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Single Game Records for Rookies in Regular Season League Games for Lethbridge

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Brett WarrenFeb 12, 2017Alberta17
Scott MazutinecFeb 12, 2017Alberta16
Awak PiomOct 28, 2017Brandon14
Brett WarrenJan 27, 2017UBC Okanagan13
Awak PiomFeb 3, 2018Alberta13
Colton GibbJan 20, 2017Victoria12
Awak PiomNov 4, 2017MacEwan12
Awak PiomJan 27, 2018Calgary12
Brett WarrenJan 21, 2017Victoria11
Mark RodehutskorsJan 12, 2018UBC11
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Most Rebounds
Awak PiomOct 28, 2017Brandon10
Awak PiomFeb 2, 2018Alberta9
Scott MazutinecFeb 12, 2017Alberta7
Awak PiomJan 12, 2018UBC7
Mark RodehutskorsJan 12, 2018UBC7
Colton GibbNov 4, 2016MacEwan6
Colton GibbJan 7, 2017UNBC6
Mark RodehutskorsNov 4, 2017MacEwan6
Mark RodehutskorsNov 24, 2017Regina6
Awak PiomDec 2, 2017Fraser Valley6
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Most Field Goals
Scott MazutinecFeb 12, 2017Alberta6
Brett WarrenFeb 12, 2017Alberta6
Brett WarrenJan 27, 2017UBC Okanagan5
Awak PiomNov 4, 2017MacEwan5
Mark RodehutskorsJan 12, 2018UBC5
Awak PiomFeb 3, 2018Alberta5
Colton GibbNov 24, 2016Calgary4
Colton GibbJan 20, 2017Victoria4
Brett WarrenJan 21, 2017Victoria4
Colton GibbFeb 11, 2017Alberta4
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Most Free Throws
Colton GibbJan 7, 2017UNBC5
Awak PiomFeb 2, 2018Alberta5
Colton GibbNov 10, 2016Mount Royal4
Brett WarrenFeb 12, 2017Alberta4
Awak PiomOct 28, 2017Brandon4
Awak PiomJan 27, 2018Calgary4
Colton GibbNov 19, 2016Winnipeg3
Colton GibbJan 20, 2017Victoria3
Brett WarrenJan 21, 2017Victoria3
Awak PiomNov 24, 2017Regina3
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Scott MazutinecFeb 12, 2017Alberta3
Marko VekicJan 25, 2019Trinity Western3
Scott MazutinecDec 3, 2016Trinity Western2
Daniel LybbertJan 28, 2017UBC Okanagan2
Scott MazutinecJan 28, 2017UBC Okanagan2
Colton GibbFeb 11, 2017Alberta2
Awak PiomOct 28, 2017Brandon2
Scott MazutinecNov 18, 2016Winnipeg1
Scott MazutinecNov 19, 2016Winnipeg1
Scott MazutinecNov 26, 2016Calgary1
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Most Assists
Brett WarrenFeb 12, 2017Alberta7
Brett WarrenDec 3, 2016Trinity Western5
Brett WarrenJan 21, 2017Victoria5
Brett WarrenJan 28, 2017UBC Okanagan5
Colton GibbNov 12, 2016Mount Royal4
Colton GibbNov 19, 2016Winnipeg3
Colton GibbDec 3, 2016Trinity Western3
Brett WarrenJan 27, 2017UBC Okanagan3
Colton GibbFeb 12, 2017Alberta3
Mark RodehutskorsNov 4, 2017MacEwan3
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Most Blocks
Mark RodehutskorsNov 4, 2017MacEwan2
Awak PiomJan 25, 2018Calgary2
Awak PiomFeb 2, 2018Alberta2
Awak PiomOct 28, 2017Brandon1
Awak PiomNov 4, 2017MacEwan1
Awak PiomNov 11, 2017Mount Royal1
Mark RodehutskorsNov 25, 2017Regina1
Awak PiomJan 12, 2018UBC1
Awak PiomJan 13, 2018UBC1
Colton GibbNov 4, 2016MacEwan0
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Most Steals
Scott MazutinecJan 28, 2017UBC Okanagan6
Mark RodehutskorsJan 12, 2018UBC4
Colton GibbJan 20, 2017Victoria4
Awak PiomJan 12, 2018UBC3
Awak PiomNov 11, 2017Mount Royal3
Brett WarrenDec 3, 2016Trinity Western3
Avery Hutcheson Jan 4, 2020 Regina2
Shae Gibb Nov 23, 2019 Fraser Valley2
Avery Hutcheson Nov 8, 2019 Brandon2
Mark RodehutskorsDec 2, 2017Fraser Valley2
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