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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Lethbridge Pronghorns

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Asnate FominaFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan33
Jessica HaenniMar 5, 2022Manitoba26
Zoe DahlFeb 9, 2018UBC25
Shawna Molcak KolaczekMar 3, 1988Calgary24
Jodi SavageMar 4, 1988Toronto24
Asnate FominaFeb 14, 2019Alberta22
Jessica HaenniMar 19, 2022Regina22
Haily WeaverMar 6, 2022Trinity Western22
Kacie BoschFeb 14, 2020UNBC21
Katie KeithFeb 15, 2019Alberta21
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Most Rebounds
Katie KeithFeb 15, 2019Alberta15
Katie KeithFeb 14, 2019Alberta14
Katie KeithFeb 14, 2020UNBC14
Kacie BoschFeb 14, 2020UNBC12
Kacie BoschFeb 21, 2019Saskatchewan10
Katie KeithFeb 8, 2019Manitoba10
Amy MazutinecMar 5, 2022Manitoba10
Haily WeaverMar 5, 2022Manitoba10
Haily WeaverMar 6, 2022Trinity Western10
Kacie BoschFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan9
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Most Field Goals
Asnate FominaFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan12
Zoe DahlFeb 9, 2018UBC10
Asnate FominaFeb 14, 2019Alberta10
Jessica HaenniMar 5, 2022Manitoba10
Kacie BoschFeb 14, 2020UNBC9
Jessica HaenniMar 19, 2022Regina9
Kathryn HankinsFeb 8, 2019Manitoba8
Katie KeithFeb 15, 2019Alberta8
Haily WeaverMar 6, 2022Trinity Western8
Kacie BoschFeb 8, 2019Manitoba7
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Most Free Throws
Savannah McKee McMahonMar 6, 2022Trinity Western9
Kacie BoschFeb 21, 2019Saskatchewan5
Asnate FominaFeb 15, 2019Alberta5
Jessica HaenniMar 5, 2022Manitoba5
Amy MazutinecFeb 21, 2019Saskatchewan5
Amy MazutinecMar 19, 2022Regina5
Amy MazutinecMar 5, 2022Manitoba5
Savannah McKee McMahonMar 19, 2022Regina5
Haily WeaverMar 6, 2022Trinity Western5
Hannah BlanchetteFeb 25, 2010Regina4
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Courtney HeinricksFeb 26, 2010Regina1
Kara HenryFeb 25, 2010Regina1
Stephanie InmanFeb 25, 2010Regina1
Stephanie InmanFeb 26, 2010Regina1
Danielle NadeauMar 6, 2022Trinity Western1
Nathania TakyiFeb 15, 2019Alberta1
Sydney AndresFeb 21, 2019Saskatchewan0
Kyra CollierMar 5, 2022Manitoba0
Courtney HeinricksFeb 25, 2010Regina0
Millay JohnsonFeb 9, 2018UBC0
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Hannah BlanchetteFeb 25, 2010Regina4
Asnate FominaFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan4
Amy MazutinecFeb 14, 2019Alberta4
Amy MazutinecFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan4
Amy MazutinecFeb 14, 2020UNBC4
Stephanie PriceFeb 25, 2010Regina4
Kacie BoschFeb 8, 2019Manitoba3
Katie KeithFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan3
Kenzie SheenFeb 26, 2010Regina3
Sydney AndresFeb 8, 2019Manitoba2
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Asnate FominaFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan5
Danielle FritzkeFeb 14, 2019Alberta5
Asnate FominaFeb 14, 2020UNBC4
Asnate FominaFeb 15, 2019Alberta4
Zoe DahlFeb 9, 2018UBC3
Asnate FominaFeb 21, 2019Saskatchewan3
Danielle FritzkeFeb 15, 2019Alberta3
Jessica HaenniMar 18, 2022Saskatchewan3
Amy MazutinecFeb 14, 2020UNBC3
Kacie BoschFeb 14, 2019Alberta2
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Most Assists
Asnate FominaFeb 8, 2019Manitoba8
Katie KeithFeb 14, 2020UNBC8
Asnate FominaFeb 14, 2019Alberta7
Kacie BoschFeb 8, 2019Manitoba6
Asnate FominaFeb 15, 2019Alberta6
Asnate FominaFeb 21, 2019Saskatchewan6
Kacie BoschFeb 14, 2020UNBC5
Asnate FominaFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan5
Kathryn HankinsFeb 14, 2019Alberta5
Kacie BoschFeb 9, 2018UBC4
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Most Blocks
Kacie BoschFeb 8, 2019Manitoba2
Kacie BoschFeb 14, 2020UNBC1
Kyra CollierMar 19, 2022Regina1
Asnate FominaFeb 21, 2019Saskatchewan1
Danielle FritzkeFeb 8, 2019Manitoba1
Jessica HaenniMar 6, 2022Trinity Western1
Becky HeningerFeb 26, 2010Regina1
Stephanie InmanFeb 25, 2010Regina1
Katie KeithFeb 21, 2019Saskatchewan1
Katie KeithFeb 14, 2020UNBC1
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Most Steals
Amy MazutinecFeb 14, 2019Alberta5
Katie KeithFeb 8, 2019Manitoba5
Asnate FominaFeb 22, 2019Saskatchewan5
Hannah BlanchetteFeb 25, 2010Regina5
Haily WeaverMar 18, 2022Saskatchewan4
Katie KeithFeb 15, 2019Alberta4
Haily WeaverMar 19, 2022Regina3
Haily WeaverMar 6, 2022Trinity Western3
Isabel RattaiMar 18, 2022Saskatchewan3
Savannah McKee McMahonMar 6, 2022Trinity Western3
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