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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Winnipeg

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 7, 2019Manitoba36
Bob MagelMar 9, 1979Calgary33
Ken OpalkoMar 9, 1979Calgary33
Bob MagelMar 13, 1980Calgary27
Bob MagelMar 10, 1979Windsor25
Devon DaleyMar 14, 1980Brandon24
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 23, 2017Saskatchewan24
Billy YaworskyFeb 16, 2019Calgary24
Ken OpalkoMar 10, 1979Windsor23
Denzel Lynch-BlairFeb 16, 2017Fraser Valley23
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Most Rebounds
Ryan OirbansFeb 26, 2016Regina15
Ryan OirbansFeb 16, 2017Fraser Valley15
Sean TarverFeb 8, 2018UNBC13
Billy YaworskyFeb 8, 2018UNBC13
Bob MagelMar 13, 1980Calgary12
Steven WesleyFeb 23, 2014Victoria12
William SesayFeb 18, 2017Fraser Valley12
Sean TarverFeb 16, 2019Calgary11
Ryan OirbansFeb 19, 2015Thompson Rivers10
William SesayFeb 26, 2016Regina10
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Most Field Goals
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 7, 2019Manitoba14
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 23, 2017Saskatchewan11
Denzel Lynch-BlairFeb 16, 2017Fraser Valley10
Ryan OirbansFeb 16, 2017Fraser Valley10
Billy YaworskyFeb 16, 2019Calgary10
Ryan OirbansFeb 27, 2016Regina9
Sean TarverFeb 17, 2017Fraser Valley9
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 18, 2017Fraser Valley9
Andrew CunninghamFeb 22, 2013Trinity Western8
Steven WesleyFeb 22, 2013Trinity Western8
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Most Free Throws
Jelane PryceFeb 20, 2015Thompson Rivers9
Denzel Lynch-BlairFeb 17, 2017Fraser Valley7
Narcisse Ambanza Feb 14, 2020 Fraser Valley7
Benny IkoMar 2, 2013Fraser Valley6
Marcello KambolaFeb 26, 2016Regina6
Mark McNeeMar 1, 2013Victoria5
Jelane PryceFeb 21, 2014Victoria5
Denzel Lynch-BlairFeb 19, 2015Thompson Rivers5
Denzel Lynch-BlairFeb 26, 2016Regina5
Ryan OirbansFeb 26, 2016Regina5
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Travis KrahnFeb 24, 2013Trinity Western5
Jamar FarleyFeb 28, 2016Regina5
Joseph MedranoFeb 16, 2019Calgary5
Travis KrahnFeb 23, 2013Trinity Western4
Jordan ClennonMar 2, 2013Fraser Valley4
Travis KrahnMar 2, 2013Fraser Valley4
Jamar FarleyFeb 23, 2017Saskatchewan4
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 7, 2019Manitoba4
Billy YaworskyFeb 16, 2019Calgary4
Andrew CunninghamFeb 23, 2013Trinity Western3
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Most Assists
Andrew CunninghamFeb 23, 2013Trinity Western17
Andrew CunninghamFeb 24, 2013Trinity Western13
Andrew CunninghamFeb 22, 2013Trinity Western12
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 8, 2018UNBC6
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 7, 2019Manitoba6
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 16, 2019Calgary6
Andrew CunninghamMar 1, 2013Victoria5
Jordan ClennonMar 2, 2013Fraser Valley5
Nolan GoodingMar 2, 2013Fraser Valley5
Andrew CunninghamFeb 21, 2014Victoria5
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Most Blocks
Ryan OirbansFeb 24, 2017Saskatchewan5
Belaineh DeGuefeMar 10, 1979Windsor4
Ryan OirbansFeb 20, 2015Thompson Rivers4
Mark McNeeFeb 22, 2013Trinity Western3
Jelane PryceFeb 27, 2016Regina3
Ryan OirbansFeb 28, 2016Regina3
Steven WesleyFeb 23, 2013Trinity Western2
Benny IkoFeb 24, 2013Trinity Western2
Steven WesleyFeb 24, 2013Trinity Western2
Jelane PryceFeb 20, 2015Thompson Rivers2
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Most Steals
Sean TarverFeb 16, 2019Calgary6
Sean TarverFeb 7, 2019Manitoba5
Denzel Lynch-BlairFeb 18, 2017Fraser Valley4
William SesayFeb 28, 2016Regina4
Narcisse Ambanza Feb 14, 2020 Fraser Valley3
Dwight (DJ) Dixon Feb 14, 2020 Fraser Valley3
Denzel Lynch-BlairFeb 24, 2017Saskatchewan3
Sean TarverFeb 16, 2017Fraser Valley3
William SesayFeb 27, 2016Regina3
Jamar FarleyFeb 26, 2016Regina3
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