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University Basketball in Canada
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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for St. Francis Xavier X-Women

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Lia St. PierreMar 9, 2013UNB27
Rebecca SheehanMar 8, 2014UPEI22
Tahmala ThorpeMar 17, 2022Acadia22
Kirsten JonesMar 6, 2011Memorial20
Ashley StephenMar 11, 2011Alberta20
Vanessa PickardMar 9, 2013UNB18
Kirsten JonesMar 20, 2011Cape Breton17
Vanessa PickardMar 2, 2012Memorial17
Vanessa PickardMar 3, 2012Acadia17
Lia St. PierreMar 8, 2014UPEI17
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Most Rebounds
Lia St. PierreMar 9, 2014Saint Mary's14
Kirsten JonesMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's13
Lindsay LessardMar 8, 2014UPEI13
Ashley StephenMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's13
Ashley StephenMar 11, 2011Alberta13
Donisha YoungMar 11, 2011Alberta12
Kolbi RoperMar 9, 2014Saint Mary's11
Kiley DeLongMar 3, 2012Acadia10
Kirsten JonesMar 6, 2011Memorial10
Kolbi RoperMar 3, 2012Acadia10
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Most Field Goals
Lia St. PierreMar 9, 2013UNB11
Kirsten JonesMar 6, 2011Memorial9
Rebecca SheehanMar 8, 2014UPEI8
Tahmala ThorpeMar 17, 2022Acadia8
Donisha YoungMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's8
Lia St. PierreMar 8, 2014UPEI7
Ashley StephenMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's7
Donisha YoungMar 12, 2011Carleton7
Donisha YoungMar 18, 2011Carleton7
Aliyah FraserMar 17, 2022Acadia6
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Most Free Throws
Lindsay LessardMar 8, 2014UPEI8
Vanessa PickardMar 2, 2012Memorial8
Ashley StephenMar 11, 2011Alberta8
Kolbi RoperMar 9, 2014Saint Mary's7
Ashley StephenMar 12, 2011Carleton7
Sheryl ChisholmMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's6
Kira AtherleyMar 17, 2022Acadia5
Kirsten JonesMar 20, 2011Cape Breton5
Kimberly KingsburyMar 17, 2022Acadia5
Kolbi RoperMar 8, 2014UPEI5
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Melina CollinsMar 17, 2022Acadia1
Elizabeth KennedyMar 17, 2022Acadia1
Spencer LockhartMar 20, 2011Cape Breton1
Tyra AtherleyMar 17, 2022Acadia0
Anna DahlMar 6, 2011Memorial0
Kiley DeLongMar 20, 2011Cape Breton0
Nicolette Fong Lyew QueeMar 9, 2013UNB0
Courtney KilykMar 9, 2013UNB0
Spencer LockhartMar 19, 2011Saskatchewan0
unknown-playerFeb 26, 2010Dalhousie0
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Lindsay LessardMar 8, 2014UPEI8
Kimberly KingsburyMar 17, 2022Acadia5
Lindsay LessardMar 10, 2013Saint Mary's3
Ashley StephenMar 6, 2011Memorial3
Victoria AndersonFeb 26, 2010Dalhousie2
Victoria AndersonMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's2
Sheryl ChisholmMar 11, 2011Alberta2
Kirsten JonesMar 19, 2011Saskatchewan2
Kirsten JonesMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's2
Kirsten JonesMar 6, 2011Memorial2
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Tahmala ThorpeMar 17, 2022Acadia5
Sheryl ChisholmMar 11, 2011Alberta4
Sheryl ChisholmMar 19, 2011Saskatchewan3
Aliyah FraserMar 17, 2022Acadia3
Vanessa PickardMar 3, 2012Acadia3
Rebecca SheehanMar 8, 2014UPEI3
Victoria AndersonFeb 26, 2010Dalhousie2
Sheryl ChisholmMar 20, 2011Cape Breton2
Anne KiberdMar 2, 2012Memorial2
Jocelyn MooreMar 3, 2012Acadia2
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Most Assists
Victoria AndersonMar 6, 2011Memorial7
Rebecca SheehanMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's7
Lia St. PierreMar 8, 2014UPEI7
Lia St. PierreMar 9, 2014Saint Mary's7
Victoria AndersonFeb 26, 2010Dalhousie6
Kiley DeLongMar 3, 2012Acadia5
Camesha McKenzieMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's5
Vanessa PickardMar 9, 2013UNB5
Lia St. PierreMar 9, 2013UNB5
Tahmala ThorpeMar 17, 2022Acadia5
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Most Blocks
Kirsten JonesMar 18, 2011Carleton4
Selali AcolatseMar 10, 2013Saint Mary's3
Kirsten JonesMar 19, 2011Saskatchewan3
Kirsten JonesMar 20, 2011Cape Breton3
Ashley StephenMar 11, 2011Alberta3
Kirsten JonesMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's2
Kirsten JonesMar 6, 2011Memorial2
Vanessa PickardMar 2, 2012Memorial2
Kimberley TaylorMar 8, 2014UPEI2
Sheryl ChisholmFeb 26, 2010Dalhousie1
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Most Steals
Rebecca SheehanMar 10, 2013Saint Mary's5
Ashley StephenMar 4, 2011Saint Mary's4
Ashley StephenMar 6, 2011Memorial4
Ashley StephenMar 11, 2011Alberta4
Rebecca SheehanMar 2, 2012Memorial4
Vanessa PickardMar 10, 2013Saint Mary's4
Vanessa PickardMar 2, 2012Memorial4
Ashley StephenFeb 26, 2010Dalhousie3
Rebecca SheehanMar 9, 2014Saint Mary's3
Vanessa PickardMar 9, 2013UNB3
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