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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Saint Mary's Huskies

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Carol Turney-LoosMar 3, 1977Concordia44
Justine Colley-LegerFeb 27, 2010Memorial38
Justine Colley-LegerMar 15, 2014Saskatchewan38
Carol Turney-LoosMar 4, 1977Alberta37
Justine Colley-LegerMar 17, 2013Calgary33
Justine Colley-LegerMar 10, 2013StFX30
Arianna MaciasFeb 28, 2020Memorial27
Justine Colley-LegerFeb 28, 2010Cape Breton24
Justine Colley-LegerMar 9, 2013Memorial23
Rachelle CowardMar 9, 2014StFX23
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Most Rebounds
Amanda SmithMar 9, 2013Memorial14
Justine Colley-LegerMar 9, 2014StFX13
Kennisha-Shanice LuberisseMar 6, 2016Cape Breton13
Susanne Canvin MorrisonMar 2, 2012Dalhousie12
Laura LangilleMar 15, 2014Saskatchewan12
Susanne Canvin MorrisonMar 4, 2011StFX11
Justine Colley-LegerMar 10, 2013StFX11
Kennisha-Shanice LuberisseMar 17, 2016Alberta11
Laura LangilleMar 1, 2015UPEI10
Laura LangilleMar 17, 2016Alberta10
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Most Field Goals
Carol Turney-LoosMar 3, 1977Concordia17
Justine Colley-LegerMar 15, 2014Saskatchewan15
Justine Colley-LegerFeb 27, 2010Memorial13
Carol Turney-LoosMar 4, 1977Alberta12
Justine Colley-LegerMar 17, 2013Calgary11
Arianna MaciasFeb 28, 2020Memorial10
Lucina BeaumontMar 18, 2022UNB9
Justine Colley-LegerMar 10, 2013StFX9
Rachelle CowardMar 17, 2016Alberta9
Justine Colley-LegerMar 2, 2012Dalhousie8
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Most Free Throws
Carol Turney-LoosMar 4, 1977Alberta13
Angelina CarveryMar 4, 2017Acadia10
Justine Colley-LegerFeb 27, 2010Memorial10
Justine Colley-LegerMar 9, 2013Memorial10
Carol Turney-LoosMar 3, 1977Concordia10
Justine Colley-LegerMar 16, 2013Regina9
Justine Colley-LegerMar 17, 2013Calgary9
Kennisha-Shanice LuberisseMar 2, 2018Memorial9
Justine Colley-LegerMar 15, 2013UFV8
Clara GascoigneMar 19, 2022Acadia8
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Amanda SmithMar 10, 2013StFX3
Laura LangilleMar 2, 2012Dalhousie2
Shanieka WoodMar 4, 2017Acadia2
Stephanie ClarkeFeb 26, 2010Acadia1
Stephanie ClarkeFeb 27, 2010Memorial1
Becky NashMar 8, 2014Dalhousie1
Michela BarresiMar 2, 2018Memorial0
Michela BarresiMar 3, 2018Acadia0
Courtney Cain-NordinMar 5, 2016UNB0
Stephanie ClarkeFeb 28, 2010Cape Breton0
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Clara GascoigneMar 19, 2022Acadia8
Alaina McMillanFeb 26, 2023Acadia6
Susanne Canvin MorrisonMar 4, 2011StFX5
Emma ValikoskiMar 1, 2015UPEI5
Rachelle CowardMar 19, 2016Saskatchewan4
Aki KobayashiMar 11, 2023Carleton4
Laura LangilleMar 13, 2015Ryerson4
Kennisha-Shanice LuberisseMar 4, 2017Acadia4
Laure PitfieldFeb 27, 2010Memorial4
Lucina BeaumontMar 19, 2022Acadia3
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Justine Colley-LegerMar 10, 2013StFX5
Rachelle CowardMar 8, 2014Dalhousie5
Naomie FequiereMar 10, 2013StFX5
Angelina CarveryFeb 28, 2015Cape Breton4
Angelina CarveryMar 12, 2015McGill4
Angelina CarveryMar 6, 2016Cape Breton4
Rachelle CowardMar 20, 2016McGill4
Rachelle CowardMar 9, 2014StFX4
Kelsey DaleyFeb 26, 2010Acadia4
Courtney DonaldsonFeb 26, 2023Acadia4
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Most Assists
Jasmine CainMar 2, 2018Memorial8
Justine Colley-LegerMar 8, 2014Dalhousie8
Justine Colley-LegerMar 9, 2014StFX8
Kelsey DaleyFeb 27, 2010Memorial8
Kelsey DaleyFeb 26, 2010Acadia8
Alaina McMillanMar 19, 2022Acadia7
Justine Colley-LegerFeb 26, 2010Acadia6
Justine Colley-LegerMar 15, 2013UFV6
Clara GascoigneFeb 26, 2023Acadia6
Angelina CarveryMar 14, 2014Alberta5
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Most Blocks
Clara GascoigneFeb 25, 2023UPEI5
Lucina BeaumontFeb 26, 2023Acadia3
Lucina BeaumontMar 11, 2023Carleton3
Justine Colley-LegerMar 9, 2013Memorial3
Rachelle CowardMar 15, 2014Saskatchewan3
Laura LangilleMar 9, 2013Memorial3
Laura LangilleMar 15, 2013UFV3
Katelyn PowerMar 18, 2022UNB3
Susanne Canvin MorrisonMar 4, 2011StFX2
Susanne Canvin MorrisonMar 2, 2012Dalhousie2
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Most Steals
Justine Colley-LegerMar 17, 2013Calgary8
Justine Colley-LegerMar 15, 2013UFV7
Lucina BeaumontMar 18, 2022UNB6
Clara GascoigneFeb 25, 2023UPEI5
Laure PitfieldFeb 26, 2010Acadia4
Alaina McMillanMar 18, 2022UNB4
Kennisha-Shanice LuberisseMar 13, 2015Ryerson4
Kennisha-Shanice LuberisseMar 5, 2016UNB4
Kennisha-Shanice LuberisseMar 20, 2016McGill4
Kennisha-Shanice LuberisseMar 2, 2018Memorial4
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