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Single Game Records for Rookies in Regular Season League Games for Winnipeg

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 11, 2016Saskatchewan23
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 24, 2016Brandon23
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 13, 2017Thompson Rivers20
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 10, 2017Victoria19
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 11, 2017Victoria19
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 14, 2017Thompson Rivers18
Narcisse AmbanzaDec 1, 2016Manitoba17
Don DayritNov 3, 2017Alberta17
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 28, 2017MacEwan16
William SesayFeb 13, 2016Lethbridge15
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Most Rebounds
William SesayJan 22, 2016Victoria12
William SesayJan 30, 2016Saskatchewan11
William SesayFeb 5, 2016Manitoba11
William SesayFeb 6, 2016Manitoba11
William SesayDec 5, 2015Regina10
William SesayDec 4, 2015Regina9
William SesayJan 9, 2016Brandon8
Dwight (DJ) DixonNov 17, 2017Fraser Valley8
William SesayNov 20, 2015Trinity Western7
William SesayJan 23, 2016Victoria7
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Most Field Goals
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 11, 2016Saskatchewan11
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 24, 2016Brandon7
Narcisse AmbanzaDec 1, 2016Manitoba7
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 13, 2017Thompson Rivers7
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 14, 2017Thompson Rivers7
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 11, 2017Victoria7
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 18, 2016Lethbridge6
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 7, 2017Trinity Western6
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 28, 2017MacEwan6
William SesayJan 9, 2016Brandon5
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Most Free Throws
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 24, 2016Brandon9
William SesayFeb 6, 2016Manitoba7
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 10, 2017Victoria7
Dwight (DJ) DixonFeb 3, 2018UBC Okanagan7
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 13, 2017Thompson Rivers6
William SesayJan 7, 2016Brandon5
Dwight (DJ) DixonNov 17, 2017Fraser Valley5
William SesayNov 6, 2015Calgary4
William SesayJan 30, 2016Saskatchewan4
William SesayFeb 12, 2016Lethbridge4
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 28, 2017MacEwan4
Narcisse AmbanzaFeb 11, 2017Victoria4
Don DayritNov 3, 2017Alberta4
Don DayritNov 12, 2017Calgary4
William SesayFeb 13, 2016Lethbridge3
Dwight (DJ) DixonOct 27, 2017Mount Royal3
Don DayritNov 25, 2017UBC3
William SesayNov 14, 2015Alberta2
William SesayNov 20, 2015Trinity Western2
Kieran McGrathNov 21, 2015Trinity Western2
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Most Assists
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 14, 2017Thompson Rivers9
William SesayNov 21, 2015Trinity Western6
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 25, 2016Brandon6
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 7, 2017Trinity Western6
Connor WardNov 21, 2015Trinity Western5
William SesayJan 9, 2016Brandon5
William SesayFeb 12, 2016Lethbridge5
William SesayFeb 20, 2016UBC5
Don DayritOct 28, 2017Mount Royal5
William SesayJan 7, 2016Brandon4
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Most Blocks
Francesco TocciNov 25, 2017UBC2
Francesco TocciFeb 3, 2018UBC Okanagan2
William SesayJan 22, 2016Victoria1
William SesayJan 30, 2016Saskatchewan1
Connor WardFeb 12, 2016Lethbridge1
William SesayFeb 13, 2016Lethbridge1
William SesayFeb 19, 2016UBC1
William SesayFeb 20, 2016UBC1
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 4, 2016UNBC1
Narcisse AmbanzaNov 19, 2016Lethbridge1
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Most Steals
William SesayFeb 20, 2016UBC5
William SesayJan 7, 2016Brandon5
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 28, 2017MacEwan4
William SesayFeb 13, 2016Lethbridge4
Don DayritJan 6, 2018Brandon3
Dwight (DJ) DixonDec 1, 2017MacEwan3
Don DayritNov 24, 2017UBC3
Don DayritNov 12, 2017Calgary3
Narcisse AmbanzaJan 7, 2017Trinity Western3
Narcisse AmbanzaDec 3, 2016Manitoba3
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