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University Basketball in Canada
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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for UPEI Panthers

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Reese BaxendaleMar 2, 2018UNB30
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 2, 2018UNB28
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 2, 2019Acadia28
Amy GoughMar 7, 2014Cape Breton26
Reese BaxendaleMar 1, 2020Acadia25
Lauren RainfordApr 1, 2022Acadia25
Reese BaxendaleMar 3, 2018Cape Breton24
Reese BaxendaleMar 2, 2019Acadia24
Jenna Mae EllsworthFeb 29, 2020UNB24
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 1, 2020Acadia24
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Most Rebounds
Carolina Del SantoMar 17, 2022Dalhousie23
Carolina Del SantoMar 2, 2018UNB19
Carolina Del SantoMar 4, 2018Acadia16
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 5, 2020Ryerson13
Carolina Del SantoMar 8, 2020Laval12
Carolina Del SantoMar 19, 2022Cape Breton12
Carolina Del SantoMar 5, 2020Ryerson11
Lauren FlemingFeb 29, 2020UNB11
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 7, 2020Brock10
Amy GoughMar 7, 2014Cape Breton10
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Most Field Goals
Reese BaxendaleMar 2, 2018UNB11
Jenna Mae EllsworthFeb 29, 2020UNB10
Reese BaxendaleMar 3, 2018Cape Breton9
Reese BaxendaleMar 1, 2020Acadia9
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 4, 2018Acadia9
Lauren RainfordMar 19, 2022Cape Breton9
Reese BaxendaleMar 19, 2022Cape Breton8
Reese BaxendaleMar 2, 2019Acadia8
Lauren RainfordApr 1, 2022Acadia8
Reese BaxendaleFeb 29, 2020UNB7
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Most Free Throws
Amy GoughMar 7, 2014Cape Breton15
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 2, 2019Acadia13
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 2, 2018UNB12
Kiera RigbyMar 3, 2017Acadia11
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 8, 2020Laval10
Lauren RainfordApr 3, 2022Saskatchewan10
Lauren RainfordApr 1, 2022Acadia9
Reese BaxendaleMar 31, 2022Ryerson8
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 1, 2020Acadia8
Reese BaxendaleMar 5, 2020Ryerson7
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Katelynn DonahoeFeb 28, 2015Dalhousie2
Kendra CraswellMar 4, 2016UNB1
Carolina Del SantoFeb 29, 2020UNB1
Katelynn DonahoeMar 8, 2014StFX1
Elysia DrostFeb 26, 2015UNB1
Ria BahadursinghMar 5, 1988Victoria0
Victoria BarbourMar 3, 2017Acadia0
Victoria BarbourMar 2, 2018UNB0
Victoria BarbourMar 3, 2018Cape Breton0
Victoria BarbourMar 4, 2018Acadia0
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 5, 2020Ryerson7
Amy GoughMar 1, 2015Saint Mary's6
Reese BaxendaleFeb 29, 2020UNB4
Terrilyn HerrickFeb 28, 2015Dalhousie4
Jane McLaughlinMar 2, 2019Acadia4
Lauren RainfordMar 31, 2022Ryerson4
Sydney CumminsApr 1, 2022Acadia3
Sydney CumminsFeb 25, 2023Saint Mary's3
Tamara TompkinsMar 1, 2015Saint Mary's3
Tamara TompkinsMar 4, 2016UNB3
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Reese BaxendaleMar 2, 2018UNB5
Reese BaxendaleMar 1, 2020Acadia5
Alicia BoweringMar 17, 2022Dalhousie5
Reese BaxendaleMar 7, 2020Brock4
Reese BaxendaleMar 8, 2020Laval4
Danielle MacDonaldMar 8, 2014StFX4
Lauren RainfordMar 5, 2020Ryerson4
Reese BaxendaleFeb 29, 2020UNB3
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 5, 2020Ryerson3
Julie HatcherMar 8, 2014StFX3
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Most Assists
Reese BaxendaleMar 1, 2020Acadia7
Karla Yepez VillamorinFeb 29, 2020UNB7
Carolina Del SantoMar 17, 2022Dalhousie6
Amy GoughMar 7, 2014Cape Breton6
Carolina Del SantoMar 1, 2020Acadia5
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 2, 2018UNB5
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 1, 2020Acadia5
Jenna Mae EllsworthMar 5, 2020Ryerson5
Danielle MacDonaldMar 8, 2014StFX5
Sydney CumminsFeb 25, 2023Saint Mary's4
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Most Blocks
Carolina Del SantoMar 5, 2020Ryerson4
Carolina Del SantoApr 1, 2022Acadia3
Carolina Del SantoMar 2, 2018UNB3
Carolina Del SantoMar 8, 2020Laval3
Lauren RainfordApr 3, 2022Saskatchewan3
Carolina Del SantoMar 4, 2018Acadia2
Carolina Del SantoFeb 29, 2020UNB2
Carolina Del SantoMar 1, 2020Acadia2
Carolina Del SantoMar 17, 2022Dalhousie2
Amy GoughMar 7, 2014Cape Breton2
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Most Steals
Lauren RainfordFeb 25, 2023Saint Mary's4
Lauren RainfordMar 19, 2022Cape Breton4
Jane McLaughlinMar 4, 2016UNB4
Grace LancasterApr 1, 2022Acadia4
Carolina Del SantoApr 3, 2022Saskatchewan4
Darcy ZinckMar 7, 2014Cape Breton3
Lauren RainfordMar 8, 2020Laval3
Lauren RainfordApr 3, 2022Saskatchewan3
Jane McLaughlinMar 3, 2018Cape Breton3
Amy GoughMar 1, 2015Saint Mary's3
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