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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Queens

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Liz BoagMar 15, 2014Alberta27
Liz BoagFeb 20, 2013Ryerson24
Jenny WrightFeb 28, 2015Wilfrid Laurier24
Emily HazlettMar 3, 2017Windsor22
Liz BoagFeb 22, 2014Toronto21
Veronika LavergneFeb 20, 2019York21
Brittany MooreFeb 17, 2010Toronto19
Brittany MooreFeb 22, 2012Ryerson19
Liz BoagFeb 25, 2015Laurentian19
Marianne AlarieFeb 25, 2017Lakehead19
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Most Rebounds
Robyn PearsonMar 4, 2017Carleton18
Robyn PearsonMar 2, 2016Laurentian15
Robyn PearsonMar 5, 2016McMaster15
Sophie de GoedeFeb 20, 2019York15
Julia Chadwick Feb 22, 2020 Ryerson15
Nicole MorseFeb 20, 2013Ryerson13
Robyn PearsonMar 11, 2017Laval13
Robyn PearsonFeb 28, 2015Wilfrid Laurier12
Jenny WrightMar 5, 2016McMaster12
Robyn PearsonFeb 22, 2014Toronto11
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Most Field Goals
Jenny WrightFeb 28, 2015Wilfrid Laurier10
Emily HazlettMar 3, 2017Windsor10
Liz BoagFeb 20, 2013Ryerson9
Veronika LavergneFeb 20, 2019York9
Jenny WrightFeb 20, 2013Ryerson8
Liz BoagFeb 22, 2014Toronto8
Liz BoagMar 15, 2014Alberta8
Jenny WrightMar 6, 2015Ryerson8
Marianne AlarieFeb 25, 2017Lakehead8
Abby DixonFeb 24, 2018Ottawa8
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Most Free Throws
Liz BoagMar 1, 2014Carleton8
Jenny WrightMar 1, 2014Carleton7
Emily HazlettFeb 28, 2015Wilfrid Laurier7
Jenny WrightMar 2, 2016Laurentian6
Brittany MooreFeb 17, 2010Toronto5
Liz BoagMar 15, 2014Alberta5
Myriam FontaineFeb 25, 2017Lakehead5
Marianne AlarieFeb 20, 2019York5
Maddie MorrisFeb 20, 2019York5
Brittany MooreFeb 23, 2011Ryerson4
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Liz BoagFeb 20, 2013Ryerson6
Liz BoagMar 15, 2014Alberta6
Brittany MooreFeb 23, 2011Ryerson4
Liz BoagFeb 22, 2014Toronto4
Liz BoagFeb 25, 2015Laurentian4
Abby DixonFeb 25, 2015Laurentian4
Laura Donovan Feb 19, 2020 Wilfrid Laurier4
Brittany MooreFeb 22, 2012Ryerson3
Jenny WrightFeb 23, 2013Ottawa3
Gemma BullardFeb 22, 2014Toronto3
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Most Assists
Emma RitceyFeb 24, 2018Ottawa9
Emma Ritcey Feb 19, 2020 Wilfrid Laurier8
Jenny WrightFeb 22, 2014Toronto7
Emma RitceyFeb 20, 2019York7
Emma Ritcey Feb 22, 2020 Ryerson6
Liz BoagFeb 22, 2012Ryerson5
Jenny WrightMar 15, 2014Alberta5
Emily HazlettMar 3, 2017Windsor5
Abby DixonMar 9, 2017Cape Breton5
Katie GuthrieFeb 17, 2010Toronto4
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Most Blocks
Veronika LavergneFeb 24, 2018Ottawa4
Robyn PearsonFeb 28, 2015Wilfrid Laurier3
Robyn PearsonMar 5, 2016McMaster3
Robyn PearsonMar 12, 2017Carleton3
Robyn PearsonFeb 23, 2013Ottawa2
Robyn PearsonMar 15, 2014Alberta2
Jenny WrightFeb 28, 2015Wilfrid Laurier2
Emily HazlettMar 2, 2016Laurentian2
Veronika LavergneFeb 25, 2017Lakehead2
Robyn PearsonMar 3, 2017Windsor2
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Most Steals
Gemma BullardMar 1, 2014Carleton6
Emma Ritcey Feb 19, 2020 Wilfrid Laurier5
Marianne AlarieMar 3, 2017Windsor5
Brittany MooreFeb 17, 2010Toronto5
Julia Chadwick Feb 19, 2020 Wilfrid Laurier4
Sophie de Goede Feb 19, 2020 Wilfrid Laurier4
Abby DixonMar 3, 2017Windsor4
Marianne AlarieFeb 25, 2017Lakehead4
Emily HazlettFeb 28, 2015Wilfrid Laurier4
Liz BoagFeb 22, 2014Toronto4
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