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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Windsor Lancers

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Jessica ClemenconMar 2, 2012Carleton32
Jessica ClemenconMar 9, 2012Cape Breton30
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 14, 2014Laurier30
Korissa WilliamsMar 12, 2015Laval26
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 8, 2014Queen's25
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 1, 2014Laurier24
Korissa WilliamsMar 14, 2015Saskatchewan24
Jessica ClemenconFeb 22, 2014McMaster23
Reine NdomeMar 16, 2022Guelph23
Emily PrevostFeb 25, 2017Ryerson23
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Most Rebounds
Emily PrevostFeb 25, 2017Ryerson16
Iva PeklovaMar 8, 2009Alberta15
Cheyanne RogerMar 6, 2015Lakehead15
Kayah ClarkeFeb 22, 2020Brock14
Jessica ClemenconMar 2, 2013McMaster14
Emily PrevostFeb 28, 2015Toronto14
Emily PrevostMar 4, 2017McMaster14
Cheyanne RogerFeb 28, 2015Toronto14
Korissa WilliamsMar 15, 2015McGill14
Harriet CareyMar 16, 2022Guelph13
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Most Field Goals
Jessica ClemenconMar 2, 2012Carleton12
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 14, 2014Laurier11
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 8, 2014Queen's10
Reine NdomeMar 16, 2022Guelph10
Cheyanne RogerMar 1, 2014Laurier10
Korissa WilliamsMar 12, 2015Laval10
Jessica ClemenconMar 8, 2014Queen's9
Jessica ClemenconMar 16, 2014Saint Mary's9
Jessica ClemenconFeb 22, 2014McMaster9
Miah-Marie LangloisFeb 22, 2014McMaster9
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Most Free Throws
Jessica ClemenconMar 9, 2012Cape Breton14
Jessica ClemenconMar 10, 2012Ottawa12
Cheyanne RogerMar 12, 2015Laval9
Cheyanne RogerMar 5, 2016Carleton9
Cheyanne RogerMar 4, 2017McMaster9
Korissa WilliamsMar 15, 2015McGill9
Jessica ClemenconMar 17, 2012Acadia8
Jessica ClemenconMar 15, 2014UFV8
Jessica ClemenconMar 2, 2012Carleton8
Korissa WilliamsMar 15, 2013Ottawa8
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Cheyanne RogerMar 1, 2014Laurier10
Bethanie WachnaMar 2, 2012Carleton5
Tyra BlizzardMar 12, 2016McMaster3
Shavaun ReaneyMar 6, 2010Ottawa3
Emily PrevostMar 1, 2014Laurier2
Kaylee AnagnostopoulosMar 3, 2017Queen's1
Reighan DalesMar 16, 2022Guelph1
Andrea KissFeb 22, 2014McMaster1
Tessa KreigerMar 2, 2013McMaster1
Tessa KreigerMar 16, 2014Saint Mary's1
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Jessica ClemenconMar 10, 2012Ottawa12
Jessica ClemenconMar 2, 2012Carleton8
Jessica ClemenconMar 17, 2012Acadia8
Emily PrevostFeb 25, 2017Ryerson7
Jessica ClemenconMar 19, 2012UBC6
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 15, 2014UFV6
Cheyanne RogerMar 15, 2015McGill6
Korissa WilliamsMar 12, 2015Laval6
Harriet CareyFeb 19, 2020Lakehead5
Jessica ClemenconMar 3, 2012Ottawa5
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Carly SteerMar 2, 2016Laurier5
Carly SteerMar 5, 2016Carleton5
Harriet CareyFeb 19, 2020Lakehead4
Kayah ClarkeFeb 19, 2020Lakehead4
Bojana Kovacevic GlisicMar 20, 2011Saskatchewan4
Bojana Kovacevic GlisicMar 17, 2012Acadia4
Bojana Kovacevic GlisicMar 19, 2012UBC4
Bojana Kovacevic GlisicMar 2, 2013McMaster4
Kristine LalondeMar 14, 2015Saskatchewan4
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 14, 2014Laurier4
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Most Assists
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 17, 2012Acadia10
Korissa WilliamsMar 7, 2015Ryerson10
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 9, 2012Cape Breton9
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 8, 2014Queen's8
Korissa WilliamsFeb 28, 2015Toronto8
Miah-Marie LangloisFeb 25, 2012Western7
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 16, 2014Saint Mary's7
Shavaun ReaneyMar 14, 2010Simon Fraser7
Korissa WilliamsMar 12, 2015Laval7
Korissa WilliamsMar 15, 2015McGill7
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Most Blocks
Jessica ClemenconMar 20, 2011Saskatchewan7
Jessica ClemenconMar 3, 2010Western5
Jessica ClemenconMar 16, 2013Calgary5
Jessica ClemenconMar 3, 2012Ottawa5
Iva PeklovaMar 2, 2012Carleton5
Cheyanne RogerFeb 28, 2015Toronto5
Cheyanne RogerMar 6, 2015Lakehead5
Cheyanne RogerMar 5, 2016Carleton5
Emily PrevostFeb 25, 2017Ryerson4
Cheyanne RogerMar 8, 2014Queen's4
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Most Steals
Korissa WilliamsFeb 28, 2015Toronto7
Korissa WilliamsMar 12, 2015Laval7
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 1, 2014Laurier7
Korissa WilliamsMar 16, 2013Calgary6
Korissa WilliamsMar 7, 2015Ryerson6
Korissa WilliamsMar 15, 2015McGill6
Miah-Marie LangloisMar 19, 2011Cape Breton6
Bojana Kovacevic GlisicFeb 26, 2011Lakehead6
Bojana Kovacevic GlisicMar 16, 2013Calgary6
Korissa WilliamsMar 3, 2012Ottawa5
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