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Single Season Records for Playoff Games for Saskatchewan

This list of records gives the top 5 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 10 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 7191
Showron Glover2009-10 7165
Rejean Chabot2010-11 7145
Michael Linklater2009-10 7139
Stephon Lamar2013-14 6136
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Highest Points per Game (min 1 games)
Stephon Lamar2012-13 38428.0
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 719127.3
Jamelle Barrett2011-12 410927.2
Showron Glover2009-10 716523.6
Stephon Lamar2013-14 613622.7
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Most Rebounds
Michael Lieffers2010-11 790
Ben Baker2014-15 881
Nolan Brudehl2010-11 766
Michael Lieffers2009-10 759
Michael Lieffers2011-12 457
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 1 games)
Michael Lieffers2011-12 45714.2
Michael Lieffers2010-11 79012.9
Shane Osayande2016-17 45112.8
Maxwell Amoafo2019-20 22311.5
Ben Baker2014-15 88110.1
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonGamesField goals
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 765
Rejean Chabot2010-11 756
Showron Glover2009-10 753
Matthew Forbes2014-15 849
Stephon Lamar2013-14 648
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Highest Field Goals per Game (min 1 games)
Stephon Lamar2012-13 33010.0
Jamelle Barrett2011-12 4399.8
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 7659.3
Rejean Chabot2010-11 7568.0
Stephon Lamar2013-14 6488.0
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonGamesFree throws
Showron Glover2009-10 746
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 746
Ben Baker2014-15 830
Rejean Chabot2010-11 726
Stephon Lamar2013-14 625
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Highest Free Throws per Game (min 1 games)
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 7466.6
Showron Glover2009-10 7466.6
Jamelle Barrett2011-12 4205.0
Lawrence Moore2017-18 3134.3
Lawrence Moore2016-17 4174.2
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Dadrian Collins2014-15 824
Michael Linklater2009-10 723
Dadrian Collins2013-14 620
Duncan Jones2009-10 717
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 715
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Highest Three Point Field Goals per Game (min 1 games)
Stephon Lamar2012-13 3134.3
J.T. Robinson2019-20 284.0
Duncan Jones2011-12 4153.8
Dadrian Collins2013-14 6203.3
Andrew Henry2012-13 3103.3
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Most Assists
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 769
Ben Baker2014-15 866
Showron Glover2009-10 749
Stephon Lamar2013-14 642
Jamelle Barrett2011-12 434
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Highest Assists per Game (min 1 games)
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 7699.9
Jamelle Barrett2011-12 4348.5
Ben Baker2014-15 8668.2
Showron Glover2009-10 7497.0
Stephon Lamar2013-14 6427.0
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Most Blocks
Troy Gottselig2009-10 79
Shane Osayande2016-17 48
Michael Lieffers2009-10 77
Matthew Forbes2014-15 86
Nolan Brudehl2010-11 74
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Highest Blocks per Game (min 1 games)
Shane Osayande2016-17 482.0
Ryker Wuttke2019-20 242.0
Patrick Burns2012-13 341.3
Troy Gottselig2009-10 791.3
Michael Lieffers2009-10 771.0
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Most Steals
Showron Glover2009-10 727
Michael Linklater2009-10 723
Ben Baker2014-15 814
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 713
Nolan Brudehl2010-11 713
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Highest Steals per Game (min 1 games)
Showron Glover2009-10 7273.9
Michael Linklater2009-10 7233.3
Alex Unruh2017-18 393.0
Lawrence Moore2016-17 4102.5
Emmanuel Akintunde2019-20 252.5
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Most Minutes Played
Ben Baker2014-15 8289
Showron Glover2009-10 7274
Michael Linklater2009-10 7270
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 7259
Dadrian Collins2014-15 8254
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 1 games)
Showron Glover2009-10 727439.1
Michael Linklater2009-10 727038.6
Jamelle Barrett2010-11 725937.0
Ben Baker2014-15 828936.1
Trevor Severinski2016-17 414035.0
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg)
PlayerSeasonFGFGAFG Pct
Shane Osayande2014-15 121580.0
Michael Lieffers2010-11 446073.3
Chris Unsworth2010-11 131968.4
Michael Lieffers2011-12 274067.5
Joseph Barker2018-19 6966.7
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 5 ft)
PlayerSeasonFTFTAFT Pct
Michael Scott2014-15 99100.0
Jaylan Morgan2016-17 88100.0
J.T. Robinson2017-18 77100.0
Noah Nickel2019-20 66100.0
J.T. Robinson2018-19 66100.0
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 5 fg3)
PlayerSeasonFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
J.T. Robinson2019-20 81457.1
Evan Ostertag2014-15 132356.5
Trevor Severinski2016-17 122548.0
Matthew Forbes2014-15 102147.6
Troy Gottselig2009-10 92045.0
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 5 assists)
Noah Nickel2018-19 515.0
Ben Baker2014-15 66232.9
Andrew Henry2013-14 1042.5
Trevor Severinski2014-15 522.5
Andrew Henry2014-15 1462.3
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