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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Laval

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 19, 2011Toronto27
Jane GagneMar 9, 2018Acadia23
Elyse JobinMar 5, 2011UQAM21
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 10, 2019McMaster21
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 12, 2016McGill20
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 2, 2017Concordia20
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 9, 2019Ottawa20
Raphaelle CoteMar 11, 2017Queens19
Jane GagneMar 8, 2018Regina19
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 6, 2010McGill19
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Most Rebounds
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 18, 2011Windsor14
Raphaelle CoteMar 2, 2017Concordia13
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 19, 2011Toronto13
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauMar 7, 2019Ryerson12
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauMar 10, 2019McMaster12
Jane GagneMar 10, 2019McMaster12
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 6, 2010McGill12
Marie-Pascale NadeauMar 6, 2010McGill12
Marie-Pascale NadeauMar 13, 2010McMaster12
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauFeb 27, 2019UQAM11
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Most Field Goals
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 6, 2010McGill9
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 13, 2010McMaster8
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 19, 2011Toronto8
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 2, 2019Concordia8
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 12, 2016McGill8
Raphaelle CoteMar 12, 2015Windsor7
Raphaelle CoteMar 3, 2018McGill7
Raphaelle CoteMar 9, 2018Acadia7
Genevieve DeromeMar 9, 2017Saskatchewan7
Claudia EmondMar 7, 2019Ryerson7
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Most Free Throws
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 19, 2011Toronto9
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 11, 2017Queens8
Jane GagneMar 9, 2019Ottawa7
Jane GagneMar 9, 2018Acadia7
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 2, 2017Concordia7
Marie-Pascale NadeauMar 13, 2010McMaster7
Jane GagneMar 8, 2018Regina6
Elyse JobinMar 5, 2011UQAM6
Raphaelle CoteMar 5, 2015McGill5
Marjorie FerlandMar 5, 2011UQAM5
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Elyse JobinMar 5, 2011UQAM5
Claudia EmondMar 11, 2017Queens4
Gabrielle GirardMar 9, 2017Saskatchewan4
Elyse JobinMar 19, 2011Toronto4
Myriam LamarreMar 12, 2010Regina4
Carrie-Ann AugerFeb 28, 2018UQAM3
Raphaelle CoteMar 9, 2017Saskatchewan3
Raphaelle CoteMar 10, 2018Calgary3
Raphaelle CoteMar 11, 2017Queens3
Raphaelle CoteMar 9, 2018Acadia3
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Most Assists
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 2, 2019Concordia8
Claudia EmondFeb 28, 2018UQAM7
Marjorie FerlandMar 19, 2011Toronto6
Gabrielle GirardFeb 28, 2014McGill6
Carrie-Ann AugerFeb 27, 2019UQAM5
Claudia EmondMar 3, 2018McGill5
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 3, 2010Bishops5
Elyse JobinMar 19, 2011Toronto5
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 12, 2017McGill5
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 9, 2018Acadia5
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Most Blocks
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauMar 9, 2019Ottawa10
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauMar 10, 2019McMaster4
Jane GagneMar 9, 2018Acadia4
Marie-Pascale NadeauMar 6, 2010McGill4
Claudia EmondMar 9, 2018Acadia3
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 5, 2011UQAM3
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauFeb 27, 2019UQAM2
Khaleann Caron-GoudreauMar 7, 2019Ryerson2
Julie ChapadosMar 14, 2010Cape Breton2
Genevieve DeromeMar 10, 2016UQAM2
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Most Steals
Chanelle St-AmourMar 3, 2010Bishops6
Sarah-Jane MaroisMar 10, 2016UQAM5
Raphaelle CoteMar 12, 2015Windsor4
Genevieve DeromeFeb 28, 2014McGill4
Claudia EmondMar 10, 2018Calgary4
Marie-Michelle GenoisMar 18, 2011Windsor4
Gabrielle GirardMar 10, 2016UQAM4
Gabrielle GirardMar 9, 2017Saskatchewan4
Marie-Pascale NadeauFeb 28, 2014McGill4
Marilyn BariaultMar 5, 2015McGill3
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