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University Basketball in Canada
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Single Game Records for Playoff Games for Winnipeg Wesmen

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Uzoma AsagwaraFeb 23, 2006Manitoba38
Michelle Chambers ForemanMar 5, 1993Manitoba31
Faith HezekiahFeb 14, 2019Saskatchewan31
Antoinette MillerFeb 25, 2017Victoria31
Antoinette MillerFeb 16, 2018Saskatchewan31
Kyanna GilesMar 18, 2022Regina30
JoAnne Wells SmallMar 13, 2004Regina30
Robyn BoulangerFeb 17, 2023Mount Royal29
Antoinette MillerMar 3, 2017Regina28
Kyanna GilesMar 5, 2022Mount Royal27
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Most Rebounds
Heather ThompsonMar 13, 2005Simon Fraser17
Heather ThompsonFeb 20, 2005Victoria15
Cathy DubeskyMar 4, 1977Concordia14
Keylyn FilewichMar 6, 2022UFV14
Antoinette MillerFeb 24, 2017Victoria13
Nicki SchutzFeb 23, 2006Manitoba13
Heather ThompsonFeb 20, 2004Saskatchewan13
Tia CoulterFeb 25, 2012Regina12
Keylyn FilewichMar 5, 2022Mount Royal12
Keylyn FilewichMar 19, 2022Saskatchewan12
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Most Field Goals
Uzoma AsagwaraFeb 23, 2006Manitoba14
Antoinette MillerFeb 25, 2017Victoria13
Kyanna GilesMar 18, 2022Regina12
Faith HezekiahFeb 14, 2019Saskatchewan11
Antoinette MillerFeb 24, 2017Victoria11
JoAnne Wells SmallMar 13, 2004Regina11
Keylyn FilewichApr 2, 2022Queen's10
Keylyn FilewichMar 6, 2022UFV10
Antoinette MillerFeb 8, 2018UNBC10
Uzoma AsagwaraFeb 18, 2005Victoria9
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Most Free Throws
Antoinette MillerFeb 16, 2018Saskatchewan15
JoAnne Wells SmallMar 9, 2003Simon Fraser13
JoAnne Wells SmallMar 14, 2004Simon Fraser12
Faith HezekiahFeb 23, 2017Victoria11
JoAnne Wells SmallFeb 27, 2004UBC11
Kyanna GilesMar 5, 2022Mount Royal10
Amy OgidanFeb 22, 2008Regina10
JoAnne Wells SmallFeb 21, 2003Victoria10
Tia CoulterFeb 25, 2012Regina9
Faith HezekiahFeb 24, 2017Victoria9
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Alexandria MacIverFeb 26, 2011UFV7
Charmaine Izzard WalkerMar 8, 2003McMaster5
Skylar BoulangerFeb 16, 2018Saskatchewan4
Jae PirnieMar 12, 2005Victoria3
Melanie TalastasFeb 24, 2006Manitoba3
Kate DanielsMar 11, 2005Guelph2
Lindsay de LeeuwFeb 24, 2006Manitoba2
Deborah NkiasiFeb 20, 2020UBC2
Jae PirnieFeb 22, 2003Simon Fraser2
Jae PirnieFeb 27, 2004UBC2
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
JoAnne Wells SmallMar 9, 2003Simon Fraser13
JoAnne Wells SmallMar 14, 2004Simon Fraser12
Megan NoonanMar 4, 2017Alberta9
JoAnne Wells SmallFeb 22, 2003Simon Fraser9
Caitlin GoochFeb 19, 2009Regina8
Faith HezekiahFeb 8, 2018UNBC8
Janet WellsFeb 16, 2003Manitoba8
JoAnne Wells SmallFeb 16, 2003Manitoba8
Uzoma AsagwaraMar 4, 2006Simon Fraser6
Faith HezekiahFeb 16, 2018Saskatchewan6
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Robyn BoulangerFeb 16, 2018Saskatchewan6
Robyn BoulangerFeb 17, 2023Mount Royal6
Diane ZunicMar 5, 1993Manitoba6
Faith HezekiahMar 5, 2022Mount Royal5
Faith HezekiahApr 2, 2022Queen's5
Uzoma AsagwaraMar 13, 2004Regina4
Robyn BoulangerFeb 8, 2018UNBC4
Robyn BoulangerMar 18, 2022Regina4
Farrah CastilloFeb 14, 2019Saskatchewan4
Samantha DonaldFeb 21, 2015Saskatchewan4
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Most Assists
Sally KaznicaFeb 28, 2004Simon Fraser12
Megan NoonanFeb 25, 2017Victoria11
Raizel GuintoFeb 17, 2023Mount Royal9
Robyn BoulangerFeb 20, 2020UBC8
Sally KaznicaMar 12, 2004Bishop's8
Sally KaznicaMar 13, 2004Regina8
Kyanna GilesMar 5, 2022Mount Royal7
Sally KaznicaMar 8, 2003McMaster7
Robyn BoulangerFeb 14, 2020Manitoba6
Sally KaznicaFeb 21, 2004Saskatchewan6
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Most Blocks
Antoinette MillerFeb 17, 2018Saskatchewan4
Julia SchatkowskyFeb 17, 2023Mount Royal4
Skylar BoulangerFeb 16, 2018Saskatchewan3
Keylyn FilewichMar 6, 2022UFV3
Heather ThompsonMar 12, 2005Victoria3
Uzoma AsagwaraMar 13, 2005Simon Fraser2
Uzoma AsagwaraFeb 18, 2005Victoria2
Skylar BoulangerFeb 20, 2015Saskatchewan2
Ashleigh ChichlowskiFeb 25, 2011UFV2
Kate DanielsFeb 18, 2005Victoria2
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Most Steals
Uzoma AsagwaraFeb 21, 2004Saskatchewan6
JoAnne Wells SmallMar 12, 2004Bishop's5
Heather ThompsonMar 11, 2005Guelph5
Amy OgidanFeb 19, 2009Regina5
Faith HezekiahFeb 8, 2018UNBC5
Caitlin GoochFeb 21, 2008Regina5
Jennifer EzirimFeb 19, 2005Victoria5
Jennifer EzirimMar 4, 2006Simon Fraser5
JoAnne Wells SmallFeb 19, 2005Victoria4
JoAnne Wells SmallFeb 16, 2003Manitoba4
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