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Single Game Records for Rookies in Regular Season League Games for Wilfrid Laurier

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Ali SowJan 31, 2018Brock31
Tevaun KokkoDec 2, 2016Laurentian29
Tevaun KokkoJan 21, 2017Toronto29
Tevaun KokkoJan 18, 2017Waterloo28
Tevaun KokkoJan 6, 2017Carleton27
Ali SowFeb 17, 2018Lakehead27
Tevaun KokkoFeb 8, 2017Windsor26
Ali SowJan 13, 2018McMaster24
Ali SowJan 19, 2018Algoma23
Tevaun KokkoNov 26, 2016Windsor22
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Most Rebounds
Ben StevensNov 17, 2017York16
Nicholas BroadyNov 11, 2016Algoma14
Shamar BurrowsDec 3, 2016Nipissing14
Shamar BurrowsJan 13, 2017Guelph12
Ben StevensNov 24, 2017Toronto12
Simon MikreNov 15, 2015Algoma11
Jackson MayersFeb 8, 2019Lakehead11
Shamar BurrowsNov 26, 2016Windsor10
Ntore HabimanaDec 2, 2016Laurentian10
Tevaun KokkoJan 21, 2017Toronto10
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Most Field Goals
Tevaun KokkoDec 2, 2016Laurentian10
Ali SowJan 31, 2018Brock10
Ali SowFeb 17, 2018Lakehead10
Tevaun KokkoNov 11, 2016Algoma9
Tevaun KokkoJan 6, 2017Carleton9
Ali SowJan 19, 2018Algoma9
Tevaun KokkoNov 26, 2016Windsor8
Shamar BurrowsDec 3, 2016Nipissing8
Tevaun KokkoJan 18, 2017Waterloo8
Tevaun KokkoJan 21, 2017Toronto8
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Most Free Throws
Ali SowJan 31, 2018Brock9
Tevaun KokkoJan 18, 2017Waterloo8
Tevaun KokkoJan 21, 2017Toronto8
Simon MikreNov 15, 2015Algoma7
Shamar BurrowsJan 6, 2017Carleton7
Simon MikreJan 27, 2016Windsor6
Ali SowNov 11, 2017Carleton6
Ali SowFeb 2, 2018Windsor6
Simon MikreJan 13, 2016Brock5
Ivan BilandzicJan 16, 2016McMaster5
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Tevaun KokkoNov 26, 2016Windsor6
Tevaun KokkoJan 6, 2017Carleton5
Tevaun KokkoJan 21, 2017Toronto5
Tevaun KokkoFeb 8, 2017Windsor5
Ali SowJan 13, 2018McMaster5
Tevaun KokkoNov 23, 2016Western4
Tevaun KokkoDec 2, 2016Laurentian4
Tevaun KokkoJan 18, 2017Waterloo4
Adnan BegovicNov 3, 2017Nipissing4
Ali SowNov 24, 2017Toronto4
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Most Assists
Simon MikreFeb 12, 2016Guelph13
Simon MikreFeb 27, 2016Waterloo9
Simon MikreNov 28, 2015York8
Simon MikreFeb 13, 2016Lakehead8
Tevaun KokkoJan 28, 2017Waterloo8
Simon MikreNov 4, 2015Windsor7
Simon MikreNov 27, 2015Queens7
Simon MikreJan 23, 2016Laurentian7
Simon MikreFeb 5, 2016Ryerson7
Tevaun KokkoFeb 8, 2017Windsor7
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Most Blocks
Ben StevensFeb 17, 2018Lakehead4
Simon MikreNov 7, 2015Western3
Nicholas BroadyNov 26, 2016Windsor3
Ben StevensJan 31, 2018Brock3
Ben StevensNov 11, 2017Carleton2
Ben StevensNov 24, 2017Toronto2
Adnan BegovicJan 31, 2018Brock2
Majok DengNov 9, 2018Toronto2
Simon MikreNov 4, 2015Windsor1
Simon MikreNov 15, 2015Algoma1
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Most Steals
Tevaun KokkoNov 5, 2016Ryerson6
Matthew MinutilloNov 19, 2016York5
Jackson MayersJan 30, 2019Western4
Jackson MayersJan 4, 2019McMaster4
Jackson MayersNov 24, 2018Nipissing4
Jackson MayersOct 26, 2018Brock4
Ali SowNov 18, 2017Queens4
Matthew MinutilloDec 3, 2016Nipissing4
Shamar BurrowsNov 5, 2016Ryerson4
Simon MikreFeb 12, 2016Guelph4
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