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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for UNBC

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Rhys ElliotFeb 26, 2015UBC21
Rhys ElliotFeb 27, 2015UBC19
Jovan LeamyFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg18
Volodymyr PluzhnikovFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg17
Jeff ChuFeb 27, 2015UBC16
Jovan LeamyFeb 16, 2018Alberta16
Volodymyr PluzhnikovFeb 16, 2018Alberta16
Jovan LeamyFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley15
Billy ChengFeb 27, 2015UBC14
Devin McMurtryFeb 27, 2015UBC14
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Most Rebounds
Vaggelis LoukasFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley12
Franck Olivier KouagniaFeb 26, 2015UBC10
Franck Olivier KouagniaFeb 27, 2015UBC10
Vaggelis LoukasFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg10
Jovan LeamyFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg9
Devin McMurtryFeb 26, 2015UBC8
Vaggelis LoukasFeb 16, 2018Alberta8
Jovan LeamyFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley8
Devin McMurtryFeb 27, 2015UBC7
Vaggelis LoukasFeb 17, 2018Alberta6
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Most Field Goals
Rhys ElliotFeb 26, 2015UBC9
Jovan LeamyFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg8
Rhys ElliotFeb 27, 2015UBC7
Devin McMurtryFeb 27, 2015UBC6
Volodymyr PluzhnikovFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg6
Jovan LeamyFeb 16, 2018Alberta6
Volodymyr PluzhnikovFeb 16, 2018Alberta6
Billy ChengFeb 26, 2015UBC5
Nolan HansonFeb 26, 2015UBC5
Billy ChengFeb 27, 2015UBC5
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Most Free Throws
Austin ChandlerFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley7
Jovan LeamyFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley6
Jeff ChuFeb 27, 2015UBC3
Volodymyr PluzhnikovFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg3
James AgyemanFeb 17, 2018Alberta3
Franck Olivier KouagniaFeb 26, 2015UBC2
Rhys ElliotFeb 27, 2015UBC2
Franck Olivier KouagniaFeb 27, 2015UBC2
Devin McMurtryFeb 27, 2015UBC2
Sam ZhangFeb 27, 2015UBC2
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Billy ChengFeb 27, 2015UBC4
Volodymyr PluzhnikovFeb 16, 2018Alberta4
Tyrell LaingFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley4
Rhys ElliotFeb 26, 2015UBC3
Marcus MacKayFeb 26, 2015UBC3
Jeff ChuFeb 27, 2015UBC3
Rhys ElliotFeb 27, 2015UBC3
Jovan LeamyFeb 16, 2018Alberta3
Nolan HansonFeb 26, 2015UBC2
Volodymyr PluzhnikovFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg2
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Most Assists
Volodymyr PluzhnikovFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg6
Daniel StarkFeb 16, 2018Alberta5
Jeff ChuFeb 26, 2015UBC4
Devin McMurtryFeb 26, 2015UBC3
James AgyemanFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg3
James AgyemanFeb 16, 2018Alberta3
James AgyemanFeb 17, 2018Alberta3
Billy ChengFeb 26, 2015UBC2
Rhys ElliotFeb 26, 2015UBC2
Billy ChengFeb 27, 2015UBC2
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Most Blocks
Jovan LeamyFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg4
Franck Olivier KouagniaFeb 26, 2015UBC3
Vaggelis LoukasFeb 17, 2018Alberta3
Austin ChandlerFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley2
Rhys ElliotFeb 26, 2015UBC1
Rhys ElliotFeb 27, 2015UBC1
Devin McMurtryFeb 27, 2015UBC1
Vaggelis LoukasFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg1
Daniel StarkFeb 16, 2018Alberta1
Daniel StarkFeb 17, 2018Alberta1
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Most Steals
Jovan LeamyFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley4
Jovan LeamyFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg3
James AgyemanFeb 16, 2018Alberta2
Jovan LeamyFeb 16, 2018Alberta2
Daniel StarkFeb 8, 2018Winnipeg2
Jeff ChuFeb 26, 2015UBC2
Vaggelis LoukasFeb 26, 2015UBC2
Devin McMurtryFeb 26, 2015UBC2
Austin ChandlerFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley1
Vaggelis LoukasFeb 7, 2019Fraser Valley1
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