksenFeb 25, 2011Fraser Valley32
Jacob DoerksenFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley32
Jacob DoerksenMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan29
Kyle CostonFeb 24, 2012Saskatchewan25
Tristan SmithFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan25
Jacob DoerksenFeb 24, 2011Fraser Valley24
Tonner JacksonFeb 22, 2013Winnipeg24
Kyle CostonMar 12, 2011UBC23
Calvin WestbrookFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan23
Kyle CostonFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan22
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Most Rebounds
Jacob DoerksenFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley18
Tyrell MaraFeb 25, 2011Fraser Valley12
Jacob DoerksenMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan12
Kyle CostonMar 12, 2011UBC12
Jacob DoerksenMar 13, 2011Carleton12
Tyrell MaraFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley11
Tyrell MaraMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan11
Jacob DoerksenMar 5, 2011Alberta11
Kyle CostonMar 11, 2011Lakehead11
Mark PerrinFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg11
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Most Field Goals
Jacob DoerksenFeb 25, 2011Fraser Valley12
Jacob DoerksenFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley10
Jacob DoerksenMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan10
Jacob DoerksenMar 11, 2011Lakehead9
Kyle CostonFeb 24, 2012Saskatchewan9
Kyle CostonFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan9
Calvin WestbrookFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan9
Jacob DoerksenFeb 24, 2011Fraser Valley8
Jacob DoerksenMar 5, 2011Alberta8
Calvin WestbrookMar 11, 2011Lakehead7
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Most Free Throws
Jacob DoerksenFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley12
Tonner JacksonFeb 22, 2013Winnipeg12
Kyle CostonMar 11, 2011Lakehead9
Tristan SmithFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan8
Jacob DoerksenFeb 24, 2011Fraser Valley7
Kyle CostonFeb 25, 2011Fraser Valley7
Kyle CostonMar 12, 2011UBC7
Kyle CostonMar 13, 2011Carleton7
Jacob DoerksenFeb 25, 2011Fraser Valley6
Eli MaraMar 13, 2011Carleton6
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Jacob DoerksenMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan6
Justin BakutekaFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg5
Daniel HornerFeb 24, 2011Fraser Valley3
Calvin WestbrookFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley3
Daniel HornerMar 5, 2011Alberta3
Kyle CostonFeb 24, 2012Saskatchewan3
Tristan SmithFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan3
Calvin WestbrookFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan3
Tonner JacksonFeb 23, 2013Winnipeg3
Tristan SmithFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg3
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Most Assists
Tristan SmithFeb 25, 2012Saskatchewan11
Tristan SmithMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan9
Tristan SmithFeb 23, 2013Winnipeg9
Daniel HornerMar 5, 2011Alberta7
Tristan SmithFeb 22, 2013Winnipeg7
Tristan SmithFeb 24, 2011Fraser Valley6
Tristan SmithFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley6
Mark PerrinFeb 22, 2013Winnipeg6
Mark PerrinFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg6
Tristan SmithFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg6
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Most Blocks
Kyle CostonMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan2
Jacob DoerksenMar 5, 2011Alberta2
Jacob DoerksenMar 12, 2011UBC2
Kyle CostonFeb 25, 2011Fraser Valley1
Jacob DoerksenFeb 25, 2011Fraser Valley1
Jacob DoerksenFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley1
Jacob DoerksenMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan1
Lance VerhoeffMar 4, 2011Saskatchewan1
Kyle CostonMar 5, 2011Alberta1
Tonner JacksonMar 5, 2011Alberta1
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Most Steals
Mark PerrinFeb 22, 2013Winnipeg5
Tristan SmithFeb 24, 2012Saskatchewan4
Tyrell MaraFeb 25, 2011Fraser Valley4
Tristan SmithFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg3
Calvin WestbrookFeb 24, 2012Saskatchewan3
Calvin WestbrookMar 12, 2011UBC3
Tristan SmithFeb 26, 2011Fraser Valley3
Justin BakutekaFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg2
Denny McDonaldFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg2
Mark PerrinFeb 24, 2013Winnipeg2
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